Which sofa is the best? Selection tips, criteria and rating


Not all upholstered furniture is the same. An expensive sofa can be very uncomfortable, and the most ordinary cheap sofa can be very comfortable. In order not to make a mistake, you need to know exactly what you should pay attention to when choosing upholstered furniture. We will tell you which sofas are the highest quality and most comfortable, and how to choose the right one for your home.

All about the features of choosing a sofa

Important Criteria
— unfolding mechanism
— Frame
— Filling
– upholstery
Rating of the best models
Conclusion: how to choose a sofa

Main criteria

It is necessary to take into account important points that will affect the comfort of using furniture and its durability. Let’s analyze each of them in detail.

Unfolding mechanism

Most of the sofas are laid out, they get comfortable sleeping places instead of sitting ones. This is done using the transformation mechanism, it can be different. We list the main types of structures.


The sofa back is thrown back. It turns out a sleeping place with a junction of two blocks in the middle, which does not seem convenient to everyone. Furniture has only two positions: seat or bed. The book is reliable, rarely breaks, good for constant sleep. You need to know that putting it close to the wall will not work, because when unfolding it moves apart in two directions.


A variation of the book, completely repeats it, except for the presence of several unfolding positions. Tango involves sitting, lying and reclining positions. Moreover, the latter can be in one version or several.


With the help of roll-out rollers, the seat of the sofa moves forward. A niche is formed in which the back is laid. It turns out a flat surface on which it is very comfortable to lie. Therefore, eurobooks are well suited for daily sleep. The mechanism is reliable, almost does not break. A niche inside the furniture is used for storage, which is very convenient. An unpleasant moment in using the eurobook is the movement of the wheels on the floor. High-pile carpeting makes it difficult, and the protective coating of laminate or linoleum can deteriorate over time.

  • Eurobook mechanism in sofas: what you need to know before buying


    Eurobook mechanism in sofas: what you need to know before buying


A variation of the eurobook, but without roll-out rollers. Instead, there are supporting legs that open up and stand under the block when unfolded. Thanks to this, the floor does not deteriorate. The pantograph is very comfortable for lying down, it has niches where you can put things.

French cot

To expand this structure, you need to pull the seat towards you with a little effort. Several sections are pulled forward, under which stand-legs stand. It turns out a full-size bed for two. True, not everyone finds it convenient. The French folding bed does not have a niche for storage. The mechanism is not designed for frequent unfolding, it lasts five to seven years.


For the layout, you need to pull the lower part of the seat towards you. The lower section extends, which then rises and is installed flush with the seat unit. It turns out a flat surface without noticeable joints. The design is not considered durable, the mechanism works on average for seven to eight years.

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    Sofa with dolphin mechanism: everything you need to know about the furniture you like


The unfolding of the sofa is reminiscent of stretching the bellows of an accordion, for which he received his name. The seat is retractable, the blocks diverge in different directions, then they stand on retractable legs. The place to sleep is almost flat, there are joints, but they are hardly noticeable. The transformation mechanism is considered reliable and lasts a long time. Inside the furniture there are spaces for storage. Roll-out rollers are considered a significant drawback; when moving, they scratch the floor covering.

For daily sleep, choose a book, tango, pantograph, eurobook or accordion. They have reliable durable mechanisms. For rare unfoldings, a dolphin or a French cot is suitable.

  • Instead of a full bed: how to choose a sofa for daily sleep?


    Instead of a full bed: how to choose a sofa for daily sleep?


This is the basis of the whole structure. The durability of furniture depends on the reliability of the frame. They are made from different materials. Most often it is wood, metal or a budget option in the form of chipboard, mounted on wooden blocks.

Wood is a classic solution. It is strong and durable. The breed is not important, but solid ones last longer. The “weak point” of wooden frames is fastenings. Bolted connections are preferred. They are more reliable because they do not loosen over time. The latter is characteristic of screws, the choice of which is not desirable. There are also glued frames. Their reliability depends on the quality of work. It is impossible to check this.

Frames made of chipboard and timber are classified as wooden. However, they are less durable, especially if they are made from the most budgetary materials. The service life is shorter than that of wood.

Metal frames are a relatively new solution. Not everyone is used to them and treated with distrust. Nevertheless, products made of high-quality metal are especially durable, they serve for a long time and without problems. Metal alloys of low quality cannot provide the design with normal technical characteristics. They break quickly, especially with intensive use.


Frames made of wood and high-quality metal will last for a long time. It is best to choose them.


The filling of sofas is also different. We briefly describe the solutions that are used most often.

polyurethane foam

Artificial foam material, also known as foam rubber. There are cast and block varieties. Cast — more dense, lasts longer. Therefore, its price is higher. Some find it too harsh. The material is environmentally friendly, breathable, restores shape after deformation. It is destroyed by UV radiation. Poor quality foam rubber quickly becomes unusable: it crumbles, stops restoring its shape.



The most elastic natural material. Easily adapts to the shape of the body, quickly recovers after pressing. Silent, provides good thermoregulation, breathable. The main disadvantage is the high price. An artificial analogue of latex — highly elastic polyurethane foam — is much cheaper, while their technical characteristics are very similar.


spring block

It is assembled from many elements-springs. The properties of the filler determine the diameter, height and number of springs per square meter. meter. Spring blocks are durable, withstand a lot of weight, have orthopedic properties, are breathable, do not retain moisture. At the same time, repairing the block will be very expensive; over time, some springs may show an unpleasant creak. There are two types of blocks: «bonnel» and «snake». The first option has the best properties.



Man-made fiber with a special helical structure. To fill the seats, blocks with a spiral structure are chosen, for armrests, sidewalls, etc. balls are used. This is an inexpensive durable filler. It is very light, soft, elastic, hygroscopic, does not roll.


Best of all, spring blocks, foam rubber and holofiber withstand intense long-term loads. It is most comfortable to sleep on latex, dense polyurethane foam and spring blocks. The last option may seem too rigid to someone, then you need to choose a multilayer filler. For example, springs can be covered with holofiber or soft latex.

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    How to choose a sofa in the living room: 6 important parameters


Lots of upholstery. And these are not only fabrics, but also non-woven materials, leather. Let’s take a look at a few popular options.


Dense fabric, in the production of which a specially twisted bulk thread is used. This gives the fabric strength. To increase it, various impregnations such as «anti-claw» and others are used. The main disadvantage of chenille is low moisture resistance.



Soft fabric with little pile. Made from a blend of natural fibres. The fabric is very beautiful, drapes well, easy to clean, hypoallergenic. A significant disadvantage is the low resistance to damage, especially mechanical, and the high price.



It is made by spraying on the base of the pile of artificial fibers. Plastic, durable, dense, pleasant to the touch canvas. It holds its shape well, is not sensitive to moisture, and lasts a long time. Destroyed by exposure to alcohol or alcohol-containing liquids.


  • The right upholstery: how to choose fabric for a sofa


    The right upholstery: how to choose fabric for a sofa


Obtained by complex interlacing of three or more threads. Most often they are of different colors, but there is also a single-color jacquard. This is a dense and super-strong canvas with a beautiful pattern. It lasts a long time and is easy to care for. Given the labor-intensive production process, it is not cheap.



As upholstery take natural or artificial material. The first is much more expensive, but their properties are similar. Skin is beautiful and easy to care for. However, it does not allow air to pass through, without additional processing it is very sensitive to mechanical damage.


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    6 tips for caring for your leather sofa

The choice of upholstery depends on the operating conditions. For families with children or pets, choose dense, easy-to-wash materials. It can be flock, chenille or jacquard with anti-claw impregnation. For the kitchen, artificial leather or any fabric impregnated with Teflon is suitable. Its presence facilitates care. Leather, velor or jacquard look good in the living room. They are beautiful and easy to care for..

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    Anti-vandal fabric: 7 types of indestructible sofa upholstery and selection rules

Mini-rating of the best sofa models by Yandex.Market

For example, here are some of the best models of sofas. Their characteristics are highly appreciated by the owners.

iModern Madrid

Triple straight sofa with soft armrests. It folds out like a book. Filler — polyurethane foam, upholstered with chenille.

Rook Miami

Corner model with a linen box. Unfolds into a comfortable bed. The transformation mechanism is «Eurobook». Filling — spring block.


A small sofa for a children’s room or for a hallway. Upholstered in artificial leather, does not unfold. Filling — polyurethane foam, chrome legs.

Polo Economy Edlen

Inexpensive double sofa bed with a frame made of timber and plywood. It unfolds like a «book», filling — a spring block «snake» and artificial latex.

Bit Cuba

Compact model with two seats. With the help of a roll-out mechanism, they are transformed into a small bed. The blocks are filled with multilayer polyurethane foam, fabric upholstery.


Three-seat sofa, folds out like a Eurobook. Upholstered with chenille, there are spacious niches-cavities for storing bedding.

Classic D 120

Triple sofa bed with armrests. Transforms like a «book», there is a storage compartment. The frame is made of laminated chipboard and timber, the filler is foam rubber with batting and spandbond, the upholstery is made of chenille.

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    Types of sofas: an overview of 9 modern transformation mechanisms


To summarize, how to choose a good quality sofa. We have compiled a small instruction that will help you visually determine the quality of the model you like.

  1. Carefully inspect the furniture, sit or lie down on it. There should be no creaking when driving. And after you get up, there should be no dents or deformations. It is important that the product is symmetrical, not skewed.
  2. Examine the upholstery. Its color should be uniform, without defects. Check the seams — it is important that they are reliable and even.
  3. Check out the hardware. It should be attached in the right places and hold tight.
  4. Unfold and fold the sofa. It is important that the mechanism works without effort on your part, smoothly and evenly.
  5. Evaluate the frame and its fasteners.


After a visual assessment, you should familiarize yourself with the technical documentation and certificates. They must be with the seller. This is the only way to evaluate the quality of the filler, upholstery, etc. After studying all this information, you can already decide whether to buy the selected model or not.

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    What kind of sofa do you need? 8 solutions for different life scenarios


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