When it’s very hot: 10 quick ways to escape from the heat in the country


How to save yourself from the heat in the country? Told in video

one Spray yourself with a spray bottle or take a shower

Cool down quickly with water. It should be used both internally (preferably not cold, but slightly warm), and externally: rinse more often and irrigate open areas of the body from a spray bottle. Ideally, periodically take a contrast shower. Cool water instantly cools the body, and the air temperature seems more comfortable. The simplest models of sprayers can be bought at a hardware store, and a can of thermal water is perfect for the face and neck. If you do not have a shower in your country house, install a suspended structure with a water tank. It can be mounted anywhere: on any tree or fence at a comfortable height for you.


2 Use a hand fan or fan

Mini accessories like a hand fan or a fan are also very helpful in the heat. This method is useful if there is no air conditioning in the country. It is also convenient to use such accessories in the garden, where it is not possible to connect a fan. At home, you can hang a chandelier with rotating blades — it also cools the space well.


3 Protect your home from the sun

To make the heat less felt, it is important to close the windows from the sun. For example, it could be wooden shutters on the outside of a building. From the inside, blinds, roller blinds, as well as a special mirror film or foil are well protected from the sun’s rays. Blackout curtains are perfect for the bedroom: with their help, the room will keep the night cool longer during the day.


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four Install a portable air conditioner

A portable air conditioner will help solve the problem with the heat in a country house. If there may be problems with installing a stationary device due to insufficiently powerful wiring, then the portable model works from a conventional outlet. Of course, it will not completely cool a huge country house, but it is ideal for a small space.


5 Create a shadow in the area

A small homemade canopy will help shade the desired areas of the garden. This is useful for plants that can get burned under the scorching sun, and for organizing a recreation area in the shade. The canopy can be made independently from sticks and a piece of cloth or mesh, positioning it so that a shadow falls on the right place.


6 Set up natural ventilation

If you regularly and properly ventilate the cottage, this will help to cool it well. It is not worth ventilating the room during the day, as hot air will penetrate inside and heat the rooms. If you want to keep cool, leave windows and doors closed between 12:00 and 16:00, you can even draw the curtains. It is best to ventilate at night or even in the early morning, from 4 to 7 in the morning, when it is coolest outside. But from 8 in the morning it is better to close the windows.


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7 Put the ice bottles

Plain plastic bottles filled with ice or frozen water will also help cool the room. For example, a volume of ice on the order of 6 liters will reduce the temperature in the room by about three degrees. Place the bottles as high as possible (for example, on a cabinet) so that the air cools better.


eight Hang up wet sheets

Moisturizing rooms is always important, and not just in the heat. Nevertheless, wet sheets will definitely save you from hell in the country. Hang them on the windows so that sunlight does not penetrate inside, and cool water, evaporating, lowers the air temperature in the room.


9 Sleep on the floor

On the floor, the air temperature is always slightly lower than on the bed or sofa. That’s why, if you can’t sleep because of the heat, try lying down. Leave the windows open at night — cool air will be concentrated on the floor.


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ten Use your stove less

A stove, oven or grill spreads hot air during operation and heats everything around. In particularly strong heat, it is better to use such equipment to a minimum, replacing it, for example, with a microwave.


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