What does a loft-style bathroom look like: decoration, furniture, decor and 90 photos


In its pure form, it is less and less common. But his motives, mood and character are tightly intertwined with other styles and, it seems, will remain in our interiors for a long time. It’s about the loft. Today we see another loft. It became softer, lost some of its deliberate brutality, approached minimalism and hi-tech, Scandinavian and modern style, even eco-friendly trends. In general, adapted to changing conditions and priorities. In this article, we will tell you what a loft-style bathroom looks like today, what design ideas designers offer, and show photos of successful projects.

All about loft style bathroom design

Wall cladding materials
— Brick
– Concrete
– Tiles and porcelain tiles
— MDF and chipboard
— Wood
For floor
For ceiling

How to decorate the walls


Design: Ekaterina Nenasheva. Style: Anastasia Tushkanova. Photo: Nikita Korostelev

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word «loft» is old red brick. And before, it was really red brick — real masonry or its imitation — that was the hallmark of the style. But the loft has gone through and continues to go through transformations, is changing, becoming more diverse. Therefore, you should not set yourself strict limits. You can be bolder. For example, paint the same brick green, blue, gray or even pink. Or use a neutral light shade. This technique will make the interior more modern. And at the same time it will create an additional protective coating. In the bathroom, where it is always humid, you can use moisture-resistant water-based paints: latex, acrylic, silicone.

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Now in spaces with industrial echoes, bare concrete is just as, if not more, popular than brick. Without finishing, you can leave the whole concrete wall or its fragment. To protect against moisture, use a special transparent coating.

Design: Natalia Tsvetkova and Vladislav Ivanov. Photo: Alexander Kamachkin

If you are unlucky with authentic concrete structures in your home, you can create the texture of cement yourself. For example, apply micro-concrete to the wall. This is a type of decorative plaster. Externally, such a coating is almost indistinguishable from real cement. In addition, it gets along well in wet rooms, durable, reliable, resistant to damage. Microconcrete is not only gray. If you add pigment to the mixture, you can get almost any shade. For example, calm sand, chalky white or warm peach.

Tiles and porcelain tiles

You can recreate the texture of concrete or natural stone using large-format porcelain stoneware. And for a loft-style bathroom design, this is the most obvious solution. There are instances with seamless styling, they look like a single canvas. But the loft is not only stone and concrete, but also wood. Therefore, it is worth turning to the collections of ceramics “under the tree”.

Design: Ekaterina Nenasheva. Style: Anastasia Tushkanova. Photo: Nikita Korostelev

The modern industrial style also goes with small-format tiles in retro style: in the form of bricks or simple white squares. Metallized tiles and porcelain tiles are gaining popularity. Ceramics with imitation of rusty or oxidized metal are guaranteed to fit.

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MDF and chipboard panels

Another way to imitate wood wall cladding is to use MDF or chipboard panels.

Social networks of designer Pavel Alekseev

They look like a tree, not only externally, but also tactilely. The downside can be considered that such panels are less wear-resistant than ceramics or microcement. They are easier to mechanically damage.


And finally, the bathroom can be finished with real wood.

Social media studio AR-1

For example, clapboard, planken, imitation timber. The main thing is to pre-treat the wood with moisture-proof impregnation.

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We have listed several options for wall cladding. But that doesn’t mean you have to choose one of them. In the bathroom, different materials and textures coexist perfectly.

Design: Svetlana Artamonova, Pro-Art.Design studio. Photo: interphoto.by

For example, wood and stone are ideal neighbors. Brick also goes well with wood and concrete. And loft is about a tandem of old and new, vintage and modern. Therefore, it is quite possible to mix materials aged, with scuffs, chips, relief and new ones — perfectly even, neat, smooth.

Floor finish

To finish the floor, use some of the same materials as for the walls. But there are others. In interiors with industrial motifs, the floor is usually recreated with concrete or wood flooring.

Social networks of designer Alina Salomatina

What will fit

  • Ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles.
  • Bulk floor.

  • Quartz vinyl.

  • Moisture resistant laminate.
  • Natural wood, protected from moisture.

Ceiling finish

This style is good because it «forgives» a lot. For example, a concrete floor slab on the ceiling can be left unfinished at all. Just cover with a special moisture-proof composition.

Design: Svetlana Novoselskaya; Mikhail Shaposhnikov, Hot Walls. Photo: Natalia Gradusova

You can’t hide communications either. If this option is “too much” for you, you can stop at a more neutral and calm one.

What will fit

  • Matte stretch fabric.
  • Whitewashed or painted floor slab.
  • Puttied and painted drywall.
  • Wood: slats, lining, planken or even plywood.

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Loft-style bathroom furniture

As we have said, in its pure form, the loft is now rare. You can see interiors at the intersection of loft and minimalism, Scandinavian and modern style. Therefore, furniture is characterized by simple concise forms. However, in the form of single copies, vintage items and designer, accent furniture look appropriate. The main thing is not to overload the space with such elements.

Project manager: Alexey Ulyanochkin. Design: Alexander Savinov.

As for materials, it is, first of all, wood and metal. For example, a solid cabinet for a sink made of solid wood or a countertop on a reliable metal base. All kinds of shelving and hanging shelves made of wood and metal. The models of furniture «under concrete» look interesting.

But the current interpretation also allows the presence of more neutral and “light” products in a modern style.


The choice of plumbing is a truly creative process. Both familiar modern models of simple forms and imitation of vintage products will be appropriate here.

Design: Irina Pashina. Photo: Nick Rudenko

For example, an elegant freestanding oval clawfoot bathtub in a classic style. Brass taps with curved spout. Toilet bowl with high cistern. Natural stone products look interesting. They are characterized by a rough raw texture.

Suitable and unusual plumbing. For example, a floor sink. And you can deliberately emphasize the industrial style. For example, install a concrete sink. Even bathtubs are made of special architectural concrete.

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For more “light” and neutral interiors, ordinary spots are quite suitable. But if you want to enhance the mood, you can find more interesting options: pendant metal lamps with Edison lamps, in the form of an elongated wooden beam on chains or cords, in the form of spotlights, street lamps. Track lights will do. The list is endless. The choice of stylized lamps today is huge. And you can even play on the contrast. If the height of the ceilings and the size of the room allow, hang an elegant crystal chandelier.

Design: Irina Shevchenko. Photo: Anton Likhtarovich

But you should not be limited only to ceiling lighting. Highlight the area around the mirror with wall sconces. Or place them in any other suitable place. By the way, they can emphasize the texture of stone or concrete.

The main thing is to choose lamps for the bathroom. Take a close look at the specifications. And especially to the coefficient of moisture protection — IP. On the walls and ceiling directly in the bathroom or shower area, you can use lamps with a coefficient of at least IP65. For places remote from the first zone by 60 cm or more, IP44 is suitable.

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A bathroom in an apartment or house is a room where it is important not to overdo it with decor. This is the case when less is better.

Social networks of designer Pavel Alekseev

Firstly, the size of the room itself, unlike, for example, a bedroom or living room, does not allow for many details. Secondly, cleaning is often required here. Thirdly, not all materials will like high humidity.

What can be used? Of course, mirrors. And simple, concise, strict forms, and asymmetric, curved. In solid wood frames and heavy metal frames. As is the case with the rest of the elements of the loft interior, vintage or retro style mirrors will look good.

If the walls are plain, not accented, for example, made of gray concrete, try to place one or two interesting details: a poster, a vintage poster, a car sign or a road sign, parts of mechanisms, and at least a wheel from an old bicycle — the loft gives space for creativity.

Again, if the area and layout allow, you can install a transparent glass partition in a metal profile, characteristic of the industrial style. Or an unusual glass block partition. And fence off the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe bath or shower. Such a design will be not only functional, but also decorative.

Even communications can serve as decor in such a bathroom, if they are not hidden, but stylized.



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