We make the design of the bedroom in the attic (71 photos)


The attic bedroom is a good example of the rational use of space under the roof. And it doesn’t matter what size it is. Even in small rooms you can arrange a cozy and beautiful interior. We show examples and give advice on how to arrange such a room.

How to design an attic bedroom

Space Features
We equip a small attic
How to arrange furniture in a spacious room
How to decorate a room with high ceilings
We enter beams

Space Features

Designers have long chosen the space under a gable or shed roof for living quarters. The bedroom is one of the best options for its arrangement. That’s why.

A sofa, armchairs, a coffee table or a closet from the living room will not fit if the room is small and the ceilings are low. The bed will fit in any room. In addition, we do not spend much time in the bedroom, and the discomfort from the sloping ceiling is unlikely to be very noticeable. But you will certainly appreciate the benefits of the allocated space. The room is removed from the living room and kitchen, which are usually located on the ground floor. So the rest here will definitely be full and calm.

The design of the attic bedroom is easy to make cozy: a hipped roof and an abundance of natural light are conducive to such an interior.

Pay attention to the insulation of the attic during the main repair. Often this moment is missed, finishing after the decision to equip the living quarters there. The same applies to electricity.

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    How designers design attics: 8 examples from real projects

Design of a small attic bedroom with a sloping ceiling

Minimalism is the main principle in arranging a small attic room. And it’s not just about style, but also about pieces of furniture.

  • If there is no space at all, the bed can be attached to the wall. But be careful with the ceiling if the bevel is very low: in this arrangement, it is easy to hit your head.
  • It is difficult to put chests of drawers, cabinets and other storage systems here, except perhaps along a long wall.
  • Bedside tables can be omitted if space is very limited.
  • The decor will be appropriate in a certain style. If you want to visually lighten the space, try to do without it at all. If the walls seem empty, try not to overload them with small paintings and figurines, otherwise the room will seem cluttered.
  • Sometimes an accent wall with a beautiful pattern or colorful designer wallpaper looks more impressive than a spot decor.
  • For decoration it is worth using light colors, especially in the case of a low ceiling. They visually enlarge the room and fill it with air.
  • It is better to refuse beams, if possible. You can replace them with a wooden rail, the option is even simpler — plaster and paint. Smooth walls and ceiling look easier in the interior, they do not press.

Decorating a spacious room

There are a few more design ideas in the spacious attic bedroom. Everything you need can fit here.

  • Bedside tables, armchairs or a small sofa will help to make the interior more interesting.
  • The built-in storage system will add convenience to the room. In addition, such cabinets look neater.
  • If storage of things is not expected, a chest of drawers can replace the wardrobe. For example, in the country there is a lot of space for things in the sleeping room — you should not put clothes here that you do not wear all the time. It is better to equip a pantry for this purpose.

You are not limited in stylistic design. In a spacious room, rich dark colors are often used. If timber is used in construction, it can be left in its natural form. In the design of the accent wall, there are also more opportunities. Look not only at the drawings, but also at textured solutions, such as brick, stone or wood paneling. They can decorate the accent wall at the head of the bed.

Design features of the attic with high ceilings

High ceilings look very impressive in the attic bedroom design photo.

  • You can balance high ceilings with furniture and decor. Minimalism is useless here: use cabinets, chests of drawers, large paintings, a bed with an accent headboard.
  • Beams will also fill the air: they can be either accent, natural color, or painted in light colors.
  • In a spacious room with high ceilings, you can experiment with a chandelier: a large crystal model will suit modern and neoclassical style, while a geometric one will suit modern and minimalism.
  • The spot system will support the accent chandelier; in rooms with high ceilings, it is better to provide technical lighting.
  • Carpet is another decorative element that will complement the interior and make it a little cozier.

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    Attic design: room functions, style, finishing materials and 76 photos of interiors

Ceiling decoration with beams

Beams are an interesting element of the interior of the attic floor. They always look impressive and add a kind of zest to the room.

The bars differ in shape: they can be located both along the entire width and length of the roof, and only in the upper part. You can be guided by the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room and the height of the walls: the higher, the more massive the system can be. In medium-sized rooms, thin light-colored beams look good, while in spacious rooms — more massive in natural colors.

Pay attention to the photo of the bedroom in the attic with a sloping ceiling: the lower it is, the less space designers allocate designs. This applies to both the size of the beam and its color.

Beams are easy to fit into any interior. They will complement both modern and Scandinavian, and even neoclassical style. The difference is only in the form of designs and gamma. In more strict designs, light systems look better.

As an alternative to a beam, you can consider a log — it is round. But the solution is not suitable for every style: a log looks good in a rustic, country and chalet. It can also be dyed in different shades or used in its natural form.

A less environmentally friendly solution is decorative plastic and drywall beams. But we do not recommend using them in a country house, the material may be noticeable. Although this option can be considered as an inexpensive solution for giving.


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