We do it like a stylist: 5 steps for choosing decor for your interior


How to choose home decor? Gave step by step instructions in the video

one Analyze an apartment without decor

First of all, remove the decor from the apartment, if it was, and walk through the empty rooms. Take a look at the interior from the outside, try on the role of a stylist who first came to customers. Write down where there are dark, uncomfortable corners in which you would need to add lamps or bright colors using textiles. Estimate the amount of empty space and the size of the premises. For example, in a large room that is not cluttered with furniture, a large decor will look spectacular: a poster half a meter high, a monstera in a floor pot, a massive mirror. In a small space, you will work more with color and texture than with individual decorative items. Get ready to pick up textiles, lamps and, possibly, paint for furniture in such a room.


2 Read about interior styles

If the apartment was originally designed in some style, it will be easier to choose the decor. For each direction, you can find hundreds of examples and learn what techniques professional decorators use in their projects. But it often happens that repairs were done simply to update the premises and improve living conditions. As a result, there is no particular style in the design, and at this moment it is important not to start buying the same faceless average decor.

It will be much more interesting to divert the interior towards some style with the help of details. For example, look for modern apartment designs in scandi or neoclassical — most likely, you already have furniture or finishes that are close to one of these directions.


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3 Make a moodboard

The next step is to collect from everything you see what you want to apply in your home. Use online services or make a mood board the old fashioned way — on paper, using magazine clippings and printouts. For each area where you plan to place decor, save at least five ideas that you like. It often happens that some accessory simply cannot be found, so you will need spare options.


four Make a shopping list

At this stage, it is already clear what to look for in stores. For example, a beautiful planter that will stand next to the sofa in the living room, or a selection of posters to decorate the dining area. Open the sites of interior stores that fit your budget and look for the necessary decor in each of them. If an item was found in several places at once, make a table for comparison. Then it will be easier to find the best value for money and appearance. Online shopping in this case is optimal — there is time to think, compare prices, materials, read reviews. There is no temptation to grab everything you like and run to the checkout.


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5 Make samples and correct mistakes

The last step is to place the purchased decor so that it looks as aesthetically pleasing as possible, and discard what does not fit. For example, before drilling into a wall for picture frames or posters, hang and try different compositions. Hang new curtains and think for a couple of days if they really fit well into the space. Don’t be afraid to admit that you made a mistake and bought the wrong decor. It is better to take it back and replace it with something else than to constantly look at what you don’t like and get upset.


On the cover is a project by Tatyana Basova. Photo: Natalya Gorbunova. Style: Anastasia Bauer


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