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In typical apartments, it is in the entrance area that the main storage is most often equipped. And to place everything you need (from seasonal clothes to suitcases or equipment) in a limited area is not an easy task. In this article, we will tell you how to plan the design of a hallway in an apartment with a wardrobe: what facades and design to choose, where to place, what to fill.

We plan the design of the hallway with a wardrobe in the apartment

— Case
— Built-in
— Deaf
— Mirrored


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Among all storage systems, compartment-type cabinets remain the most popular — especially for small apartments. They have several significant advantages over other models.

  • capacity — all internal space is used for storing things, which can be supplemented with various removable modules, dividers, organizers, etc. for greater efficiency. Or go further and design a custom system exactly to your needs and the number of things.
  • Space saving — unlike standard wardrobes, compartment doors slide off to the side, and do not open forward. This allows you not to leave as much space in front of them as would be needed for swing doors. There is usually not much space in the entrance area, especially in width, therefore, built-in wardrobes are most often installed in the hallway, as in the photo below.
  • Versatility — in shops and workshops, you can pick up different materials and designs, so that the design will fit into the hallway in any style: from scandi to classics. And if you choose mirrored doors, then there will be no problem at all in fitting the product into the interior — the cabinet will reflect the opposite wall and naturally merge with the rest of the design.
  • economy — inFirstly, there are models on the market for any budget. Secondly, if you take an embedded system, you will not have to pay for the walls, since they are usually replaced by the floor, ceiling and walls of the corridor.


By design, compartment storage systems are divided into cabinet and built-in.


The cabinet compartment consists of a frame (rear, top, bottom and side walls), doors and internal filling: rods, drawers, shelves.

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In fact, this is a standard wardrobe, which outwardly differs from the classic version only in the type of opening — the doors move sideways, not forward. It does not require any complicated installation: the product is simply placed on the floor in any convenient place or fit into a niche that is suitable in size.

The advantages of such models:

  • Mobility is a one-piece freestanding structure that can be rearranged to another room or transported to a new apartment when moving.
  • Reliability — the one-piece body is strong and can withstand a lot of weight, which is especially important if heavy winter clothes or sports equipment are stored in the hallway.

Of the minuses — such models are usually more expensive, because in this case more material is consumed. Plus, the rear wall of the hull structure will take a few centimeters of usable area — this can be important in very narrow corridors.

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Built-in wardrobe in the hallway with a photo

Built-in wardrobes in the hallway (photo below) are used if there is a niche or the ability to organize it.

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Such products do not have side walls, and sometimes also top and bottom walls, since they are built exactly into the existing recess. Since accurate size matching is important, embedded storage systems are usually made to order according to the specified parameters. If the product is not the full height of the wall or add strength, the upper and lower walls are left. In other cases, you can do without them.

The main advantage of this design is its variability. You can design a straight or corner wardrobe in the hallway, a shallow model for a narrow corridor, long or 2-3 sections, and also take into account architectural features if the apartment has a complex shape. Thanks to this, the space of the entrance zone is used to the maximum, there is no empty usable area. In addition, due to fewer materials, the price will be lower than for case systems.

Of the minuses — the embedded model cannot simply be taken and moved to another place. Of course, it can be dismantled and then reassembled, but then you need a niche of exactly the same size — and this rarely happens. In addition, in the previous place, most likely, there will be draft walls that will need a new finish.


The main materials for compartment-type cabinets are solid wood, MDF and chipboard. All of them are reliable enough to withstand the weight of fastening mechanisms and things.

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  • Wood. Elegant, durable, environmentally friendly material is always a priority. In the case of storage systems, the main disadvantage of the array is its price. However, in some styles it is a must-have — for example, the classic does not accept artificial alternatives, the emphasis is on natural noble materials. The natural texture of wood does not even require additional decorations — it becomes an ornament in itself, especially if you do not paint, but simply varnish the product. For the manufacture of compartment cabinets, durable species are used: for example, oak, beech or pine.
  • MDF is a cheaper, but high-quality alternative to natural wood. Unlike the original, it is not afraid of moisture, does not dry out over time, and does not require expensive and complex restoration. At the same time, what is important, this is also a completely eco-friendly option (there are no harmful formaldehydes in the composition), so the MDF frame and facades are suitable for eco-style or, for example, Scandi.
  • Chipboard — is a thin slab made from wood raw materials with the addition of chips. It is considered the least environmentally friendly of all materials, since it contains formaldehyde resins. However, in everyday life they do not cause any harm — substances hazardous to health are released only at very high temperatures. The main advantages are low price, durability, design variability (especially important for facades).

Choose material based on the overall style of the hallway and budget.

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In addition to the design and materials, it is important to choose the appropriate design of the structure so that it harmoniously fits into the interior of the entrance area. Therefore, special attention is paid to facades.


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They are opaque doors, usually made of the same material as the body. Most often it is wood, MDF, chipboard or veneer. Depending on the overall style of the interior and visual tasks facades can be:

  • Solid and smooth — if you need to draw a minimum of attention to the storage system, «dissolve» it in space.
  • With colored blocks or decorative elements (carvings, planks, inserts from another material, gilding) — if you want to make the closet a full-fledged design element of the interior.

In modern trends, especially minimalism and contemporary, the first type of design is most often used. But decorated models are suitable for classics, neoclassics, eclecticism, Provence, Art Deco. For the Scandinavian style, for example, a simple white closet in a small hallway is typical.


The most popular design option for any style is wardrobes in the hallway with a mirror.

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This layout has several important benefits:

  • The mirror surface visually enlarges the space, and also reflects light, making the room brighter. This is ideal for a small hallway, which often seems cramped and dark in typical apartments. In addition to the visual effect of spaciousness, mirrored doors «disguise» a massive storage system.
  • There is no need to separately buy a full-length mirror and look for a place for it — and in the entrance area you can not do without the opportunity to examine your reflection.
  • Since such facades will reflect the surrounding space, you do not have to additionally think over the design of the cabinet, choosing the color of the doors, texture, and decorative elements.

The disadvantages include the care of mirrors. All fingerprints, dust particles, dirt will be visible on them. But the problem will be solved by regular cleaning with a special tool and a soft cloth or microfiber cloth.


Sliding wardrobe — large-sized furniture, which usually occupies most of the entrance group. When planning the arrangement of furniture in this part of the apartment, it is better to build on it first of all.

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The entrance hall can be elongated, immediately turning into a long corridor, or in the form of a small square entrance area. Choose a place for the cabinet, based on the shape and total area. Most often it is placed along a long wall. If the corridor is narrow, you can make a model of small depth to order — but in this case, think carefully about the filling, since the hangers may not fit perpendicularly and you will have to look for non-standard solutions. For small square entrance areas, radius, corner or composite modular structures are suitable. With their help, you use the entire available usable area without sacrificing the size of the product.

When planning your layout, keep ergonomics in mind. There should be enough space in front of the compartment so that you can move freely along the corridor. It is also important that the front door does not touch the structure when opened. Therefore, it is better not to place furniture close to it.

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