Wallpaper in the living room: tips for choosing and 8 trendy patterns (100 photos)


Wallpaper remains a popular decoration for the living room. Today you can easily find an option for any style and budget: from luxurious designer ornaments to laconic plain canvases. So that the finish does not get bored and does not spoil the overall design, you need to choose the right color, texture, pattern and think over a combination with other interior elements. In this article, we’ll show you how to do it.

Choosing trendy wallpapers for the living room

Which are suitable
Color spectrum
Trends 2022
— Natural motives
— plot print
— Abstraction
— Exotic
— Textural
— Chinoiserie
— Undersea world
— Minimalism

Which are suitable

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Thinking over what wallpaper to choose for the living room, first of all, look at the material. Fortunately, there are no restrictions for this room, as, for example, for the kitchen, bathroom or nursery. It is enough to choose a durable and environmentally friendly coating that fits your budget and needs. Consider the most popular options.

  • Paper — inexpensive and at the same time environmentally friendly coating, you can choose any color and pattern. Suitable for any room where there is no high humidity. Therefore, if the living room is combined with the kitchen, do not use them in the cooking area. Another disadvantage of paper sheets is that they are not as durable as other types, so mechanical stress on them should be avoided.
  • Vinyl — consist of two layers (the lower one is made of paper or non-woven fabric and the upper one is made of vinyl), therefore it is stronger and more durable than paper ones. Accordingly, the price is higher — but it’s worth it. The coating is made of foamed or smooth vinyl. The first well passes air, but retains moisture, the second — on the contrary. If it is important for you that the room «breathes», choose the first type. If you want the wallpaper to be easy to wash, choose the second option.
  • non-woven — made from cellulose, so they look like paper, but thanks to the artificial fibers in the composition (most often polyester is added) they are much stronger. They can be washed and painted, and several times — this is convenient if you want to make repairs and change the color of the walls, but do not spend money on a new coating.
  • Glass fiber — made from natural ingredients (quartz, lime, etc.), a durable fabric is woven from glass threads. This type is produced for painting, so there will be no variety of patterns and colors. Fiberglass is a safe, strong and durable material. Suitable for those who have active children or pets at home that can damage the finish — the glass wall paper is anti-vandal and will withstand any mechanical stress.
  • Textile — consist of several layers: paper base and fabric on the outside. This is a very beautiful material that will make any interior luxurious due to its texture. The main disadvantage is obvious — the high price. Also, textile wallpapers require careful care and collect dust, so you will need to do regular cleaning.
  • Liquid — a modern material, sold as a mixture and more like decorative plaster than classic canvases. The coating is environmentally friendly and durable, gives an interesting texture and is available for painting.

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Color spectrum

Visually, the finish occupies most of the room and, accordingly, the main part of the palette.

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It can be anything: dark and light, cold and warm. The main thing is that the walls do not “crush”, do not ripple in the eyes and organically combine with furniture and decor.

When choosing a color, first of all, focus on your preferences, and not on fleeting trends — it will be more difficult to change the finish than textiles or an armchair. If there are no ideas, then pay attention to sustainable trends that have stood the test of time and are unlikely to go out of fashion in the coming years. These include:

  • Natural shades — sand, straw, gray, muted green, brown, light blue, etc. Take any tone as a basis, the main thing is that it be natural and not too bright.
  • Pastel colors — beige, powdery pink, mint, pistachio, lilac look unusual and beautiful. So that there is no busting with them, balance them with white, gray and black.

  • Achromats are good on their own. Light gray walls are a versatile and safe option, black walls are bold and spectacular, white is a must-have for Scandi, eco and other modern trends. To prevent the interior from looking too boring or gloomy, dilute achromatic colors with bright accents in the form of furniture, decor or wallpaper patterns.

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Trends 2022

Consider the most fashionable wallpaper for the living room in 2022.

Natural motives

The botanical pattern does not lose popularity. It can be large or small flowers, abstract patterns of leaves from stems, fruits and berries.

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The more active the print, the more carefully you need to handle it. If you don’t have a bold eclectic interior, it’s best to stick bright wallpaper on an accent wall (for example, behind the TV, sofa or fireplace), and choose a neutral finish for the rest of the walls.

There is a place for floral patterns in a variety of styles: from romantic Provence to discreet Scandi. Such an ornament is not suitable only for ascetic modern trends: hi-tech, minimalism, loft in its purest form.

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Story print

Among the design options for wallpaper in the living room, one of the most striking trends is a large plot print, which is not repeated throughout the canvas, like standard patterns.

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Usually this is a landscape drawing that occupies the entire height of the wall. The theme can be anything, but most often these are ethnic or historical subjects: gardens with animals and birds, scenes of hunting, trade or village life.

Such canvases are best used locally — for example, on one wall. And support with calmer wallpaper, paint or decorative plaster.


Abstract prints will be relevant for a long time due to their diversity.

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It can be laconic non-contrasting patterns, and complex ornaments with many details, and geometry. Abstraction refers to any repeating pattern without a clearly discernible form.

Such canvases can be used both as a base and as a visual accent, depending on the size, color and saturation of the print. There are also no restrictions on style: gold-plated monograms are suitable for classics, and a small simple print is suitable for modern or Scandinavian style.

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Does not lose ground and everything exotic. Such wallpapers will make the interior of the living room bright and spectacular.

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Exotic prints include:

  • Tropical flora: palm leaves, ferns, creepers, rare fruits and flowers.

  • Animals — tigers, lions, jaguars, panthers, parrots, monkeys, giraffes, hummingbirds and other inhabitants of the jungle.
  • Oriental motifs — from Arabic to Japanese-Chinese themes.


Simple plain canvases with a pronounced texture look elegant and restrained.

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This can be either an imitation of any natural material (marble, concrete, wood, metal), or the surface relief itself. For example, voluminous threads look very beautiful, which are not striking, but are clearly visible upon close examination. The surface can be velvety matte or with a slight glossy sheen.


Not everyone knows the name of this pattern, but it is definitely easy to recognize.

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Fascinating scenes from the life of the Celestial Empire are not original, but a romanticized representation of Europeans of the 17th-18th centuries about the distant mysterious east. Imitations of Western masters received the beautiful French name chinoiserie, but its translation is prosaic and even rude — “Chinese”. However, this does not in the least spoil the ornament itself, which was loved not only by the French, but also took root with us. Such wallpapers are often used in the living room to create a stylized accent.

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Undersea world

Beautiful accent canvases with fish, algae and seahorses are the expected solution for the bathroom.

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But recently, marine scenes have gone beyond the bathroom and increasingly began to appear in living rooms. Including in the living room.

The marine ornament looks organically in ironic eclecticism, Mediterranean and vintage style. On the walls can be any underwater inhabitants: from Japanese carps and seahorses to pearl shells and fancy fish.


Choosing wallpaper in the living room in a modern style, pay attention to the minimalist options.

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It could be:

  • Non-contrasting, as simple as possible geometric or abstract pattern.
  • Monochromatic canvas — finished coating or for painting.
  • Large stripes or color blocks.

We combine wallpaper in the living room

When decorating a living room, it is not necessary to limit yourself to one color, pattern, and even finishing material.

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By combining patterns, shades and textures, you will not only make the space more interesting, but also zone it or visually adjust the proportions. And in some cases, save even more. The most popular combinations:

  • Pattern and plain finish. Everything is simple here: we use a bright canvas with a pattern accentuated and complement it with a calm monochromatic one. So that the finish does not look scattered, let the colors overlap.
  • Wallpaper with a pattern and paint. Visually, this combination looks the same as in the previous version, but the plain canvases here are replaced by ordinary paint. This is a more economical choice.

  • Two patterns. For example, animalistic ornament and geometry, polka dots and abstraction, floral print and stripes look good together. When you introduce two ornaments into the interior, it is important that the rest of the elements do not conflict with them. It is better to choose a plain finish and furniture — even if they are bright, but without a pattern.

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