Wall in the living room in a modern style: tips for choosing and 100 beautiful photos


The design of cabinets, racks and shelves around the TV is strongly associated with the Soviet era — then it was in every room and helped out the owners of small apartments a lot. Now this type of furniture seems to many a relic of the past, but in fact it can look very relevant. In this article, we tell you what are the walls in the living room in a modern style, and also show photos of new products and stylish examples.

All about modern walls for the hall

What it is
— Modular
— Mini wall
— Embedded
— Slide
Filling options
Where to place
Selection Tips

What it is

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The furniture wall is a construction of a number of elements:

  • Closed cabinets.
  • Shelving.
  • Open shelves.
  • Cabinets.
  • Boxes, etc.

This is a multifunctional storage system that is well suited for the hall: it is convenient to store books, ceremonial service, trifles, documents, DVDs — whatever. In the middle, as a rule, there is free space for the TV. If it is abandoned, then the central part is also left empty (a picture or other decor is hung on the wall) or filled in sections.

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    We invest wisely: how to choose furniture so that it looks relevant for many years


There are several types of modern walls in the living room: slide (photo in the gallery), modular, compact.


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Modular systems are essentially an evolution of classic Soviet designs. They have several major advantages:

  • You choose the filling yourself — this makes it possible to use only the necessary sections and not take up space in the room with ownerless racks.
  • The width, height and depth of the lockers are selected for a room of any size. You can make both a complex massive composition for a spacious hall, and a compact modern mini-wall in a small living room, as in the photo below.
  • Mobility — if necessary, the sections are easy to replace, remove or supplement.
  • A beautiful view — today you can find stylish designer models in the style of modern, contemporary, minimalism or loft.

  • Modular wall in the living room: tips for choosing and 90 beautiful photos in the interior

    Living room

    Modular wall in the living room: tips for choosing and 90 beautiful photos in the interior

Mini-wall in the living room in a modern style

The wall for the hall does not have to be bulky at all.

Design: Ekaterina Durava. Photo: Evgeny Gnesin. Stylist: Irina Bebeshina

If you have enough other storage systems or room space is limited, form a compact system. It can consist of a lower tier with compartments for storing CDs, books and small items. Or vice versa — only light hanging shelves around the TV.

If there are few sections, decorate the wall behind the TV area with decorative panels or panels so that it does not look empty.

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    Living room

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Contemporary design often uses embedded systems.

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It is not only beautiful, but also reliable — the cabinet or rack will definitely not fall. The only negative is that the furniture is non-mobile, just swapping the sections will not work, and during the repair it will be necessary to dismantle and disassemble all parts of the product.

Most often, built-in furniture is made to order, so you will receive a system exactly according to your size. You can also choose the desired color and surface texture. And if you make a wall from floor to ceiling along the entire length of the wall, this will save on finishing.

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Despite the fact that such a wall can be of any type of construction, it should be taken out in a separate paragraph.

Design: Julia Strapko. Photo: Alexander Kuzas. Stylist: Katerina Stoyak

The slide is the same design familiar to us, in which the design differs in height. It can change both smoothly and symmetrically (for example, lower sections on the sides, the highest in the center), and intermittently (for example, racks of different heights alternate). With the right design, such heterogeneity in the interior will look interesting and dynamic.

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Not only the design of a modern wall in the living room, as in the photo below, but also its service life depends on the material. The most popular are solid wood, MDF, chipboard and veneer.

Design: Evgenia Pestova. Photo: Eugene Kulibaba

  • Wood is an eco-friendly, durable and noble material that will fit into any interior style. And if in the kitchen, in the bathroom and in the hallway it is often abandoned due to the high humidity in these rooms, then in the living room there is no such problem. Wood furniture is suitable for both strict classics and scandi or loft. Now the material is in trend, use it in 2022 for a modern wall in the living room. Thanks to a large selection of wood, you can choose wood for any budget. The most popular are pine, beech, ash, oak, birch.
  • MDF is a cheaper alternative to solid wood with excellent technical characteristics. It is a thin slab of compressed wood fibers. The main advantage of the material is that adhesives and harmful resins are not used in its production, so it is absolutely environmentally friendly. In addition, it is durable, not afraid of moisture, temperature changes and household chemicals. Visually it can imitate natural wood and other materials.

  • Chipboard is the most inexpensive option; boards are made from compressed sawdust. This material is not as durable as solid wood, veneer or MDF, and it contains formaldehydes, which are safe for humans in small quantities, but still, chipboard cannot be called completely environmentally friendly. But if it is not recommended to use it for a bedroom or a nursery, then it is perfect for a living room. Like MDF boards, chipboard can look different on the outside, so there will be no problem choosing the right design.
  • Veneer is a thin layer of wood that is used to cover furniture made of artificial materials. Thanks to this, it costs less and at the same time remains environmentally friendly. Veneer is a strong and durable material that additionally protects the bottom layer of furniture.

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    Living room

    Living room in a modern style: design ideas and 100 inspiring photos


In Soviet times, when such furniture systems only appeared in domestic interiors, the natural shade of wood was in fashion: oak, pine or mahogany.

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Today, manufacturers offer a much larger selection of colors and textures: from marble imitation to a completely smooth matte surface. You can choose a wall in a modern style in the living room in white, black, gray or any bright color.

The texture and color of wood is still in trend. But in order for the design to look stylish and not resemble greetings from the 80s, it is important to observe two conditions:

  • If the furniture is not made of solid wood, the imitation should be of high quality, embossed. Best of all in this case looks good MDF.
  • Choose deep, natural shades of brown or beige, without artificial yellow or orange undertones.

In the coming years, restraint and naturalness will be in fashion, so choose simple natural colors: brown, black, wenge, beige, gray, white. If you want to add brightness and make the design accent, pay attention to the deep shades of blue, green and red. However, remember that the furniture is large, so you shouldn’t make it all bright — it’s better to select several modules, and choose neutral tones for the body itself.

When choosing a color, focus on:

  • The general palette of the room.

  • Your preferences.
  • The size of the room — light furniture looks lighter, dark furniture visually occupies a large area, it seems larger.
  • Other furniture. If it is all dark, then it makes sense to choose a lighter light wall — otherwise the hall will look too gloomy. And vice versa: a light monochrome palette should be diluted with dark elements to add graphicness to the interior.
  • The role of the structure. If you want to make it accent, use rich deep shades and pronounced textures: wood, stone, marble, corrugated facades. If, on the contrary, you do not want to draw attention to the dimensions, choose a model in a neutral color to match the wall decoration.

Filling options

A built-in or modular wall in the living room in a modern style can consist of a variety of sections.

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The content depends on the footage, the functions that the furniture should perform, and the presence of other storage systems in the apartment.

Classic filling option:

  • 1-2 closed cabinets (may be with blind or glazed doors).
  • 1-2 racks.
  • Several open shelves.
  • Long TV cabinet with drawers.

Additional sections:

  • Mini bar.
  • Buffet.
  • Boxes for storage of bed linen.
  • Wardrobe.
  • Compact workplace, etc.

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Where to place

As a rule, the structure is placed along the wall opposite the soft group.

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This is not only beautiful in terms of composition, but also convenient in terms of interior logic — most often the wall frames the TV, and it is usually placed in front of the sofa.

However, not always the area and shape of the room allow you to place the system strictly in the center. For a small living room, a modern corner wall is suitable — this arrangement looks unusual, but saves a lot of space, since it uses the area of ​​\u200b\u200ban empty corner. If the hall is combined with the kitchen and a small wall separates them, the structure is often moved closer to the window. The sofa group will be placed there.

When planning the placement of the wall, remember about ergonomics: all lockers should open freely (lay at least 50-60 cm in front of each door), and free access to the shelves is provided. Also make sure that this area has all the necessary sockets (for a TV, a record player, a humidifier, a robot vacuum cleaner, etc.) and they are easily accessible.

What to consider when choosing

When choosing a design for the living room, follow a few key rules.

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  • Estimate the size of the room. To make the interior look holistic and harmonious, furniture is always selected in proportion to the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room. In a small living room, a massive wall will look heavy. And vice versa: in a spacious open space, miniature sections will get lost and look like toys.
  • Define the role of the product. Is this your main storage system or secondary? Do you need to place a home library, a movie collection in the living room or hide bed linen and tablecloths? Both the size of the structure and its content depend on this.
  • Remember that diversity in the interior always looks more advantageous. Only deaf cabinets or identical open shelves look monotonous and uninteresting. So that the wall does not look bulky, combine textures and types of sections: let glass doors side by side with smooth wood-like facades, there will be several open shelves on one side, and a dish rack and a bookcase on the other.
  • Arrange lighting. Make LED illumination of open shelves or some sections of cabinets, run LEDs over a pedestal or shelving units. The perception of the structure will immediately change, and besides, it is simply convenient: you can always see where everything is, and in order to find the right object, it is not necessary to turn on the overhead light every time.
  • If you have a long and narrow pencil case, a full-wall design will only accentuate the wrong proportions. There are two ways out: place the system at the end of the room, if the width allows, or make it as inconspicuous as possible, and the cabinets — shallow.

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