Toilet repair cheap and beautiful: the best materials and budget ideas (80 photos)


Making a bathroom is a challenge for many, especially if the budget is limited. It is necessary to take into account all the technical features, make the space cozy and fit everything you need into a small area. In this article, we tell you how to make toilet repairs cheap and beautiful, with photo examples.

How to make a toilet renovation cheap and beautiful

Renovation scale
Material selection
— Tile
— Dye
— Plaster
— Wallpaper
— Panels
Repair Ideas
— two materials
— Paintings
— Nice storage
— Backlight

Renovation scale

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The cost and complexity of the repair is primarily affected by the scale of the entire alteration: what work needs to be done, whether redevelopment is needed, the departure of a measurer or other specialists, the installation of new plumbing, laying communications.


This is the most ambitious — and therefore expensive and labor-intensive — option for renovating the toilet. An overhaul will definitely be needed if you want to make a combined bathroom out of a separate one — and vice versa.

It also includes various complex work:

  • Dismantling of the previous finish, pipes, wiring.
  • Installation of complex coatings: slatted ceiling, self-leveling floor, etc.
  • Pipe routing.
  • Creation of a new lighting system.
  • Plumbing installation.

In theory, all of them can be done independently, but to save time, they most often turn to professional craftsmen (many of them offer turnkey services). This also becomes an additional expense item along with the components and materials themselves.

Usually, major repairs are required in secondary housing, especially if you got a “killed” Khrushchev or Brezhnevka. Communication problems are often found in an old foundation, so you may need to not only choose beautiful wall tiles, but also put all systems in order.


If you do not need to do a large-scale redevelopment and update all communications, then in order to make a toilet renovation cheap, a light cosmetic update will do. As a rule, it includes a simple replacement of finishes, in part — plumbing or furniture. You can transform a bathroom in this way in just a couple of days and with a minimal budget.

Also cosmetic work includes:

  • Replacement of old fittings, valves, etc.
  • Partial leveling of surfaces — for example, under a new finish.
  • Renovation of skirting boards, replacement of the door, if necessary.


Finally, the update can be completely decorative, without affecting communications, plumbing, decoration, and even more so the layout of the room.

For example, quickly and cost-effectively:

  • Add decor.
  • Replace fixtures, make additional lighting.
  • Repaint a small piece of furniture (bedside table, shelving, stool).
  • Update textiles, lay a rug at the entrance.
  • Buy beautiful organizers and containers for cosmetics in the same style.

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Material selection

After you have determined the scale of the alteration, you need to select the appropriate finishing materials. To veneer with marble a small bathroom with an area of ​​​​1-2 square meters. m does not make sense — you can pick up something more budgetary, but at the same time stylish. Remember that not only the appearance of the coatings is important, but also their technical characteristics: moisture resistance (if the bathroom is combined), durability, hygiene.


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Tile has been and remains the most popular finishing material for any «wet area». In a separate toilet, it is also often used, even if there is no high humidity.

Can choose:

  • Ceramics — tiles are not afraid of moisture, temperature changes, exposure to household chemicals. Manufacturers offer hundreds of designs, shapes and sizes, a wide variety of colors and patterns. There are models that imitate marble, wood, stone. The disadvantages include the complexity of laying and dismantling. It is also a “cold” material, so if you want to make a small toilet cozier, use a warm light palette, wood texture and atmospheric decor.

  • PVC tiles — this modern material is increasingly being chosen as an alternative to tiles. Such a finish will be resistant to moisture and detergents, it is easy to clean, it does not burn and does not become a breeding ground for mold. However, PVC tiles are not considered an environmentally friendly material, so be careful if, for example, there are allergy sufferers in the house. However, this material is suitable for a toilet — it is recommended to avoid it only in living rooms where we spend a lot of time and sleep.


This is an inexpensive and easy-to-implement (including do-it-yourself) finishing material.

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Even if the toilet is insulated, it is better to choose a high-quality moisture-resistant coating — this way the walls can be washed, and you will greatly simplify your cleaning. However, remember that all surfaces must be well leveled before painting. You can also do it yourself, but if you do not feel confident, it makes sense to call the master. After that, you just have to apply paint to the prepared walls and then let them dry.

Apart from the low price of the material, the main advantage of coloring is creativity. You can choose any color, make the toilet lighter or brighter, use unusual coloring techniques: painting, color block, gradient, etc.

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Decorative plaster is an interesting substitute for paint if such a finish seems too simple and monotonous to you.

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There are several types of this material, which differ from each other in composition. For rooms with high humidity, synthetic varieties are used: for example, silicone or acrylic. A great advantage of decorative plaster is a variety of textures. So, walls can be made embossed, imitate stone, rust, concrete or brickwork, add a luxurious feel to textile surfaces.


Wallpaper is rarely used in the bathroom, but they are great for a separate bathroom.

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Even if there is no high humidity in the room, choose durable moisture-resistant canvases that will be easy to clean or wash: non-woven, vinyl, liquid, fiberglass. If your main goal is to meet the budget, paper wallpapers are also suitable for a separate bathroom. Also, to save money, you can combine two finishing materials: for example, wallpaper and paint or wallpaper and tiles.

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Decorative wall panels are made of plastic or MDF.

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The first option is the cheapest one. In addition, such panels are hygienic, they are easy to install (you don’t even need to pre-align the walls) and remove, you can choose any design from dozens of variations. But remember that they are mounted on a frame, and it will take about 5 cm of usable area. The quality of raw materials is important: cheap plastic can be unsafe for health.

MDF panels have the same advantages: from price to variety of appearance. In addition, they are environmentally friendly, more durable, well sound and heat insulate the room. Their main drawback is the lack of moisture resistance. In a separate toilet, this will not be a problem, but if you want to use the panels in a combined bathroom, it is better to cover them with a special protective impregnation.

Budget bathroom and toilet renovation ideas

Consider simple and beautiful solutions that will help you update the toilet without a major overhaul.

No more than two materials

Design: Anastasia Zarkua. Photo: Tatyana Nikitina. Style: Natalia Oreshkova

It is undesirable to visually split a small space into many small sections. The easiest option in terms of implementation and design as such is plain walls. It can be tiles, plaster or paint. So that the finish does not seem too boring, you can choose a contrasting grout for tiles or add bright accents using decor.

If you want brightness, combine two types of wall decoration — but no more, so as not to overdo it with variegation. You can combine any materials with each other, the main thing is to adhere to the rule of moderation. Let one be brighter, accent, and the second neutral. So, for example, white tiles or paint and wallpaper with a pattern look best together. Or vice versa: plain plaster or paint along with colored patterned tiles.

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Paintings and posters

An easy way to add color to a small toilet and make the interior more interesting is to hang a picture or a poster.

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If there is not enough space, the wall behind the toilet is suitable for placing the decor. The picture will become the focal point of the space and will immediately attract the eye.

You can also go the other way: if space permits, hang a series of posters, a few framed photos or paintings on the side wall. Get a mini-gallery that diversifies the situation. Finishing in this case is better to choose a solid, neutral light colors. Suitable matte paint, decorative plaster or smooth tiles.

beautiful storage

Even in a small bathroom there is something to store. At a minimum, this is a supply of toilet paper; a cabinet is also often installed above the toilet.

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You can also keep household chemicals, shampoos and shower gels, bath towels and other household items here. To transform your space without major repairs and extra costs, upgrade your storage systems. Pick up beautiful organizers, baskets, boxes. Liquids can be poured into decorative containers in the same style — this will immediately remove visual noise, and the bathroom will look more expensive.

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The right lighting can transform any space. And first of all, this applies to small rooms without natural light.

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Review the lighting scenarios in the toilet at the planning stage. If necessary, adjust the wiring, add the necessary leads for fixtures and switches. Even on a couple of square meters, you will need at least two types of lighting: overhead and local. The second type can be represented by beautiful accent sconces or built-in LED lighting. You will need it in the storage area and at the mirror.


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