There is a lot to learn: 8 functional kitchen-living rooms with an area of ​​15 sq. m


Developers are increasingly offering layouts according to the European principle: with a common space that combines a kitchen, living room and even a dining room. But in a small odnushka, and even more so a studio, the square meters that can be given to a common area are limited. In this article, we have collected examples and photos of the functional design of the kitchen-living room of 15 square meters. m with interesting design ideas.

Examples of design of the kitchen-living room 15 sq. m

1. Bright accents
2. Modern interior
3. Blue accents
4. In soothing colors
5. DIY repair
6. Three in one in the studio
7. 15 squares for a family
8. Rectangular room

one Neoclassical with bright accents

The area of ​​​​this kitchen-living room is a little more than 15 square meters. m, the designer suggested combining a balcony with it and placing a dining area on it. Thanks to this, it was possible to create a single more spacious space where the whole family can gather. The dining area is separated from the main area by sliding glass screens and is located opposite the panoramic windows so that you can enjoy the views during your meal. To the right of the dining table, there is a hidden door that leads to a mini-pantry — it was allocated due to the balcony.

Light neoclassicism was chosen for decoration. The palette is based on a noble shade of gray that will not get bored over the years and will not go out of fashion. It is diluted with wooden furniture and rich purple, which turns the sofa into a bright accent and focal point of the interior. Another interesting element is the shelves for storing formal dishes opposite the kitchen set.

The layout of this kitchen-living room of 15 sq. m can be seen in the gallery.

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2 With a bar

In this kitchen-living room of 15 square meters. m with a sofa, a bright and complex palette immediately catches your eye. In a small area, deep blue, gray, orange, green, white, black and beige are harmoniously combined. The design uses natural shades that coexist well with each other. And it looks harmonious even despite their number.

It is with the help of color that the authors of the project simultaneously delimit and unite functional areas. The kitchen set to the ceiling with smooth facades is made in white and blue tones and is located along two walls: part to the right of the entrance, part opposite.

Instead of a classic dining table, a wide bar counter is used, which, together with bright chairs, visually separates the cooking area from the hall. Finally, at the far end of the room, by the window, is an accent dark green sofa with a TV across from it.

Despite the modest area, there is enough storage space: in addition to spacious built-in wardrobes, a set for dishes and a minibar, there is an accent wall cabinet with a black body and glass facades, as well as a spacious TV stand.

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3 Blue accents and original decor

The area of ​​\u200b\u200bthis room is slightly less than 15 meters — 14.3 squares. The interior is designed in a modern style, rich colors and filled with functional furniture.

The main feature is a refreshing cheerful palette based on three elements: white, blue, light wood texture.

Complementing this combination are local black details that add graphicness to the space. The result is a bright, but at the same time natural and eye-pleasing gamma, which simultaneously energizes and allows you to relax.

The set was placed to the right of the entrance linearly, along the wall. There was enough space for all the necessary equipment: stoves, ovens, refrigerators and dishwashers. On the left side of the room is a sofa group, which stands out due to the rich dark blue tone, with a TV area and access to the loggia. Visually, these two parts are separated by a bar counter instead of a classic table, above which the author of the project placed a large accent clock.

four in soothing colors

In the northern latitudes, dark blue and gray are used with caution in the design of housing, because there is not enough sunlight anyway, and an abundance of cold shades can put pressure on the psyche and create a gloomy mood. But the author of the project not only was not afraid of these colors, but also added black details to them.

How to work with such a palette?

  • Add 1-2 light colors — white and beige are best suited for this role.
  • Use cozy textures: wood or its high-quality counterparts, fabrics, natural materials (matting, jute, rattan, bamboo).
  • Use blue and dark gray with emphasis; for decoration, take lighter and more neutral tones.
  • Black can be used locally as an analogue of bright color spots. For example, here it was chosen for lamps, furniture and some decorative elements.

As in other examples from our selection, here the designer abandoned pronounced zoning. The interior of the kitchen-living room is 15 square meters. m is a single space. The corner suite provides enough space for storage and cooking, a sofa group is located by the window, opposite it is a TV and an accent wall covered with wallpaper with a low-contrast print. Between them is a small dining table for two, which, if desired, can be easily moved or removed altogether.

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5 DIY design

The only project in our selection, where the interior was designed not by the designer, but by the owners. The kitchen-living room includes a cooking area, a dining group and a small place to relax.

The palette is based on white and deep gray, dusted pastel shades were taken as accents: pink, gray-violet, beige. Thanks to the neutral base, it is easy to change the mood of the interior in just a few movements: for example, replace pink pillows with rich orange or blue ones, add a couple of bright decor items, put flowers in a vase.

The hostess opted for an IKEA corner suite with an upper cabinet module, which made it possible to use the maximum vertical surface and organize sufficient storage. The upper tier is glazed, so that the furniture does not look bulky. All appliances are built-in and multifunctional. For example, instead of a conventional oven, a variant combined with a microwave oven was used.

The seating area, consisting of a sofa group and a TV opposite, is located by the window. The dining group delimits the space of the kitchen and the recreation area. Real photos of the design of this living room-kitchen 15 sq. m can be seen below.

6 Three in one in the studio

And here is an example of how you can organize space in a square studio. The designers divided the entire living area of ​​the apartment (about 20 square meters) into a mini-bedroom of 4.9 square meters. m, separating it with two false walls, and the main room with an area of ​​14.6 squares.

The features of the layout and the walls separating the bedroom made it possible to allocate a compact corner for cooking — a kind of niche where a corner set was built in.

The rest of the space is given over to the hall, where there is a large soft sofa, a coffee table, a TV set with a spacious cabinet and a small dining group with a sliding table. Since the apartment is small, the main color in the palette is white, which is used both in decoration and in furniture and creates a feeling of spaciousness. Contrasting elements to it are the floor and the work surface made of dark wood, made almost tone on tone. Such an almost monochrome combination is diluted with shades of green and a large motley picture above the sofa.

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7 15 squares for a family

The authors of this project had to work on ready-made material, leaving the layout and finish from the developer, as well as taking into account the existing communications, sockets and holes for lamps. As a result, the designers had at their disposal a room of 15.8 square meters. m, where it was necessary to place the main functional areas and turn it into a cozy corner for gatherings with family and friends.

The interior was decorated in a modern style, the color scheme is neutral, almost nude, with white and beige at the base. The second color, which is also accent, is a muted mint with a pronounced gray undertone. Part of the headset is painted in it, it is supported by dishes, textiles and curtains, and the range echoes with living plants in the room and on the panoramic loggia.

What can be noted

  • Bicolor set. A part can be made white — this will immediately facilitate the overall perception of the design, it will not seem bulky.

  • Dark accents that bring together the nude palette and delineate the boundaries.
  • Light hanging furniture — here it is a TV cabinet or products with thin legs.
  • The abundance of textiles and tactilely pleasant textures — they create a feeling of comfort.

eight Design of a rectangular kitchen-living room with an area of ​​​​15.9 square meters. m

An elongated room is always a double work with space and proportions.

Since there is only one window in the room, the authors of the project abandoned heavy zoning, which would block the flow of light and air. As a result, there are no partitions in the room — a light and organic design has turned out, in which the zones smoothly flow into each other.

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