Summer kitchen: arrangement, design, finished projects and 70 photos


What are summer kitchens for summer cottages and private households? Where is the best place to build? How to choose furniture and equipment, choose design and decoration? This will be discussed in the article. And in the final we will offer to see 5 ready-made solutions with layouts and photos.

All about the construction and equipment of the summer kitchen

– Open
— Closed
Accommodation options
– Annex
— standalone
What to build from
Finished projects with layouts

Summer kitchen today

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A pair of hinged cabinets, an electric or gas stove, a washbasin, a dining table covered with oilcloth, several chairs. The interior is as simple and functional as possible. Nothing extra, just the essentials. This was the summer kitchen on the site of an ordinary summer resident before.

Since then, this building has seriously evolved both externally and in terms of content.

Manufacturers of furniture and appliances develop special lines for them, modern, practical and at the same time stylish. And designers are often involved in the design of such zones. Previously, such a building was used only in the warm season, it was unheated, for which it got its name. Today it is preserved very conditionally. After all, there are projects of enclosed spaces, where it is warm even in winter. Thus, the place for cooking is now also a space for pleasant leisure, communication with family and friends. It won the title of the point of universal attraction.


Today, both open and closed structures are actively used.


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As a rule, this is a platform with a base, four supports and a canopy. Without glazing.

It is comfortable only in good weather. Precipitation, dirt from the street can get inside. Therefore, it is necessary to use furniture and equipment made of special — durable, easy to clean — materials.

But all this is compensated by the very feeling of closeness to nature, for the sake of which such spaces are started. And on such a site it is easier to place and use the grill. No additional ventilation system is required.


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She has not only a floor and a roof, but also walls.

To create a closed contour, you can choose traditional glazing or the so-called soft windows — a transparent, smooth PVC film.

The closed design is more versatile. Protects from rain and wind. Even in an unheated room it is comfortable to be not only in summer, but also in warm spring and early autumn. And if you carry out heating, then you can use it in the winter.

However, if you want to install a barbecue, grill or barbecue, then you will need to take care of the construction of the hood and ventilation. But for a closed summer kitchen, it is easier to choose furniture and equipment — the requirements for materials are not as strict as for an open structure.

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Accommodation options

The cooking area can be an extension to the main house or be in a free-standing structure.


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In this case, the summer kitchen is combined with a veranda or terrace. Usually there is a dining group and a recreation area nearby. That is, the cooking place becomes a small part of a single space.

Such a solution has a significant plus — proximity to the main house, because, as a rule, a direct exit leads to a terrace or veranda. But this can also be considered a disadvantage. Because the smells of food will get inside the main building.

But it is easier, cheaper and faster to lay communications to such a structure.


This is just an open or closed gazebo, but it can also be a small house. Both options are popular.

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To place such a building, you can choose the most picturesque corner of the site, in the shade, next to a small pond or flower garden.

The main thing is to take into account some important points. For example, if there is an open source of fire, and the room itself is without walls and glazing, there should be no trees nearby. There are also other standards. For example, the requirements of the Ministry of Emergency Situations for barbecues and braziers. They can be placed no closer than 5 meters from other buildings and structures.

If we are talking about a horticultural association, the site is subject to SNiP, according to which the distance from outbuildings to the border of your land and the neighbor’s fence should be at least 1 meter. And, of course, you should not place such a building next to a compost pit, a poultry house or a street restroom.

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From what and how to build

Most often, brick, log and timber are chosen for work. The exact set of building materials will depend on the characteristics of your site, as well as what exactly you plan to place inside. For example, a heavy oven will require a reinforced concrete foundation. The same base or tape is needed for a brick building or aerated concrete building.

But for a closed or open frame structure, a columnar, tape or pile-screw foundation will suffice. You can build a small gazebo for the summer kitchen with your own hands. A little experience, the ability to make the necessary calculations and possession of the tool are enough.

The pillars for the foundation or the strip base are poured from concrete, then the bottom trim is made of timber. The floor is made of planks or tiled. After the frame is assembled: load-bearing support posts and an upper trim of beams. It is needed to evenly distribute the weight of the roof. And, finally, they proceed to laying the floor beams: parallel bars are attached to the upper trim. They put a crate of boards on them. And already on it — the material of the roof. For example, corrugated board, ondulin, polycarbonate. The walls can be left open, making only the railing. And you can sheathe boards on several sides. It is important to treat all wooden materials with flame retardants even before starting work.


The choice of equipment for outdoor venues today is really rich.

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Equip the room not only with a traditional stove and refrigerator. Many choose massive barbecue complexes. This is a capital structure made of bricks, the construction of which is carried out by professionals. It can combine a barbecue, grill, stove, smokehouse — the set of options depends on the size of the room and, of course, the budget. You can also install a tandoor on the site.

For small spaces, more compact fixtures are suitable: a conventional hob, oven, egg-shaped ceramic grill, mini-fridge, cauldron, barbecue area.

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The issue of choosing furniture is especially relevant for open structures, where rain, dirt and dust can get.

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A rational option is a kitchen set made of metal, for example, stainless steel. He is not afraid of bad weather, and such cabinets are washed quickly. Manufacturers also offer thermowood kits. This is a tree that has undergone heat treatment. According to experts, after such treatment, the wood becomes more moisture resistant and fire resistant, it does not crack. For such spaces, not only stationary, but also mobile structures are also perfect: cabinets and serving tables.

5 summer kitchen projects in the country

Now consider the possible options for execution.

Summer kitchen with terrace

The designers of the company «DDM-Stroy» created the layout of a fairly spacious gazebo with an area of ​​​​28 square meters. m from glued beams. It is complemented by a round terrace of 24 sq. m. Inside the gazebo there is a barbecue area. There is also space for relaxation. And the dining group is placed on the terrace.

Glazed gazebo

Project of the company Wood Plant. This summer kitchen of almost 29 sq. m is also made of glued laminated timber. It can also be used as a dining room. According to the project, a barbecue oven is placed inside.

Openwork gazebo made of wood and stone

Another project of the DDM-Stroy company. This is a spacious building made of glued laminated timber with an area of ​​70 square meters. m. The gazebo includes three internal areas: barbecue, sofa and dining.

Summer kitchen-guest house

The building area is almost 67 sq. m. It is made of aerated concrete according to the project of the architectural studio «Author». It includes a terrace, a utility room, a bathroom, a bedroom, a kitchen-living room with a barbecue and a dining room.

Closed gazebo-kitchen

This glazed aerated concrete building with an area of ​​​​almost 30 square meters. m — also a project of the architectural studio «Author». It includes a barbecue, dining and sofa groups.

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Design Ideas

What style to choose for decoration? There are several options.

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  • Often, a cozy rustic style is chosen for the design of summer kitchens: country, rustic, Provence, Russian-style interior. In this case, hand-made furniture and decor will look organic: wooden cabinets and drawers hidden behind curtains, open shelves with dishes, roof rails, colorful pillows for chairs. Allowed slight deliberate negligence, aging pieces of furniture. Stone and wood, linen or cotton textiles, or artificial fabrics that imitate them are suitable materials. Another favorite motif of many is the French chalet.
  • Increasingly, there are gazebos and kitchen verandas made in a modern style, hi-tech and minimalism. They are characterized by metal surfaces, straight hard lines, a minimum of decor.
  • Do not lose the popularity of loft-style spaces. These are brick walls, a concrete floor, beams, a kitchen set that resembles part of a production line in a factory.
  • Eclecticism is another fashion trend, when a traditional Russian samovar, a checkered blanket and a tandoor look harmoniously next to modern shiny stainless steel cabinets. True, it is not easy to make friends with all these objects with each other. Therefore, it is better to entrust such a summer kitchen design project to professionals.

It is also important to harmoniously fit the room into the landscape design of the site. Therefore, it is better if in style it matches the main house and other buildings.

Country house


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