Stylish wallpapers and a soothing range: apartment 79 sq. m for a mature couple


Customers and tasks

The owners of this apartment are an adult married couple. They retired and moved from the Arkhangelsk region closer to their children and grandchildren to the Moscow region, the city of Dmitrov. The couple love to travel, receive guests, walk in the woods, the owner is fond of hunting, fishing, playing sports.

The couple turned to designer Anna Mizyure with a request to create a comfortable living space: two separate bedrooms, a common area for gathering guests. It was also important to consider a pantry to store sports equipment and hobbies.


The initial area of ​​the apartment allowed organizing the required number of rooms. There was a kitchen, three rooms, two bathrooms. The designer built a partition to separate the living room from the hallway, in order to fit two built-in shelving into the first one without violating the geometry of the room. In one of the bedrooms, a dressing room was allocated (this room became the master’s bedroom). In the common corridor, a place was separated for a pantry and partitions were built to build in two closets: a utility one with a washing machine and one for clothes. There was originally an opening between the living room and the kitchen. It was decided to decorate it with a sliding glass partition.


According to the author of the project, the interior concept was defined as «early autumn in the forest.» The designer chose finishing materials and colors in accordance with it. The walls in the living rooms are decorated with wallpaper with different themes. In the living room — drawings of leaves on a gray background and background gray wallpaper with abstraction.

The master bedroom has a yellow-brown color scheme and a geometric pattern.

In the hostess’ bedroom, there is again a floral plot in neutral colors (gray, white).

The walls in the hallway, kitchen and hallway are painted. In the bathroom, tiles were used — background and complementary, with decor, on it, again, a floral print.

In the bathroom, we decided to combine tiles and wallpaper. It made the room more comfortable.

There is laminate flooring in the living rooms and in the kitchen. In the hallway-corridor and bathrooms — granite.

Storage systems

The storage room allocated in the hallway and the utility closet solved the issue with the storage of sports equipment and cleaning supplies. For outerwear, a closet in the hallway is thought out, and a chest of drawers-shoes is installed opposite it.

The living room has two shelves for books and decor, there is a TV cabinet for organizing various small things. In the master bedroom there is a built-in wardrobe, and in the hostess room there is a dressing room.

Kitchen set — corner. Fitted the necessary equipment and provided a place to store kitchen utensils.


The peculiarity of the apartment is the lack of natural light. Most of the windows face north. Therefore, artificial light needed not only to create comfort in the dark, but also to compensate for the lack of light from the window. The author of the project designed different scenarios. The main light is spotlights, groups of overhead spots. Additional scenarios are solved by zones: sconces by the beds in the bedroom, table light on the desktop and dressing table, sconces above the sofa in the living room, suspension above the dining table in the kitchen and lighting of the working surface of the headset. In the hallway, the general light is organized with the help of a suspension, but in addition there is a sconce over the chest of drawers.

The editors warn that, in accordance with the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, the coordination of ongoing reconstructions and redevelopments is required.

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