Sofa on the balcony: an overview of models, tips for choosing and 5 cool projects


Turning a loggia into a warehouse of unnecessary things is simply irrational — especially if you have a small apartment. Even on a very modest footage, you can equip competent storage and a whole additional room: from a home office to a recreation area. In this article, we tell you how to choose a sofa with a storage box, a bed and other functions for the balcony. And, of course, we look at interesting examples of projects.

Choosing a sofa for a loggia and a balcony

Model selection
— Rest zone
— Storage system
— Library
— Workplace
Project examples
— Books and flowers
— Breakfast corner
— bright office
— Scandi style
— Lounge area

Model selection

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If you are lucky enough to have a spacious loggia (for example, an area of ​​​​8-10 square meters), then there will definitely be enough space for a full-size model. It can be a sofa on the balcony with a drawer, a regular one with legs or a folding one. The latter option makes sense only if you have not just a glazed, but a well-insulated loggia, which maintains a comfortable temperature for living. In this case, it will be possible to organize not only a lounge area, but also an extra bed for guests.

Folding models differ in the mechanism of operation. The most convenient are:

  • Book — the classic and most popular type of unfolding, in which the seat first rises until it clicks, and then rolls forward — the back will follow it and fall to a horizontal position.
  • Click-clack — in fact, this is an improved classic «book». The principle of operation is the same (the model is named after the sound that is heard when folding), but there are more backrest positions: in addition to vertical and horizontal, there is also a 45-degree tilt for relaxation. Sidewalls and armrests are also lowered — thanks to this, you can increase the width of the bed.
  • Eurobook — unlike the classics, this is a roll-out, not a sliding mechanism. The seat slides forward on wheels and the back rests down in its place. One of the most convenient options for installation close to the wall, as the back does not lean back and does not take up extra space.
  • Dolphin is the best option for a corner sofa on the balcony. The sleeping part is hidden inside, you need to pull it towards you by the strap. There is usually storage space in the stationary section.
  • Clamshell — the principle of operation is similar to the «dolphin»: the roll-out part simply moves forward behind the strap, while the bed unfolds like a scroll. This is a more compact version without a corner section.
  • Couch — it is often used in nurseries and on loggias. To turn such a sofa into a bed, just lower the armrests. At the bottom there are usually spacious drawers for storing linen.

However, most often the loggia in the apartment is small in size — an average of 3-5 square meters. m. In this case, in stores you can find a wide variety of compact models that are comparable in size to a wide chair. These can be couches, chaise longues, soft “bags”, structures from a storage system and a soft lining on top, with or without a back and armrests. Choose a sofa depending on the size of the loggia and your preferences.


Even a small sofa on the balcony can perform different functions — depending on the model and what you combine it with.

Rest zone

This is the most obvious and easiest option, especially if you have a panoramic balcony with a beautiful view.

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If the area allows, complement the upholstered furniture with an armchair, ottoman or coffee table. Take care of the lighting — it should be chamber and cozy. Suitable wall sconces, a small floor lamp, garlands. Enhance the atmosphere with decor and live plants in beautiful planters.

You can put a folding sofa on an insulated balcony, add it with a table or a small storage system (for example, a rack or a shallow closet) — and you will get a great place to spend the night for sudden guests. Make sockets for gadgets, overhead and local light, be sure to hang curtains on the windows — simple blackouts or Roman blinds will do.

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Storage system

Most often, the balcony space is used as an additional opportunity for storage.

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But do it in an organized and beautiful way: for example, equip a utility closet at one end or design a podium with a mini-cellar, and put a compact sofa opposite. Let it also be with storage boxes.

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If you have a lot of books at home that there is no place to store, and you also like to read in solitude, a glazed loggia is an ideal place for a mini-library.

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Put a mini-sofa, think over the organization of books: it can be shelves, racks, as well as compartments in the furniture itself. Add decor, if necessary, put a table or chair. You will get a chamber and cozy area in which you can relax qualitatively and spend time reading, without being distracted by household members and admiring the view from the window.

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Finally, on the loggia you can equip a mini-study: it does not need a lot of space, while you can definitely retire.

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Put in one part a desktop with a chair, add a small storage system. Instead, place a sofa on which you can take short breaks or call up colleagues. If there is very little space, and you don’t need a full-fledged table for work, replace it with a compact side or folding model — it can be placed just next to the couch, which will be used instead of an office chair.

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Project examples

And now let’s look at examples of how designers beautifully and functionally decorate loggias with upholstered furniture.

Books and flowers

This project proves that panoramic windows and a non-standard shape are not a drawback, but a guarantee of an ideal lounge area with beautiful views. On the left, the designer has allocated space for a compact sofa with storage boxes. Above it is a hanging open rack where books, decor and various little things are stored. Nearby is a small table, on which it is convenient to put a cup of coffee, put a magazine or phone. To make it convenient for the owners to read, a lamp was fixed on the wall, which can be directed at the desired angle. On the contrary, they made a whole suspended greenhouse. In such pots, you can grow both ornamental plants and, for example, fragrant herbs for cooking: basil, mint, rosemary, etc.

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breakfast nook

And here is an example of how you can move away from the usual layout, where all the furniture is located at the ends of the loggia. Here, a closed storage cabinet was placed to the right of the entrance, but the couch was not placed opposite, as is usually done. On this balcony, a narrow sofa is placed opposite the entrance, and a folding table is placed against the wall, at which it is convenient to have breakfast or drink coffee. Since the seat is facing the apartment, family members in the kitchen and on the balcony can talk to each other during the meal.

bright cabinet

It is believed that a home office must be strict: decorated in dark restrained colors, practically devoid of decor, so that nothing distracts from business. But in this project, they acted differently: the workplace was decorated in a pleasant light color scheme, diluted with bright blue and yellow accents that remind of the sea and vacation. The same resort theme is supported by a poster on the wall and figurines of parrots. The sofa here is placed opposite the desktop so that you can take breaks and relax with a cup of tea. There is a drawer underneath for storage.

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Scandinavian style

This bright loggia is decorated in a Scandinavian spirit: calm finishes, natural materials, wood texture and discreet decor with natural motifs. The designer had to work with an uncomfortable layout: due to the protruding window sill, there was little free space in the corner. As a result, a double sofa with a round coffee table was placed along this wall. Opposite, they put an accent wooden cabinet in a deep brown hue. You can store anything in it: from documents and cleaning products to out-of-season clothes.

Lounge area

And on this glazed loggia with an area of ​​​​only 4.2 square meters, they organized a full-fledged relaxation area with two sofas at once. For decoration, we chose a neutral beige-gray range with a variety of textiles and wood textures. To the right of the balcony door, a double couch with a hanging back was placed, to the left — a small white sofa with a plaid and decorative pillows. A hookah and a table for drinks were also installed there. It turned out to be the perfect place for an evening with friends.

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