Red sofa in the interior: the best shades, tips for choosing and 100 photo examples


Designers recommend using active colors in a dosed way so as not to overload the space and not tire the eyes. If you want to fill the room with bright colors and create a spectacular accent, add a red sofa to the interior. And we will tell you how to do it right: what shape, model, shade to choose and with what it is better to combine.

Choosing a red sofa

What to combine
— With achromats
— With beige and brown
— With blue and blue
— with green
Model selection
— To the living room
— To the kitchen


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Red is one of the most active colors in the spectrum. It evokes a variety of emotional associations: fire, passion, energy, danger, love. It is considered quite aggressive, awakens energy and appetite, but in large quantities it can put pressure on the psyche, irritate and interfere with relaxation. That is why it is not enough not to overdo it with color. You also need to choose the right tone — it significantly affects the perception of red, as well as options for combining it with other elements of the palette.

The best shades for upholstered furniture:

  • Scarlet is the most saturated version of red, which actively affects those who are in the room. It creates the feeling that the room is hotter than it actually is, stimulates the nervous system and can even speed up the heartbeat. Therefore, use it carefully and be sure to balance it with neutral colors: beige, white, gray, brown.
  • Brick — a more muted tone based on warm orange. Great for large items and for the role of the second main element of the palette. It is better to combine it with neutral or the same warm colors.
  • Wine / burgundy — a deep dark shade that looks elegant and makes the interior visually more expensive. Best combined with noble materials: natural wood, stone, silk and velvet. It is close to the cold spectrum, so it looks good with cool shades: gray, deep blue, purple-brown, blue, emerald.
  • Coral is a light variation with a pink-orange undertone that evokes completely different associations: tenderness, freshness, positive. Most often used in the company of basic neutral or pastel colors.
  • Beetroot — a dark nuance with a pronounced purple tint. It goes well with both calm base and deep dark colors.
  • Crimson — in intensity something between scarlet and wine, but with a more pronounced pink tint. It looks very stylish, but it needs to be muted with a neutral base.
  • Garnet is another dense, rather dark tone with a touch of brown. It is warm enough, so it organically complements beige, brown and gray.
  • Rose color — has several variations (porcelain, pomegranate, slate, dry, faded roses). All these are quite calm muted shades interspersed with gray, pink and purple.

Also remember that colors can vary on different surfaces — upholstery is important in this case. For example, a red leather sofa will look more bright and brutal than elegant velvet or democratic viscose. The more pronounced the texture, the calmer the color should be, so that beautiful furniture does not turn into an annoying color spot and does not stand out from the overall design.

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What to combine

A red sofa, angular or straight, occupies a central place in the room. To make the space look harmonious, correctly select the rest of the elements of the palette. There are several win-win combinations.

With achromats

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Achromats include white, gray and black. They are versatile and go well with any color, including active red. At the same time, each achromat creates certain effects — use this when forming a palette.

White adds air and space, visually enlarges the space, and light objects seem larger than they actually are. If you have a small room, be sure to use white for wall and ceiling decoration and as balancing elements for a bright sofa.

Gray is an ideal neutral background that “extinguishes” too bright colors, but at the same time looks very noble and impressive. With red, you get a stylish and visually expensive combination for the living room, especially if you add textures: stone, concrete, brick (all this can be imitated with decorative plaster), metal and glass.

Black, on the contrary, hides space, adds to the atmosphere of intimacy, muffles the rest of the palette. If the room is small and there is little natural light in it, it is better to use black not for decoration, but for other furniture and accent decor.

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With beige and brown

In second place in terms of versatility after achromats are beige and brown. They are also suitable for almost any color, the main thing is to choose the right temperature and saturation of shades.

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Use beige and brown as the base of the palette: the first if you decorate the room in light colors, the second if you want to get an elegant dark interior. Best of all, these shades are revealed through the texture of wood and tactilely pleasant fabrics. Another important point is that a neutral interior can look flat and boring even with a bright spot in the form of large furniture. To make the space look more voluminous and interesting, introduce contrasting dark elements into the palette.

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With blue and blue

The blue-red combination is considered a classic. This is the perfect balance of two opposite colors: bright and muted, cold and warm, active and soothing.

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It is interesting that this couple can look completely different: for example, a cheerful and light duet of blue with coral or a luxurious interior in wine-blue tones. If you take a calm, not too dense shade of blue, it will look beautiful on the walls and even the ceiling. Red will dilute the melancholy of this color and add energy to the space — but without busting.

with green

With green, a harmonious combination is also obtained. As in the case of blue and cyan, the perception of the palette depends on the selected shades.

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For a luxurious and expensive atmosphere, combine emerald, malachite, bottle glass color with wine, garnet or scarlet. For a lighter and more energetic palette, go for mint, pistachio or herbal in combination with coral or raspberry accent furniture.

Green can be used both in decoration and for other furniture or decor. In the first case, choose a calm, diluted tone that will not tire your eyes. Beautiful wallpapers with floral ornaments look interesting: for example, large tropical motifs or, conversely, small non-contrasting leaves. If you use green as the second active element of the palette, dilute this pair with a neutral base: white, gray, beige.

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Model selection

To the living room

The living room is the heart of the home and a gathering place for all family members, as well as friends and relatives. The soft group takes center stage here.

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The sofa should be large enough to comfortably accommodate several people, and soft. A stylish and functional option for interiors in the style of contemporary or minimalism — modular designs that can be assembled to fit your needs and dimensions, like a designer. In addition to the seats themselves, such a modular system can include a bed, storage systems, pouffes, armrests, etc.

If you have a studio apartment or just need extra space to sleep in, put in a red sofa bed. Folding models differ in the type of mechanism. The most convenient are eurobook, dolphin, French folding bed, click-clack.

Red sofa in the kitchen

Upholstered furniture is added to the kitchen in two cases: if the cooking area is combined with the living room or to arrange a corner for relaxation.

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The soft zone in the kitchen is likely to be small in size — which means that you need a compact model. Even better if it is multifunctional: for example, with a bed or a storage compartment.

What to consider when choosing:

  • If the sofa will be part of the dining group, choose a model with a high and fairly rigid seat that will not bend down much. If you definitely need a folding option (for example, there is nowhere else in the apartment to organize an extra bed for guests), look for a medium-rigid structure: it should be comfortable to sit at the table and sleep on it.
  • Choose the length, taking into account the fact that there are so many large furniture in the kitchen, and a bright sofa will attract attention. A good option: a compact model in a muted color.
  • Upholstery material is important not only from a visual point of view. The kitchen is a wet area with constant temperature fluctuations. Even if the soft group is not in close proximity to the headset, it is still one room. And if the sofa is used as a seat at the table, then regular pollution cannot be avoided. Therefore, choose a practical, easy-to-clean material for upholstery (ideally with additional protective impregnations against grease and dust): for example, jacquard, eco-leather or flock. It’s great if the cover is removable so that it can be machine washed.

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