Narrow corridor in Khrushchev: 16 tips on how to get the most out of it


one Think about remodeling

Before planning the arrangement of a narrow corridor, think about it: perhaps it would be more logical to attach this room to a living space? Or, shall we say, expand? Or maybe it will be possible to allocate part of it for a mini-dressing room?

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2 Decide on the functions of the corridor

Think about what kind of functional load your corridor will carry. Do you need additional storage? Will you place electrical appliances here? Or maybe a pet corner or a compact home mini-office will be located here? Decide in advance on the functions of the corridor in Khrushchev — and you will be more likely to get the most out of it.

3 Consider zoning options

If the corridor is adjacent to the hallway or combines several functions at once, it would be logical to use zoning techniques. You can visually divide a narrow room into parts, for example, using light, color, finishing materials, furniture arrangement.

four Lay your flooring correctly

For example, transversely or diagonally. So visually you will slightly push the walls apart.

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5 well illuminate

There should not be any dark corners that eat up space in a narrow corridor.

6 Avoid over-detailed styles

Do not choose a style for a narrow space that requires a lot of details (say, country or shabby chic). Refuse styles that involve a lot of free space (for example, classic, loft).

7 Do not be zealous with colors and shades

You should not choose a complex range with many colors and halftones for a small room.

eight Don’t limit yourself to white

Yes, white color expands the space, but it requires a lot of additions (contrasting details, shades, numerous textures). There is simply no place for this in the Khrushchev corridors, which means that your snow-white corridor runs the risk of becoming boring and flat.

9 Place accents

Accent surfaces (bright wall, colorful floor, colorful ceiling) or dotted color accents will divert attention from the dimensions of the room.

ten Shift your «center of gravity»

Place furniture, decor and light sources on one side of the narrow Khrushchev corridor: this way you will visually shift the “center of gravity” and the room will seem more spacious.

eleven Choose your furniture wisely

Choose compact furniture, if necessary — make it to order (this way you can use literally every centimeter with benefit). So that the narrow corridor does not seem cluttered, you can pick up furniture in the color of the walls. Or opt for mirror or transparent models.

12 Don’t Forget the Mirrors

Mirror, glossy, metal surfaces are proven helpers in expanding space.

13 Refrain from excessive embellishment

Don’t go overboard with decorative accessories or you’ll end up with visual noise and a feeling of congestion. It is better to choose a more practical, functional decor.

fourteen Use diamonds, zigzags, stripes

In the design of the walls of a narrow room, you can use rhombuses, zigzags and vertical stripes: this way you visually raise the ceiling. And the transverse stripes on the floor (for example, on a carpet or a path) will visually push the walls of the corridor apart.

fifteen Decorate free surfaces

The free surfaces of consoles, chests of drawers, shelves and bedside tables literally attract various little things. Such a mess is especially striking in a small room and creates visual noise, visually cluttering up an already narrow corridor. The way out is to decorate all free surfaces with stylish compositions. They can be both decorative and functional (say, a lamp, a jewelry box and a plant in a beautiful planter).

16 Don’t Forget Functionality

A typical Khrushchev building cannot boast of a decent area, so its narrow corridor must first of all be functional. And if you urgently need to organize a place for shoes and outerwear here, it makes no sense to give up the necessary furniture for the sake of style. After all, you are furnishing your apartment for living, not for beautiful photos.

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