Mini-house 40 sq. m, which the designers built for themselves


Architects Natalya Kruts and Sergey Kruts use their studio to build houses and combine them into mini-villages. They built this house for themselves so that it would be comfortable to control the construction process on the site. In the future, they plan to sell it.


In fact, the house is an analogue of a one-room apartment (or euro-two, as such layouts are commonly called today) — a combined kitchen-living room and an isolated bedroom. The rooms successively pass into each other: at the entrance there is an entrance hall, then a kitchen-living room with a kitchen area inscribed in a kind of niche so that it is not visible from the entrance, even further away is the bathroom, and then you can get into the bedroom.


For the design of the premises, according to the authors of the project, they used domestic finishing materials to the maximum. The walls are lined with gypsum fiber sheets and covered with decorative plaster. Some of the walls are finished with wood (lumber imitation) and covered with water-based paint. Stretch canvases were chosen for the ceilings, decorating them with wooden beams where the height allows it. On the floor — granite and laminate.

Interestingly, even in the bathroom, the authors of the project decided to abandon the tiles. “The walls are sheathed with wood and GVL sheets with applied decorative plaster — the materials showed themselves perfectly in the “wet” zone,” Natalya and Sergey share.

Storage systems

Even though this house was planned as a temporary home for the family, they thought of enough storage. These are chests of drawers and a wardrobe in the bedroom, a closet in the hallway, open shelving and a TV cabinet in the living room, shelving in the niche of the corridor leading to the bedroom. In the bedroom and in the kitchen, mezzanines are planned, which take away part of the height of the ceiling, but there are suitcases and all seasonal things.

The kitchen set is divided into two parts — they are installed parallel to each other. There is enough space to store the necessary utensils, a full-size oven is built in and a 4-burner hob is installed, there is a dishwasher and even a waste shredder. The free-standing refrigerator has become an accent element and echoes the decor of the living area with its color.


“My favorite part of the project is lighting planning,” the authors admit.

Lighting is designed according to different scenarios. This is a spot light in the living room and kitchen area, and suspensions above the bar and sofa, and a sconce next to the bed.

The editors warn that, in accordance with the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, the coordination of ongoing reconstructions and redevelopments is required.

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