Micro wardrobes from IKEA: 5 original ideas that will fit even the smallest room


one Bedroom connection

IKEA designers are sure that a small bedroom can be combined with a dressing room and get a stylish original space that will fit all your things.

This is a non-obvious, but much more practical solution than trying to fit a large closet in a tiny room, which, moreover, will visually overload the space.

Solutions for the dressing room in the bedroom

  • Hang wall hanging rails. They occupy a minimum of space and allow you to use empty walls.
  • Break your wardrobe into sections. For example, store clothes for work, sports, and outings separately. This speeds up the process of cleaning, morning preparations and allows you to make the most of the space in the room.
  • Use glass doors. If you put a chest of drawers in a small bedroom, choose a model with glass doors — they visually make the furniture lighter and allow you to better navigate what is where.
  • Store small items on the perforated board. In this case, you will not need endless caskets, drawers and boxes.
  • Mark boxes with things. If you’re creating a walk-in closet for multiple family members, use labels, colored stickers, and other tags so everyone can quickly find what they’re looking for.

Wall panel

Wall panel «Skodis»



2 Small closet or niche

If the apartment has a small pantry or a deep niche, try to use the maximum number of shelves in it, so more things will fit. Along one of the walls to the shelves, you can add crossbars for outerwear and shoe stands. At the same time, it is better to separate the niche from the rest of the room with the help of a curtain, it is much easier and more compact than installing sliding doors.

Ceiling mounted module

Ceiling mounted module «Lakk»

3 999


3 Aesthetic storage

Even if there is very little space in the room and you need to organize the storage of a large number of things in it, this is not a reason to forget about beauty. A dressing room in a small space is always a little accent detail and a creative solution.

Find beautiful boxes, hang your favorite jewelry in a conspicuous place, put the most beautiful shoes in a glass-doored closet. And hide everything else in special boxes under the bed or cover with a curtain.

Storage bag

Storage bag «Knock»



four Along the wall

The easiest way to create a tiny dressing room in your home is to set aside one wall for it. In width, such a solution will take no more than 40-50 cm, while the closet would take from 60-70 cm, because in order for the hangers with clothes not to cling to the doors, you need a gap.

Making such a dressing room, you can follow the example of large clothing stores. They often use long rows of hangers in their warehouses, thus accommodating the maximum amount of clothes and avoiding the need to iron them.

Clothes rail

Clothes rail «Compliment»



5 As a zoning tool

In a studio apartment, you can combine solving the problems of storing clothes and zoning space. For example, using open shelving, you can separate the bedroom area from the workplace or living room. So that such a division does not look cumbersome and does not create a space devoid of natural light from the window, choose open solutions with a minimum of drawers.

Optimum filling for the rack

  • Shelves and drawers at the top and bottom.
  • Open space with hanger bars in the middle.

Algot system

Algot system

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