Loft-style kitchen: main rules, analysis of real projects and 90 photo examples


Textured finishes, an emphasis on materials, functional decor and a noble natural palette — a spectacular and bold industrial style is the best fit for the cooking area. In this article, we tell and show, using the example of Russian projects, how to decorate a loft-style kitchen in a country house, a spacious apartment or a small apartment.

We create a loft-style kitchen interior

Style Features
Design rules
– Finishing
— Furniture
— Decor
– Lighting
Project examples
— Treshka
— A private house
— Studio

Style Features

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The design of the loft kitchen is based on the general principles of this trend. It is characterized:

  • Large open spaces. The direction originated in the United States, where, after a large-scale crisis, empty buildings of former factories, plants and warehouses began to be used as residential spaces. The specificity of their architecture had its influence: large windows, high ceilings, an excess of square meters. All this can be repeated in a country house, but in a typical apartment there is almost no such luxury. But this is not a problem — it is enough to follow the general idea and make the available space as open and free as possible.
  • Special finishing materials. In the design of a loft-style kitchen, as in the photo below, brickwork, concrete, raw wood, and metal typical for this direction should be present. They are often supplemented with glass, natural or artificial stone, plywood. It is not forbidden to use reliable imitations: for example, porcelain stoneware with the texture of concrete or stone, MDF with a wood-like surface, decorative brick-like plaster.
  • Muted tones. The palette is based on deep natural shades, mostly dark: gray, brown, black, wenge, bronze. In styling, especially if the room is small, they often use lighter and lighter colors based on white, beige, light gray. Bright colors in this direction are not required, since the emphasis is on a variety of textures.
  • Things with character. In addition to decoration, original furniture and decor add zest to the interior. In the kitchen, it can be industrial lights, metal bar stools, a solid wood dining table, fancy crockery, pallet decorations, large cutting boards, outdoor elements (such as lanterns, signs or graffiti on the wall).

There is a big difference between a loft-style kitchen in Khrushchev and a spacious country house. With a large area and high ceilings, you can get closer to the original with all its authentic elements: brickwork, huge windows, massive chandeliers, large furniture. In the conditions of a city apartment, this is unlikely to be done. In this case, it is better to focus on the most striking characteristics of the style that you like and emphasize them. For example, brickwork looks great in combination even with an ordinary light MDF or chipboard set.

Loft in its purest form is not so common in the interior — it is usually mixed with other styles. Minimalism, scandi, boho and contemporary are especially well combined with it. An interesting contrast is also created by classic details against a “brutal” background: for example, a crystal chandelier or gilded candlesticks, dining chairs with velvety upholstery, and a slight glossy sheen of enamel on the facades.

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Design rules

To design a stylish industrial kitchen, follow the general principles — they are relevant for both a private house and a small apartment.

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Choose a textured, rough material for at least one wall: for example, lay it out with bricks, apply textured plaster with imitation of cement or rust. You can do otherwise — leave the walls neutral, and move your attention to a concrete or ceiling decorated with contrasting beams. Practical materials are suitable for the floor: quartz vinyl, porcelain tile under stone or concrete, tiles, lacquered parquet in the living area.

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Furniture should be of high quality, monolithic, if the kitchen area allows — massive. At the same time, it is important not to create a feeling of clutter. For the cooking zone, use modular loft kitchens with minimalist or, conversely, textured facades. It is better to choose a built-in technique so that it does not violate the overall look.

Consider the layout of the kitchen. It will depend on the area and shape of the room, as well as your needs. The set can be anything: angular, U-shaped, parallel or with an island. The main thing is to make the space as open and visually spacious as possible, not to block it with walls, blind partitions and high racks. Especially if the cooking area is combined with the living room.

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In the cooking area, due to high humidity and constant temperature changes, it is not recommended to use a lot of decor. Choose functional jewelry that is made from materials that are suitable for the characteristics. These can be decorative vases, beautiful dishes, textured panels or tiles on an apron.

Complementing the interior with accessories, play on contrasts. Combine rough and soft textures, elements of different styles, finishing materials, shapes and silhouettes, vintage and new technologies. The loft welcomes a share of eclecticism, especially if you design it not in its pure form, but stylize it.


The industrial character of the kitchen is best emphasized by accent lamps. Choose models with details made of metal, glass, wickerwork. Suspensions on chains or steel chains, as well as imitations of street lamps, look very stylish.

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Project examples

Consider a photo of loft kitchens from real domestic projects. There is something to inspire!

Brick, wood and metal

This three-room apartment with an area of ​​88 squares is ideal for embodying the most striking features of the industrial style.

Design: Irina Pashina. Photo: Nick Rudenko

The cooking area was combined with the living room, resulting in a bright and spacious common space dominated by typical materials for this style: wood, metal, brick, concrete. Large windows let in a lot of natural light, so the color scheme was chosen quite dark. The only exception is the white kitchen set, which stands out against the general background not only in color, but also in its laconic design. Sleek, handleless fronts and a quartz agglomerate countertop contrast effectively with the richly textured finishes throughout the room.

In addition to the palette, the furniture itself acts as a zoning tool. So, the dining table and the sofa are located almost close to each other, but separated by a small partition. Also, the dining group is denoted by an industrial-style accent lamp.

Loft-style kitchen in the house

Despite the brutal and very minimalistic interior, this house is not inhabited by an inveterate bachelor, but by a family with four children.

Design: Svetlana Novoselskaya. Photo: Natalia Gradusova

The textured finish with concrete-like stucco and an abundance of rich gray color immediately catches the eye. Instead of a standard door, a matching curtain separates the kitchen-living room from the hall — an unusual solution that attracts attention.

On 33 square meters there was enough space for everything you need: a cooking area, a large dining table for six people, a sofa group with a TV. The kitchen was placed linearly along the entire wall. They abandoned the classic two-tier headset — instead they made a thin dark tabletop that covers the metal frame. It organizes storage on shelves, which are closed by the same fabric curtain as the opening. A solid apron with a slight steel sheen protects the working area from dirt and steam.

In the dining area, many cozy natural textures were used — they successfully contrast with the cold of concrete, metal and a dense gray hue. A lacquered wooden table, garden chairs with upholstered seats, accent lamps in the spirit of boho and eco-style — they are complemented by a large amount of light from the panoramic windows. This is a great example of how you can organically combine minimalism and loft in the interior of a country house.

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Loft in the studio

It seems to many that the loft style is incompatible with small apartments. This studio is 38 sq. m is a prime example of the opposite.

Design: Anna Novopoltseva. Photo: Evgeny Gnesin

There is immediately some interesting ideas to keep in mind:

  • The loft mood was emphasized by the most characteristic element — brickwork. However, the designer did not use it everywhere (it would have overloaded a small apartment), but only on two walls. For the rest, a solid color was chosen to balance the textured finish.
  • Beams as an architectural decoration are also typical for this trend. So that they do not look too massive, large wooden slats (of a light shade!) Highlighted the island and at the same time visually separated the cooking area and the living room.
  • To facilitate the interior filled with textures, the kitchen set was made white. Semi-gloss facades additionally reflect light.
  • Several lamps of different design were used in the room: ceiling lamps above the sofa and two groups of pendant lamps in the kitchen area. All of them are accent, quite large. It is both a zoning tool and a colorful industrial decor.



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