Living room in a modern style: design ideas and 100 inspiring photos


Despite the variety of trends in design, contemporary is still one of the most popular: concise, stylish, comfortable. And most importantly, there are no strict canons and rules in it. In this article, we show you how to decorate a living room in a modern style, with photos of beautiful examples of what materials, colors, furniture and decor to choose.

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Style Features


The modern direction includes a variety of styles: from eco and scandi to minimalism and hi-tech. And the contemporary interiors themselves are not similar to one another — in contrast to the classics, there are no conventions and a mandatory set of elements. Therefore, the living room can be both a luxurious room with wood and marble decoration, and a cozy chamber room in pastel colors.

But there are still common features — you can rely on them when thinking about the design of a living room in a modern style:

  • Open space. The fewer walls and partitions, the better. The room should have a lot of light and air — even if the area is small. Most often, the hall is combined with the kitchen; in addition, you can remove the door between the hall and the hallway. Use light zoning: instead of walls and blind partitions — different textures, finishes, colors, floor or ceiling levels.
  • Calm tones. The palette can be anything, but it’s best to follow the 60/30/10 rule. The main color is the base (beige, gray, white, brown), the second is more saturated, the third is the brightest. For accents, choose noble, eye-pleasing shades: wine instead of bright red, emerald green instead of acid green, etc.
  • simple shapes. The modern direction gravitates towards visual simplicity — this is due to the ideas of minimalism, which has now become the basis of design, and not just a trend. Choose laconic furniture without unnecessary details: this will reduce visual noise, and the eye will smoothly move from one object to another.
  • Ergonomics. First of all, the space should be comfortable for living. This is especially important in small apartments, where a lot of furniture needs to be placed on a small footage. Thinking through the layout, immediately imagine how you will then exist in this room. Provide passages between furniture, free space in order to open cabinet doors or drawers, the location of outlets.
  • freedom. Arrange the furniture in the way that is convenient for you, combine loft lamps with classic stucco, abandon the traditional large kitchen, use catchy decor. The main thing is that the atmosphere reflects your character and you feel comfortable in it, because we spend most of our time in the living room.

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Living room interior in modern style

Now let’s take a step-by-step look at how to decorate a living room in a modern style in an apartment or a private house.


The number of functional areas and furniture depends on the size of the room and its tasks.

Instagram @union.architects

Most often, the living room is combined with a kitchen and dining room, sometimes with a bedroom or study. Based on this, planning and zoning are built.

  • Combination with kitchen. The cooking zone is usually isolated and done at the entrance. The dining group zones the space: it can be a bar counter, an island or a classic dining table. The seating area is located in the back of the room, usually by the window.
  • Combination with bedroom. Here, everything is the other way around: a soft group and recreation areas at the entrance, since this is a “public” part, a sleeping place is in the depths.

  • Separate room. This is the simplest option, the content of which depends on the proportions of the living room and the lifestyle of the owners. You can limit yourself to a sofa group, a TV and a couple of storage systems. Or, if space permits, add a workplace, a creative corner, make a mini-library with a comfortable reading chair.

It is important that the layout is comfortable for life, and the space is not divided into small cramped compartments. If you use partitions for zoning, choose light, light-transmitting models: slats, open shelving, glass screens.

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Color spectrum

Choosing a palette is a matter of taste and the overall design of an apartment or house.


You can follow the trends or use your favorite colors. In any case, remember the basic rules of color:

  • Light colors visually increase the space, dark colors reduce it. This does not mean that it is forbidden to use the latter in a small living room, but do it in a dosed manner and dilute them with light shades.

  • If the windows face north, add as many warm tones as possible to the palette — they will make the living room more cozy and sunny. If there is enough natural light, pay attention to cold shades: gray, blue, blue, mint, etc.
  • The optimal number of elements in the palette is three. Four or more are difficult to harmoniously combine, you can get a clumsy and too colorful interior. If you take one or two primary colors, use several shades and different textures so that the monochrome interior does not seem boring.
  • Neutral base colors — white, gray, beige — need to be diluted with something to make the space look voluminous and interesting.
  • Achromats go equally well with any color. Combine other shades according to their color temperature: warm with warm, cold with cold. If you want to make a contrasting combination, balance it with a neutral shade: gray-beige, white, black.

When choosing flowers, it is important not only what they will be, but also where they will be located. The palette is a great zoning tool, so group the shades so that they emphasize different areas or highlight the desired part of the space.

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In the interior of a modern living room, decoration can be either a neutral background or a full-fledged decorative element.

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In addition, any materials can be used here: from textile wallpaper to microcement or brick. Unlike the bathroom, kitchen and hallway, this room does not have special requirements for finishing. It is enough to choose high-quality, environmentally friendly and beautiful materials — they can be both natural and artificial.


Most often, parquet, quartz vinyl, engineering board, porcelain stoneware or laminate are laid in the hall. The latter is the most inexpensive, so it is suitable for budget repairs. The coating is usually made 2-3 tones darker than the walls, so that the finish creates a smooth gradient from the floor to the ceiling. The best option from a visual point of view is the texture of the tree. Choose the shade of the flooring taking into account the overall color temperature so that the floor does not stand out from the palette and does not attract too much attention.


The simplest and most versatile option is a smooth single-level white ceiling. This finish is suitable for a room of any size. If the room is low, a simple trick will help to make it visually higher and more spacious — paint the walls and ceiling in the same color to erase the boundaries. In this case, the shade can be any, not necessarily light.

You can add decorative elements (stucco, wooden beams) or use a two-level stretch fabric, thereby highlighting one or more functional areas.


Unlike the bedroom, where the decoration should be as calm and comfortable as possible so as not to interfere with relaxation, in the living room you can experiment with the design of the walls. For example, make one accent or combine 2-3 finishing materials, emphasizing different areas and placing visual accents.

Any material will do:

  • High-quality wallpaper (if there are animals or children at home, pay attention to fiberglass — it is vandal-proof and easy to clean).
  • Decorative plaster.

  • Panels under a tree, marble or a stone.
  • Regular paint.

Even if the room is large, you should not use an active print and catchy textures on all four walls — you get a clumsy and completely unstylish combination. It is better to focus on 1-2 surfaces, and for the rest, choose a neutral monophonic design. Also remember that the brighter the furniture, the calmer the finish should be. And if you want to hang pictures, posters or other wall decor, neutral tones are best emphasized: white, light gray, cream.


In each room, a piece of furniture plays the main role: in the bedroom it is a bed, in the kitchen it is a set.

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In the living room, the central place is almost always occupied by a sofa. The rest of the composition is built around it: a coffee table, armchairs or pouffes, a TV, storage systems.

When choosing upholstered furniture are important:

  • Upholstery quality — it should not only be tactilely pleasant, but also durable. Manufacturers offer fabrics with a variety of additional characteristics: impregnation against dirt, dust and grease stains, with a stretch effect that prevents the seat from sagging and wiping, etc.
  • Color — upholstered furniture occupies the same 30% of the palette. If you want to make the sofa and armchairs accent, use rich, but noble shades: plum, burgundy, terracotta, olive or emerald, blue. For a more relaxed design, shades of beige, gray, brown are suitable. A white sofa looks bold and impressive.
  • Functionality — for example, if the apartment is small, it makes sense to take a folding model so that there is an extra bed. Or a sofa with storage drawers under the seat. Pay attention to modular systems — from them you can assemble a soft group for your needs of any size and shape.

You will also need storage systems. Usually this is a TV cabinet, shelving, hanging or niche shelves. The room can accommodate a modern sideboard and bookcase.

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The main rule when choosing a decor is that it should be thoughtful and concise.

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Let it be a little, so as not to create a feeling of disorder, but each item is chosen consciously. In the contemporary living room look good:

  • Paintings by contemporary artists, graphics and posters in simple frames.
  • Laconic vases, figurines or figurines.
  • Books and albums in beautiful editions.
  • Scented candles and diffusers.
  • Ceramic tableware.
  • Cozy textiles: decorative pillows, carpet, curtains.

In order not to litter the room, show imagination. For example, if you travel a lot, do not force all the surfaces with the same type of figurines from souvenir shops. Hang a beautiful map of the world on the wall behind the sofa: in a wooden format or in the form of a poster on which you can mark the countries you have visited. And if you collect something, allocate a beautiful backlit rack for the collection — let the little things be stored in an orderly manner.

Modern style


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