Like in IKEA: 7 hit decor items that can be replaced


one Alternative to scented candles «Sinling»


The easiest way to add coziness to a living room or decorate a table for a romantic dinner is to light colorful scented candles. This analog from the mass market smells like tropical fruits, so it will suit lovers of sweet rich aromas. Before lighting candles, make sure there is nothing near the flame that could ignite, and use candlesticks to protect non-heat-resistant surfaces.

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    7 best accessories for comfort to replace IKEA

2 Alternative to the Gestalt figurine


The wooden figurine of a man with movable arms, legs and head was used for a long time only by artists to copy poses. At some point, not without the influence of the Swedish brand, this item began to be used as a decoration for Scandinavian interiors. Such a figurine can be used as an unobtrusive decor, placing, for example, on a window or on a chest of drawers in the living room. If you want to put it in a children’s room, be careful: this wood is not varnished, and it will not be possible to wash traces of markers from it.

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3 Alternative to the Björkst poster


The Scandinavian interior is always closely intertwined with northern nature. Therefore, posters and photographs with foggy forest or river landscapes are often used for decoration. Finding an alternative to them in the mass market is not difficult, but pay attention to the color scheme: it should be in cold shades, using no more than three primary colors. And also consider the details — minimalistic images are better perceived visually and are less annoying.

four Alternative frame for collage «Yullevad»


Smaller photos are more difficult to hang on the wall than large posters, as they get lost in the scale of the room. It is much easier to use a special collage frame for 4-8 photos at once. Such a composition will look more harmonious, and you will not have to puzzle over how to hang pictures or family photos.

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5 An alternative to the Knips basket


Wicker baskets for storing magazines and other small things help get rid of visual noise in the interior and add an interesting new texture to the space. The Swedish model has a hole in the center of one of the walls to make it easier to get it out of the rack. The analogue from the mass market has two handles, so it is convenient not only to pull the basket out of the shelf, but also to move it from place to place.

6 Alternative to soft shark «Blohay»


Analogues of the soft shark, which is loved by many, which can effectively decorate a nursery, are also in the mass market, only in a slightly different shade. If you choose a toy for decoration, continue the nautical theme and add some accessories in white and blue tones with a reference to the sea and the beach, such as a night light in the form of a lighthouse or bed linen with a matching print.

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7 Alternative vase «Podrag»


If you like to decorate the interior with fresh bouquets, dried flowers or just green twigs, it is best to use transparent glass vases for them. They are suitable for everyday decor, do not bother and do not distract attention from plants. So that the vase does not look too simple, choose a model with a textured surface, tinted glass or a concise but interesting shape, like this counterpart.


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