Like in IKEA: 6 cool products for storage and order in the kitchen


one Alternative to the Variera spice box


The first step in getting rid of the visual mess in the kitchen is to refuse to store spices in multi-colored store packaging. Therefore, instead of them, the same containers are often planted with neat stickers on which you can sign the names and expiration dates. So that these jars are not lost, stand neatly and are convenient to use while cooking, use a wooden stand. It can be put away in a closet, put on a windowsill or on the countertop of a kitchen set — such a tray will be in harmony with wooden cutting boards and will become a decorative accent in the kitchen.

2 Alternative to the holder for towels «Utrusta»


Dishcloths can be kept in closed sections just like any other cleaning-related items. A good help for such storage is the holder, which is installed inside the cabinet under the sink. The Swedish accessory will have to be attached to the wall of the headset with screws, while this analog from the mass market can simply be hung by hooks on the cabinet door. This way you always have the choice of keeping the towels outside so they’re close at hand, or inside so you can’t see them. The length of the rod can be adjusted (from 25 to 40 cm), so it will fit any locker.

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3 An alternative to the Uppdather cutlery tray


In order not to waste time looking for cutlery, straws for cocktails and other little things in the kitchen while setting the table or cooking, get a convenient drawer divider tray. Remember that plastic models turn yellow over time, and dried drops of water instantly become visible on metal ones. It is better to choose a wooden tray: it looks more aesthetically pleasing, and will last just as long.

four An alternative to inserting into the Variera shelf


The main problem with tall kitchen cabinets is that they remain half empty due to unused vertical space. To optimize storage and fill the available volumes to the maximum, use the dividers in the form of shelves with legs. The model from the mass market has a more complex and interesting structure than the Scandinavian version. It is two-tiered, and the body is moved apart thanks to telescopic rods, so it can be adjusted to fit a drawer of any width. Such a shelf is especially useful in a closet under the sink, where draining usually interferes with putting something.

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5 Alternative to Uppdather perforated panel


Part of the dishes — for example, plates and lids from pans and pots — are conveniently stored vertically, placed on edge. And deep bowls — put one inside the other. To combine different arrangements in one drawer, use a perforated divider board. Metal rods are inserted into the holes on it so as to support objects in the desired position. You can always rearrange them if you wish.

6 An alternative to a colander on the Grundwattnet sink


You can drain pasta into a removable colander, wash vegetables and fruits in it, or leave washed glasses and cutlery there to dry. It is also convenient to brush off the cut peel of vegetables into it during cooking. And if it is no longer needed on the sink, put it in the closet and use it as a regular container.

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