It’s Wow: 5 Scandinavian Cuisines and Techniques You Can Replicate


one with projector

In such atmospheric Scandinavian kitchen-living rooms as this one, it is almost impossible to find a TV — it does not fit in with the furniture, finishing materials and the general atmosphere at all. Aesthetic wooden furniture, an interesting mirror cabinet and even an unusual rack for glassware are a pity to interrupt with black plastic. Here, instead of it, they hung a large projector in a light case — it almost merges with the walls and does not spoil the overall look of the kitchen.

What can be adopted

One of the most important style lessons from the Scandinavians is respect for the atmosphere and attention to detail. If the TV does not fit into the atmosphere at all, but you want to watch a movie at a table or in a seating area, you can hang a projector. The large screen will give a good overview from anywhere in the room, and when assembled it will be almost invisible.

2 With vintage accents

This kitchen in the traditional Scandinavian style immediately attracts interest. When there is no feeling that the interior was created yesterday from scratch, the same wow effect is created — even if in fact the house does not have a long history. A wooden table and chairs, a slightly worn velvet sofa, a crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling and paintings in vintage frames set the right atmosphere.

What can be adopted

Scandi goes well with vintage and classic elements. If you like this aesthetic, but prefer a modern interior, add decor and a couple of pieces of furniture in a classic aesthetic to the updated kitchen after the renovation. Or — for authenticity — something from the «grandmother’s» inheritance. If you don’t have such decor, look for it at flea markets or bulletin boards.

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3 With accent chandelier

The first thing that catches your eye when you enter this kitchen is an accent chandelier of impressive size. To make it look harmonious, the rest of the space was designed quite minimalistically: in neutral colors and simple lines. The wall-to-wall kitchen set doesn’t even have a top row of cabinets – it would argue with the accent above the dining area. The table itself is large, for eight people. This size looks proportional next to a large chandelier.

What can be adopted

Having successfully chosen one large and noticeable accent, you will immediately close the issue with decorating. It remains only to complement the main decoration and make sure that no other bright details will distract attention from it.

four With chameleon kitchen set

Wow effect is not always associated with bright colors, accent wallpaper or large spectacular decor. The cooking area in this Scandinavian studio is a delight due to how harmoniously it fits into the space, remaining almost invisible. This is important, because otherwise the tenants will feel like they are sleeping in the kitchen, while the main semantic emphasis of housing should be on the living area. Therefore, a miniature beige set was installed here and shaded with dark wooden shelves.

What can be adopted

Matte surfaces in the color of the walls will make any large furniture much less noticeable. This technique is great for small areas, so it can be successfully used in studios or small spaces.

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5 With textured details

White Scandinavian kitchens like this one are never boring. The secret is in the variety of textures and surfaces on which they are used. For example, there is a brick wall, a voluminous ceiling, oblong tiles on the backsplash, and a smooth matte set. All this involuntarily wants to be considered, so the space looks interesting and multifaceted.

What can be adopted

Before starting repairs, consider what surfaces you will be surrounded by. The more of them, the more voluminous and original the kitchen will be. Just do not forget to maintain the overall style and color scheme (it is better to use calm neutral shades). An overabundance of colors, patterns and pronounced textures will have the opposite effect — it will be painful to look at such an interior.

Scandinavian style


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