It’s real: 6 beautiful small apartments up to 30 sq. m


one Studio-study for a girl, 29 sq. m

The owner of this apartment planned to equip a personal office here. She works as a designer and blogger, so one of the main conditions was to create a visually appealing interior for filming. The result is a bright and cozy space with laconic finishes and modern furniture. There is not only a working area, but also a kitchen equipped with everything you need, as well as a comfortable bed and a spacious storage system. To make the small apartment look more spacious, it was decided to get rid of some partitions: for example, between the hallway and the living room.

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2 Apartment with vintage elements, 28 sq. m

This little apartment belongs to the designer — he designed it for himself. The main feature of the interior is a combination of a real vintage from the times of the USSR, furniture from IKEA and bright colors, atypical for such a footage. The idea of ​​the owner was to create the mood of a Soviet apartment in a modern house, as well as to arrange a place for relaxation and inspiration. All this was achieved thanks to restored pieces of furniture from the middle of the last century, a warm palette and the competent inclusion of modern furniture.

3 Bright and spacious studio, 28 sq. m

The owner of this studio apartment does not live in it permanently, but uses this place for temporary stops in Moscow. The man wanted to get a cozy and visually clean space with a spacious storage system. Another important task was to form a living room, bedroom and dining area on a small footage. Designers designed the interior in a neutral, but rather complex color scheme: gray in combination with bleached shades of menthol and dusty rose. But the bathroom was made bright, diluting the calm combination of white and beige with a rich shade of green.

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four Studio with a Soviet mood, 19 sq. m

In this apartment, the author of the project tried to reflect the aesthetics of Soviet architecture, as the owner loves it very much. The man wanted the whole interior to be built on a combination of gray and olive shades with graphic black splashes. Vintage decor items were used as accents, as well as a dining group in the style of the 50s of the last century. We did not forget about the practical component: on 19 squares we designed a sleeping place, a living room area and a full-fledged kitchen. There was also space for large wardrobes.

5 Neoclassical apartment, 29 sq. m

An unusual solution was implemented in this studio: for its design they used a neoclassical style, atypical for such small rooms. The fact is that this area is characterized by spaciousness, as well as an abundance of fairly active decor: for example, crystal chandeliers, moldings on the walls and stucco on the ceiling. But here the designer managed to organically fit all this into a small footage. In order to highlight several functional areas in the interior, they made a small redevelopment: the kitchen was moved to the corridor, and a small sofa was put in its place. A bedroom with a bed and a dressing table was allocated by the window. In order not to deprive the rest of the space of light, a slatted partition was installed to let in the sun’s rays.

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6 Bright apartment with bright accents, 27 sq. m

On a small area of ​​this apartment, it was possible to place all the necessary functionality: a kitchen, a living area, a dining room, an entrance hall and a separate bedroom with a comfortable workplace. The initial successful layout helped a lot. The layout of the living area resembled the letter L, and not the classic elongated rectangle, besides, it had three windows. Designers completely isolated the bedroom, turning it into a separate room. In the decoration, white was used to the maximum to make the space look larger and visually lighter. And to make the interior look more interesting, we added bright accents in decoration and furniture.

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