It’s real: 5 baby apartments, from which designers squeezed the maximum


one Kitchen-living room and bedroom on 27 square meters

How to use the space of the studio for the design of the actual Euro-room apartment? Anna Suvorova and Pavel Mikhin succeeded in this in the project of this apartment. Initially, there was a good layout here. The L-shape and three windows allowed the designers to separate a small bedroom area and make it completely isolated. The place intended for it was taken under the kitchen, making the set very compact. And the living area was placed opposite the kitchen, picking up a small sofa and a mobile coffee table. Storage was concentrated mainly in the hallway. In the bedroom, wardrobes were made around the bed — this is how the vertical surface was used. The result was a stylish, visually spacious and functional housing for rent, which quickly found its tenants.

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    5 innovative solutions that will help you get the most out of your small space

2 Functional and bright studio with a comfortable bedroom, a small living room and a kitchen

The project of Vadim and Ekaterina Bychkov is also an apartment for rent. There are already more square meters here (35 before redevelopment and 32 after), but the initial layout is not as successful as in the previous example. This is an elongated rectangular studio with a single window. Nevertheless, here, too, the designers were able to zone the space and find a place for everything: a small living room, a comfortable kitchen and an isolated bedroom. The bedroom was made by the window — it is separated from the living room and kitchen area by a partition with built-in wardrobes. There is no door, but this is how natural light enters the kitchen area — with a door, this room would lose lighting from the window. The kitchen turned out to be compact, as well as the living area, which is represented by a small sofa.

In a small area, the designers used unusually bright colors — and this did not make the apartment cramped. On the contrary, tile and textile designs, photo panels and paint on the walls create a special atmosphere that distracts attention from the lack of square meters.

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    6 studio apartments in which the sleeping place was well zoned

3 Designer’s studio where everything fits

This apartment belongs to designer Kristina Lichik. On 30 square meters, the hostess designed the kitchen, dining room, mini-living room in the form of a sofa, sleeping and working areas! At the same time, a pantry-dressing room, a bathroom and an entrance hall are located separately. All thanks to successful zoning and a small redevelopment. The kitchen was moved to the center, the appliances were built into columns, taking the meters from the pantry, the podium with the mattress was placed in the place of the kitchen, and the desktop was opposite the podium. It turned out to be compact and rational, and there is even a division into a “common” zone (kitchen-dining-living room) and a “private” one (podium and workplace). And the kitchen set acts as a zoning element between them.

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    Colors in the interior

    It’s unusual: 5 small apartments where bright colors were used

four Studio with a touch of classics

In this studio, designed by Natalia Smorodina, the mood of light classics is created. It is reminiscent of moldings, moldings, herringbone quartz vinyl laying that resembles traditional wooden parquet, as well as shiny details. The apartment was intended for rent, and the designer was faced with the task of equipping a separate sleeping area, placing a mini-living room, dining room and a full-fledged kitchen. The redevelopment helped solve it. By moving the kitchen to the area of ​​​​the corridor on 30 square meters, it was possible to fit everything. By the window is a bedroom area with a double bed, a dressing table and a wardrobe. In place of the proposed kitchen — a mini-sofa with a coffee table. The kitchen set was lined up and combined with the storage system in the hallway. And the dining room is located in the center of the «common» zone.

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5 Modern apartments with maximum comfort

Another project for rent, this time for a short term, is a 32-square-meter apartment by Holly Design. Thanks to the status of the premises (apartment, not an apartment), they were able to make more free redevelopment here and thus expanded the possibilities of zoning. Having attached a loggia, they organized a working area there. They moved the kitchen and made it a walk-through — and freed up space for an isolated bedroom. In the common space organized a small living room and dining room. At the same time, at the panoramic window, next to the desktop, they also allocated a place for a relaxation corner — in the form of a hanging chair. The interior is designed in juicy colors, accents are thought out. We also paid attention to storage — it is solved by built-in wardrobes, and not only for things, but also for household items.

small apartments


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