In addition to the closet: 7 cool ideas for storage in the hallway


one In a basket on a hanger

A wall hanger or individual hooks are not only suitable for outerwear. For example, use them to organize mobile storage from small wicker baskets.

They are great for storing small items...
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It is convenient to put small things in them that should always be at hand: keys, masks, tickets, sunglasses and so on. Larger baskets will fit accessories: neckerchiefs, gloves, scarves and hats. Do not hang too large braids so that they do not “eat up” the space and do not interfere with moving along the corridor.

  • 6 cool ideas for storing small things in the hallway


    6 cool ideas for storing small things in the hallway

2 In a large floor basket

If there is not enough space in the closets, put wrinkle-resistant clothes or some of the accessories in a large wicker basket. Choose as large a model as the footage of the corridor allows so that it fits as many things as possible. The spacious basket is perfect for storing shoes and seasonal items such as winter hats or umbrellas with raincoats. Even if the basket is made of moisture-resistant material, put only dry items in it.

Dog owners can organize
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Dog owners can organize additional space for toys, leashes and outdoor clothing for their pets. And in families with small children with such a basket, there will be a chance that outdoor toys will not be left lying around.

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    8 Best Storage Solutions for a Compact Hallway (Bookmark this!)

3 in the chest

Where in a small hallway to find a place for a chest? For example, put it at the door instead of a pouf or bench. The cover easily converts into a seat when you put a pillow or a small mattress on it, and an additional storage compartment appears inside. There you can put out-of-season down jackets and coats, fill the drawer with boxes of shoes and even unload your wardrobe a little by distributing some of the clothes in the chest.

This is a good way out if the closet is in pl...
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This is a good way out if the closet in the hallway is packed to capacity, and there is no way to get rid of unnecessary things. Due to the cover-seat and the box inside, the chest performs two functions at once and thereby saves space.

four In drawers or on shelves under the bench

If you like a classic bench more than a chest, then choose a model in which there are shelves for shoes or drawers under the seat. As a rule, they are quite roomy: they can store clothes, sports equipment, toys.

This storage looks like...
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Such storage looks much neater than accessories randomly laid out on a shelf. In this case, the necessary items will always be at hand. Depending on the dimensions of the bench, the drawers can be quite high. To effectively use the entire space, if necessary, fill it with organizers, stacking them on top of each other, or use dividers.

  • 7 design solutions for storage in the hallway


    7 design solutions for storage in the hallway

5 On a mobile shelf

Shelving rack on wheels is a convenient and roomy accessory. Besides the fact that it has several storage compartments, it is also quite mobile.

This is especially convenient in small...
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This is especially convenient in a small hallway. If you need to temporarily free up space (for example, for cleaning or getting to work), simply roll the bookcase to where there is a free corner.

6 Embedded design

If the hallway is too narrow for a standard closet, equip a more compact design in a niche.

This is a good solution for small...
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This is a good solution for a small hallway, where it is difficult to fit large furniture. For a design in a niche, it is enough to choose the shelves and doors in size, the side and rear walls will not be needed. This will save not only space, but also money.

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    7 very useful solutions for your small hallway

7 Mezzanine shelves

Often there is free space under the ceiling that is not used in any way. But if you hang compact shelves at the top, you get a full-fledged additional storage system.

Take an example from the Soviet apartment...
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Take an example from Soviet apartments, because on the mezzanine there was much more room than could fit into an ordinary closet. Depending on the size of the shelves, small items or larger items can be stored on them: an artificial Christmas tree, shoes, sports equipment, etc.


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