In addition to color: 5 designer interiors with beautiful accents


one Asymmetrically positioned poster

The main accent in this bedroom is the poster, which the designer placed behind the head of the bed. Despite the dim image, the large decor immediately attracts attention. The secret is in its location: the canvas is not where you expect it to be. The obvious solution is to hang the poster in the center of the wall. The designer moved it sideways and down. As a result, the eye involuntarily rushes to the canvas, which results in an interesting and simple accent.

How to repeat

If you decide to repeat this technique, remember that the space of the room should initially be neutral and symmetrical. If the interior already has bright colors, prints, a chaotic arrangement of furniture and other decor, then such an arrangement of the poster will be annoying. The second important point is that the decor should be large, occupying at least a quarter of the free area of ​​the wall.

2 Large indoor plants

In this minimalist interior, designed in a neutral palette, accents were placed with the help of large plants. They draw the eye and add liveliness to a space without creating visual noise.

How to repeat

Choose large flowers in floor pots. They should be proportionate to the furniture around. The taller the plant, the more noticeable the accent will be. Volume is also important: the flower should have many large leaves. Tall but thin bamboo, for example, will not play like a sprawling monstera. Consider the light and other conditions that are important for the plant — a wilted and yellowed flower will not create a beautiful accent.

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3 moldings on the walls

Our gaze always clings to voluminous textures. Therefore, in this project of a black and white living room, moldings were used to accent the wall. They are symmetrical and complemented by two paintings in the center — this is how rhythm and a sense of harmony are created.

How to repeat

Moldings are especially good for decorating neoclassical interiors. But if you wish, you can fit them into any modern style: for example, into minimalism or Scandi, complemented by other classic accessories. Choose moldings so that they run along the entire height of the wall — this will visually raise the ceilings. And do not forget to create a symmetrical composition from them.

four Group of floor accessories

In this living room, the accent was created with the help of a decorative composition. Large posters leaning against the wall, a coffee table with a houseplant, a floor mirror and pendant lamps — a couple of square meters fit a lot of items at once. This creates a contrast with the rest of the room, which is decorated in a minimalist spirit. It turns out an interesting accent that immediately attracts the eye even without bright colors.

How to repeat

Select a good place for such a composition: near the window or right in front of the front door. Make sure the décor will be visible from all corners of the room and won’t get lost next to a large closet or shelving unit.

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5 Decorative rails on the wall

In this living room, an interesting texture was also used to create an accent wall behind the TV. Panels made of wooden slats are organically combined with the rest of the furniture and flooring, drawing attention to the seating area.

How to repeat

It is important to hang textured wall panels only where you want to create an accent, otherwise the space will be visually overloaded. To visually raise the ceiling, place the boards vertically. If you need to expand the space — horizontally. And do not be afraid to choose a tree of a rich dark shade — it draws attention to itself, and the black plastic of the screen does not stand out so much against this background.


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