How to use the balcony: 5 options to make it a full-fledged part of the apartment


one Study

Anyone who is faced with the need to work from home is forced to solve the problem of designing a workspace. Few people can afford to allocate a separate room for an office and work there without being distracted by household members and household chores. Leaving every day to work in a cafe or coworking is an option not available to everyone.

A balcony in this situation can be an ideal room. Not much space is needed for a desktop and chair, so any area will do. There will even be a little space for storing documents and a sports mat for warming up.

Remember that it is important to insulate a cold balcony, otherwise you will have to work at the kitchen table again, being distracted by tea and the requests of children. If you are insulating yourself, look for materials that are easy to install. For example, if you install TECHNONICOL LOGICPIR thermal boards, you won’t have to spend energy on additional crates and vapor barrier, as they have a rigid base and foil lining.


2 Winter Garden

The winter garden sounds like something only available to those who live in a country house, where you can allocate an entire room with large windows for plants. In fact, the dream is closer than it seems.

A free balcony, several shelves, stylish planters from one collection — and you will be able to grow all light-loving indoor flowers. In the middle of this green space, you can even put a small armchair to drink coffee or read a book, enjoying the closeness to nature in the middle of a big city.

Just keep in mind that most plants need a temperature of 13 to 23 ° C. Therefore, on a cold balcony in winter, they will inevitably freeze and die. It is imperative to carry out insulation, for example, with LOGICPIR thermal plates from TECHNONICOL. They will help maintain the desired temperature, and at the same time will not become a threat to allergy sufferers, like some other types of insulation materials, as they are made of hypoallergenic polyurethane foam.


3 Rest zone

If you have a large family, it can be difficult to find space to relax alone or talk to someone in silence. But you can take out an additional seating area on the balcony. Do not forget about cozy lighting, for example, with a garland, and a coffee table. You can put a couple of soft chairs or even hang one wicker chair from the ceiling. You will also need roller blinds to provide privacy and, of course, insulation — otherwise you will have to heroically freeze, enjoying the desired silence.

four book corner

If there are a lot of books and there is nowhere to put them, or there is simply no quiet corner in the house where you can sit with a book, use the balcony. Set up a comfortable chair, a floor lamp with soft cozy light, fill the walls with bookshelves and enjoy your personal library.

The only thing is that the balcony is initially a room prone to dampness. This is very harmful for books and just unpleasant if you spend a lot of time there. Therefore, when choosing materials for insulating a balcony, pay attention to their vapor barrier properties. For example, LOGICPIR thermal plates from TECHNONICOL are covered with foil on both sides, therefore they are protected from condensation and at the same time reflect heat into the room. With them on the balcony will be warm and dry.

5 Gym

If you don’t have time to go to the gym after work, and it’s awkward to work out in the bedroom or living room in the presence of family members, turn the balcony into a place to exercise. There is room for a yoga mat, horizontal bar, punching bag or exercise bike. Don’t forget to remove everything else to avoid hitting objects during your workout, and make sure your mini gym is warm and dry.


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