How to use light green color in the interior: an example of a contrasting apartment of 39 sq. m in Minsk


Customers and tasks

The owners of this apartment in a new residential complex in Minsk are a young couple. They asked designer Yulia Abramchuk to organize a full-fledged bedroom with a standard size bed 180 x 200 cm so that there were convenient passages, think over storage systems without a dressing room and use dark colors in the interior.


The developer assumed that the apartment would have a dressing room, a small kitchen-living room, a separate small bedroom and a bathroom. At the same time, the apartment was rented without partitions, which made it possible to save on dismantling. The designer suggested re-planning. So, the dressing room was abandoned in favor of expanding the kitchen-living room — the kitchen was just placed on its square. The bedroom was separated from the common area by a glass partition. The kitchen-living room is «open» to the corridor, they are separated only by a closet, but the bedroom is not visible from the entrance, which is good for a private area. The bathroom remained within its boundaries.


Paint was chosen for the walls. To simplify the preparation of the walls and prevent the appearance of cracks, which can happen in new buildings, they painted over the painting interlining. Dark tones have become a great backdrop for art and accent furniture. The floor is vinyl. The author of the project characterizes it as a material that is not afraid of water, warm and pleasant to the touch. For these advantages, they chose him, laid them in a single sheet throughout the apartment without joints.

In the bathroom, large-format black marble and wood look porcelain tiles were used. To match the second, they selected the finishes on the furniture facades.

Storage systems

An interesting solution was shown for storage in the hallway. This is a closet that separates the kitchen from the entrance area. The cabinet is made in the same color as the kitchen. It is divided — here you can store both clothes and household items.

The kitchen is located on a small footage, but fit everything you need, including appliances and storage space. Upper cabinets to the ceiling visually increase its height.

In the bedroom there is a built-in wardrobe for clothes, divided into male and female halves.

In the bathroom there is a storage system above the installation of the toilet bowl, a cabinet under the sink and a low cabinet opposite it, where the washing machine is built.


Lighting scenarios were thought out with walk-through switches so that you can easily turn on and off the light from different zones. In the kitchen-living room, general lighting is decided by spotlights and a chandelier. Above the bar there are suspensions, and on the working surface of the kitchen there is a backlight that works on a sensor. In the bedroom there is a spot ceiling light and pendants by the bed. In the hallway — ceiling lighting and spectacular lighting of the ceiling and mirrors, as well as in the bathroom.

The editors warn that, in accordance with the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, the coordination of ongoing reconstructions and redevelopments is required.

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