How to save on bathroom decoration today: 12 anti-crisis design tips


The issue of saving on repairs is always acute. I want a lot — but there is not always a budget. We asked practicing designers how to save money on bathroom decoration today, when decoration, furniture and plumbing are becoming more expensive.

one Use Russian-made tiles

Both Alexandra Hartke and Ekaterina Lyubimkina are unanimous in their opinion: Russian tiles are an opportunity to make a decent interior and save money.

“Many affordable analogues are not inferior to the premium line. In our projects, we often use Russian tiles, which are two to three times cheaper than European counterparts, but are not inferior in quality and visual image. So, for example, in a recently completed apartment project, we used a combination of Kerama Marazzi marble-effect porcelain stoneware with chrome-plated plumbing fixtures. This emphasized the restrained image of the apartment in general and the bathroom in particular, without visually simplifying the space,” says Ekaterina.

“Buy Russian tiles,” Alexandra advises. “Kerama Marazzi and Atlas Concorde have stylish collections and even large-format porcelain tiles.”

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2 Buy now because tomorrow will be more expensive

Alexandra Hartke gives advice that applies not only to the bathroom, but to interior design in general.

“Philosophy of economy — the miser pays twice. To save money, you need to buy today — tomorrow it will be more expensive. Good materials and plumbing will save you money on rework in the near future,” says Alexandra.

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3 Choose chrome faucets

Alexandra Hartke recommends this way of saving, saying that gold, black and white cost more.

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four Play on the contrast of plumbing and decoration

The idea of ​​a combination of materials that looks spectacular even with a budget finish is a combination of white sanitary ware and a black faucet.

5 Combine tiles and create patterns from budget materials

Alexandra Hartke recommends combinations of medium-sized budget tiles and more expensive ones — as in her project.

Project by Alexandra and Alexander Hartke. Photo: Evgeny Gnesin. Style: Irina Bebeshina

Ekaterina Lyubimkina considers the combination of a neutral background and accent tiles to be successful. “In the project on Trifonovskaya, the winning image was formed, among other things, thanks to the combination of tiles of different sizes. In an apartment in Botanichesky Lane, we used a trick — a budget 30x30cm tile was cut on a CNC waterjet machine according to our sketch and was able to create an author’s pattern. It looks original and much more affordable than its Italian counterparts,” says Ekaterina.

6 Use large-format porcelain tiles

Large-format porcelain tiles are a definite trend. And it is in the lines of Russian tile manufacturers.

Project by Alexandra and Alexander Hartke. Photo: Evgeny Gnesin. Style: Irina Bebeshina

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7 Choose acrylic sanitary ware

The desire to save on plumbing can turn into a failure. Ekaterina Lyubimkina does not recommend doing this. But there are budget materials of decent quality.

“We do not recommend switching to no-name sanitary ware brands — their repair or replacement can become more financially costly than installing a known quality product. The expression “we are too poor to buy cheap clothes” applies to renovations: it is too expensive to install bad plumbing. However, the material of the bath itself can be more budgetary – cast marble or even acrylic is much more economical than marble or cast-iron counterparts, but visually they are not inferior to them,” says the designer.

eight Install spotlights instead of designer fixtures

Recessed spotlights and overhead spots, of course, waterproof — a proven lighting scenario in the bathroom. Ekaterina Lyubimkina recommends choosing them as a replacement for designer lamps. “In this way, you can not sacrifice the number of light sources, while significantly saving money and, with growing opportunities, replacing a simple option with a more expensive one without additional electrical repairs. A little trick can also be the use of diode waterproof backlighting. At a low price, it visually enriches the interior very much,” says Ekaterina.

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9 Buy furniture in standard sizes

It is known that custom-made furniture costs more than standard furniture.

“It is possible to purchase a ready-made cabinet model, as well as a finished washbasin for the entire width of the cabinet instead of a stone countertop,” says Alexandra Hartke.

ten Choose furniture in film

“Bathroom furniture should not be expensive,” says Ekaterina Lyubimkina. “Instead of natural stone and enamel, many of our customers began to give preference to furniture film — it can be made in a huge range of variations, and in terms of durability it will give odds to many more fastidious materials.”

eleven Limit yourself to decoration

Ekaterina Lyubimkina believes that you can take the path of “least resistance” and limit yourself to decorating if you are satisfied with the overall finish and plumbing.

“You can plan a stylistic decision and, based on it, add bright accents to the interior,” the designer recommends. — It can be new storage jars, a soap dish, a glass for toothbrushes, towels and a bath mat — everything that in total will refresh the image of the room and set a new mood. The main secret in this decision is not the high cost, but the perfect compatibility.”

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12 Prioritize

When the budget is limited, you have to choose.

Designer Alexandra Hartke says: “Save on your summer vacation, renovate, and your home will be comfortable all year round. Daily comfort will bring more benefits, good mood (hence the success of work) than a one-time short vacation.


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