How to make four out of three rooms and not spoil the layout: a real example


Customers and tasks

The owners of this apartment in Moscow are a young family of IT people. The main wish for the designer Evgenia Kostenko was the arrangement of a comfortable layout — a separate office, isolated from the bedroom and other rooms. Spouses work on different schedules, privacy was important. According to Evgenia, the owner wanted an apartment in the modern classic style with Art Deco elements. I liked light colors, but there was a desire to add bright accents. All this was done by the author of the project!


According to the layout from the developer, the apartment had three rooms. The kitchen is in the center, which initially successfully divided the apartment into a common and private part. One of the rooms was elongated, with five (!) windows. And this made it possible to divide it in order to organize an isolated small bedroom, separate a dressing room and an office. The office and bedroom received natural light, while the dressing room was left without it. It acts as a transit zone between the corridor, bedroom and office.

Also redevelopment touched the kitchen. The doorway, which the developer provided from the corridor, was closed and a passage was made to the kitchen from the living room. Such a logic of space made it possible to organize a full-fledged common area (practically a combined kitchen-living room), more correctly and conveniently arrange kitchen furniture. In the room farthest from the entrance, a nursery was planned, which so far serves as a guest room.


Paint on the walls, parquet on the floor, tiles in wet areas – practical and beautiful materials were chosen for the project. The accents are the moldings on the walls, which add an atmosphere of modern classic style. In the bedroom, on the wall behind the bed, wallpaper with a pattern of birds was used. “We chose the birds not in the color of gold, we decided to take a shade of nickel so that they did not stand out so brightly. We tinted the background of the wallpaper to match the color of the walls. Moldings give the walls extra volume, a beautiful play of chiaroscuro appears, this makes the interior more ceremonial. But due to modern furniture, the apartment does not look pompous, ”comments Evgenia.

The bathrooms used the classic technique of combining tiles with paint. The bathroom is in pastel colors. A tropical theme was added to the bathroom with a shower room — one of the walls in the shower room is decorated with patterned tiles.

Storage systems

In addition to a separate dressing room, they planned wardrobes for things. So, there is a wardrobe for outerwear from the hallway. In the bedroom, they limited themselves to a chest of drawers so as not to clutter up a small space. In the living room there is a TV cabinet and a showcase. In the kitchen, in addition to standard appliances and space for storing kitchen utensils, they placed a utility cabinet for a vacuum cleaner, ironing board, dryer, and cat food is also stored there. The bathroom also has a closet for hygiene items.


“We decided not to hem the ceilings to keep the height (and it was already small) and used the electrical leads that were already available from the developer. The ceiling was hemmed only in the kitchen, dressing room and bathrooms. Therefore, in all large rooms, we hung chandeliers so as not to add leads and not to ditch the ceiling. The living room added pendant lights above the dining table for atmospheric evening light. Overhead spots hang in the hallway and corridor. In the bathrooms, in the kitchen and in the dressing room — built-in lamps. Bedside lamps were placed on the bedside tables in the reading bedroom,” says the designer.

The editors warn that, in accordance with the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, the coordination of ongoing reconstructions and redevelopments is required.

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Pastel colors


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