How to make a pallet sofa: 51 inspiring photos and videos


Caring for the environment, conscious consumption, recycling of old things, recycling are some of the main trends of recent years. They touched every aspect of our lives. Including arrangement of houses and apartments, organization of space, interior design. And it’s not just about reusing vintage items in their original role. But also a complete rethinking, when the object changes its function and begins to serve completely different purposes. In addition, the fashion for everything natural, natural, natural and environmentally friendly is preserved. Pallet furniture is a reflection of both trends. It allows you to give new life to old things. Wood is the most natural material. In this article we will tell you how to make a sofa out of pallets with your own hands.

All about how to assemble a sofa from pallets

What are pallets and where to get them
Which are suitable for furniture
Making a sofa
— Tools
— Straight design
— Angular
— Sofa bed
How to decorate
Ideas for other furniture from wooden containers

What are pallets and where to get them


Everyone at least once in their life has seen rectangular flat plank coasters for transporting heavy loads. These are pallets. Sometimes they are also called pallets. These coasters are very durable. Able to withstand weights up to several tons. Before proceeding directly to the scheme for assembling a sofa from pallets, you need to clarify the dimensions of the pallets. This is important for future work. They are different. For example, a certified Euro pallet is 800 × 1200 mm. And its height is 14.5 cm. Certified Finnish — 1000 × 1200 mm. The height is also 14.5 cm. Pallets for internal circulation are produced in the same dimensions.

In addition, they are of the first, second and third grade. The difference is in the quality of the wood. In products of the second and third grades, it is allowed to use a darkened tree. In addition, the boards in the constructions of the first grade are fastened with screw nails, and in the platforms of the second and third grades, ordinary construction nails can be used.

Where to find them? Of course, you can just go and buy new ones. But if you want to save money, there are other options.

  • Ad sites. There you can find almost new and at a good price.
  • In warehouses of large shopping centers, shops, wholesale depots. Here you can even get a few coasters for free.
  • At construction sites.
  • 9 items for the home that can be made from ordinary pallets


    9 items for the home that can be made from ordinary pallets

Which are suitable for furniture


If almost or completely free building materials fall into your hands, it is difficult to resist and not get down to business. And yet, there is no need to rush. Not all pallets are suitable for making furniture.

  1. The tree should be even, light in color. No dark areas. No signs of decay.
  2. All boards must be intact, without cracks, breaks, chips.
  3. Pay attention to the labeling. On the mark. The letters will tell you what processing the site was subjected to. Not everyone is suitable for use in residential spaces. For example, MW means that the wood has been treated with methyl bromide, a pest control chemical. It can be dangerous for humans.

Assembly instructions

There are two ways to make furniture from wooden coasters.

  • Completely disassemble them into boards, then assemble them in the right sizes and proportions.
  • Work with entire structures.

We will focus on the second option, since it is simpler and faster.. We will tell you how to assemble a small sofa for the cottage from pallets with your own hands.


What tools and accessories will be needed?

  • Sander and sandpaper.
  • Saw.
  • Nail puller.
  • A hammer.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Roulette.
  • Self-tapping screws, screws, nails.
  • Metal corners and fasteners.
  • Impregnation for wood, oil or paint, brush.

straight sofa

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So, step by step — a sofa made of pallets with your own hands.

  1. First, the pallets need to be prepared. Check for protruding nails. If there are any, remove or bend.
  2. It is better to pre-wash not new coasters. You can do it straight from a garden hose. Then dry properly.
  3. We will use pallets stacked on top of each other as the base and seat. Usually, 2-3 pieces in height is enough.
  4. If a deep structure is not needed, the pallet can be sawn lengthwise. Thus, you will get two unequal parts. A large one, of 4 or 5 boards, will become a seat. And let’s put the smaller one on the armrests.
  5. Find a back height that is comfortable for you. Measure a suitable part from another site and make a cut.
  6. Next we move on to sanding. You can use a grinder, a nozzle on a grinder. Or just sandpaper. Especially carefully you need to grind the surfaces that will come into contact with human skin: the seat itself, the backrest, the armrests.
  7. The tree must be treated with a special impregnation that will protect against moisture and decay, and emphasize the color. It is advisable to use a fire retardant coating. Then cover with a primer if you are going to paint later.
  8. Surfaces can be left in the color of natural wood. Impregnation, oils, wax or firing with a special burner will help to emphasize the texture. And you can cover the structural elements with paint. Now let’s move on to assembly.
  9. We put the pallets for the base and the seat on top of each other and fasten them with screws or self-tapping screws. You can also use metal corners or wood glue to secure the connection.
  10. The back is made both from a trimmed and from a whole pallet. It can be straight or angled. For an inclined one, additional reinforcement will be needed — these can be retaining planks made of planks or metal elements. Attach the back to the seat with self-tapping screws. Either behind or above.
  11. The easiest way to make armrests is to simply pin two boards on the sides of the seat.
  12. Legs can serve as the legs of the stands themselves, bars. Or you can screw the wheels and make the design mobile.
  13. In the final, after assembly, you can varnish the entire product.
  14. If you need a longer seat — three- or four-seater, the scheme of work will be the same. But at the base there will be not one stack of pallets, but two or three. Between themselves horizontally they are fastened end-to-end with the help of boards and metal corners.

Pallet corner sofa

All preparatory steps will be the same as in the case of the direct model.

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The difference is that two or three stacks of wooden platforms are connected to each other horizontally, in a straight line. And one or two more, depending on the wishes, are attached to them from the side, perpendicularly, at an angle of 90 °.

Pallet sofa bed

If you attach the back to the base using a special mechanism, you get a folding model. The back will lower, and the seat will turn into a full-fledged berth.


To organize a bed, you can use a spare pair of pallets. If necessary, with the help of metal fasteners, it will be attached to the seat in front. The rest of the time it can be stored behind the back.

Useful video on assembling furniture from pallets! We recommend to see

  • DIY pallet garden furniture: 30 cool options


    DIY pallet garden furniture: 30 cool options

How to decorate a sofa from wooden pallets

Such a piece of furniture in itself looks interesting and unusual. But if you want to add comfort, you can decorate it with textiles. For example, sew a mattress for sitting and pillows for the back. This will also make resting on a wooden seat more comfortable.


If the furniture is selected for a loft-style interior, plain black or gray textiles will do. You can look at the fabric of terracotta, brick, brown. Or muted shades of green. The sofa itself is usually left in the color of natural wood.

In country, rustic, Provence styles, linen of a natural color, cotton, matting, burlap will organically look. Suitable fabrics with a floral print, striped, plain light. Wooden surfaces can be left in their natural color or painted in a light shade.

Interiors with the prefix eco are natural, natural colors and materials. Therefore, wooden surfaces are best left untouched. And for textiles, use natural fabrics in natural shades.

Scandi interiors love white and pastel colors. For rooms in this style, the sofa can be painted with light paint and pick up the same textiles. If the sofa is planned to be used outdoors, for example, in the garden or on the terrace, it can be decorated with flower pots built into the sides or back.

Furniture ideas from wooden containers

Such furniture cannot be called universal. It will not be harmonious in every interior. But if you use it appropriately, then it is guaranteed to attract attention. From wooden containers, you can make both simple and unusual models.

Headsets in the living room and on the terrace

Unusual wooden furniture looks good not only in the form of individual items, but also in sets.

VK @mebel_iz_poddonov_na_zakaz

You can assemble it yourself or order from the craftsmen a set of a coffee table and a pair of armchairs or stools.

For cottages and backyards

Wooden platforms make excellent benches, benches, garden chairs and even sun loungers.


They also make swings. And also — fences and fences for various areas on the site, stands for flowers and plants. And even the decking of the terraces.


Chests of drawers, shelving, bedside tables, shelves…

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All this can be done from ordinary wooden coasters.

For the bedroom

The podium for the bed and the bed itself can also be made from pallets yourself.


This will save on the furnishing of the bedroom. The main thing is to choose a good comfortable mattress.

  • How to make a pallet bed yourself: step by step instructions


    How to make a pallet bed yourself: step by step instructions

Country house



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