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The great German writer Hermann Hesse, the owner of a unique library, believed that books should not only be read, but also acquired, since “possession of books (and not just reading them) delivers its own very special joys.”

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Even in times of crowded living, books continued to be bought and stored at home with sincere enthusiasm, using any niches and piers for this. Whatnots, bookshelves, racks became a kind of home mini-libraries.

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Auxiliary accessories allow you to organize storage in the most convenient way. The library paraphernalia is touching and just as exquisitely few as the items for wine: a book stand, accent lighting, a page cutter, corner bookends, a bookmark, a leather cover.

How to keep wisdom

Modern public libraries, of course, are deprived of that charm, comfort and bright individuality that have always been inherent in their domestic relatives.

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If the area of ​​​​the apartment does not allow allocating a separate room for the library, when choosing a place for shelving, bookcases and shelves, be guided by the criterion of ease of use and their maximum functionality. ATIn this case, the through rack, in addition to its main duty, also serves as a partition between the flight of stairs and the living room.

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Low bookshelves encircle the attic room around the perimeter with a ribbon, turning into a kind of “basement”. The library occupies in this case the minimum area (hinged shelves are hardly possible here). Modern furniture for libraries differs from the traditional one, first of all, in color, which, together with colorful book covers, plays a decorative role in the interior.

How to keep wisdom

There are many ways to update the interior. The recipe is simple: take a through rack. Divide the existing elongated room in two, thus creating something like interconnected functional zones.

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Eclecticism and chic of deliberate carelessness of the fli-market style, using objects of mixed origin from different eras, are in fashion. New things are paired with finds at sales and antique stores. What should be the image of the library in such a house? Next to the window there are special shelves where a real warehouse of things fits, and under the window sill near the battery, right on the floor, a number of magazines and brochures are stored. So it is possible not to take up much space against the wall and leave the necessary periodicals in the public domain.

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There are many ways to store books. Which of them should be preferred? Everything depends on the general layout of the living space, on the height of the ceilings, on the tastes and preferences of the owners, and, finally, on the size of the library itself. A large shelving unit can be placed in the living room, office, hallway or corridor, but regardless of location, it will be more convenient to use it with the help of a mobile library ladder. No long-forgotten tome will now have to gather dust in the far corner. «If the mountain does not go to Mohammed, then Mohammed goes to the mountain.»

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In the office, the books that are constantly needed should be in close proximity to the workspace, which can be supplemented and expanded with the help of open hanging shelves. ToIn addition, this option is extremely convenient in cases where the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room is small.

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Shelves don’t have to be wood. The use of fully or partially transparent structures visually facilitates the storage system. This is important, given that in front of us, moreover, a «screen»— a partition with horizontal sections. Andanother trick— books lying horizontally. Stacks can be useful in cases where the shelf is not completely filled and the books fall apart.

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Books are known to absorb sound well. If the proposed bookcase fills the entire space from floor to ceiling, it can become a kind of soundproof stationary partition. This move is also useful in the case when the existing interior partition does not provide sufficient sound insulation. By placing dense rows of books along such a wall, you can partially correct the situation.

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Bookshelves can usefully frame window and door openings. FROMWith this solution, it will be possible to rationally use the usually empty space under the windows or, as in this case, to disguise the unaesthetic housing of the built-in convector. Tobesides, the minimalist interior is “freed” from excessive variegation. As expected, all elements that do not have the necessary sterility are now hidden out of sight. The interior is solved with minimal means. At least at first glance.

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Placing books in any, usually unused corner of the house, for example under the stairs, helps not only to rationally use the room, but also to make it aesthetically attractive to everyone. Convenient optionAll books are at arm’s length. The idea turned out to be simple in execution and at the same time simple in function.

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A non-trivial move: the head of the bed simultaneously plays the role of a low bookcase, stretched horizontally. Optimal from the point of view of ergonomics would be the decision to place such an object in the middle of the room. The combination of white and brown colors looks stylish: a minimalist interior can be advantageously built on the contrast of light and any other dark, which we psychologically perceive just as well.

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If the home library is traditionally assigned a place along the wall or in the corner of the living room, then why not place it in the hall if an empty niche disappears there? So you successfully «take out» the books from the room where they look alien. ToIn addition, a low rack can successfully play the role of decorative furniture, such as consoles: they put keys, gloves on it, or put all kinds of decorative accessories and trinkets.

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Modernity has made its own adjustments to the historically established image of the home library. This applies, first of all, to the functions of the room where books are stored. Yes, and with the style of the interior, the situation is much simpler than in past eras. Hinged shelves already indulge human weaknesses by their place of placement, and also close the pipes of hot and cold water supply.

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As they say, everything you need is always at hand. The corner part of the kitchen includes open shelves, where it is convenient to store the necessary daily reference books and magazines. Such an arrangement does not oblige you to anything, does not take on a lot of unnecessary and, moreover, is not burdensome from a financial point of view. It would be correct to provide for the horizontal position of the stored papers: a slight creative mess will most likely reign here.

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A successful interior solution: bookcases are located in a corner niche and are thus recessed into the wall. Pay attention to the chosen height of the shelves— it solves the problem of storing unformatted encyclopedic publications. As far as depth is concerned, the optimal— 28see. Then the books will stand in one row, and the rack itself will not protrude much into the room. Other possible depth— approximately 40see It is suitable for those who are forced to put the collected tomes in two rows.

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The most traditional option: the opportunity to lie down with a book at your leisure is necessarily included in the long list of never boring things to do. On the hinged shelf at the head of the bed there may be books that the owner is currently reading or has just purchased and did not have time to look through. The nature of the use explains its form. Ease, openness, freedom of access— the main qualities of this bridge to the kingdom of Morpheus.

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Modern furniture for libraries differs from traditional solutions, first of all, in form. This bookcase is «tailored» to an individual «measurement». Result— exactly the right size and optimal configuration, repeating the bend of the wall. The unique shape becomes a valuable decoration of this library cabinet. It should be noted that an individual approach in any case gives an excellent result. It is no coincidence that elegance and stylistic consistency have been a characteristic feature of private library interiors in all ages.

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The smaller the area of ​​​​the apartment, the more problems the owners have with storing books. Accordion doors are easy to use and save precious space. ToIn addition, there are always things that can be kept in plain sight, and those that it is desirable to hide from prying eyes.

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Surprise no one with floor-to-ceiling storage systems. Only now bulky walls have been replaced by modular systems, which, thanks to their openness and high legs, look lighter. ToIn addition, by choosing high narrow shelves for books, you can “smooth out” the insufficient height of the ceilings. Andpay attention to the same cell format: this technique sets a pronounced rhythm and more clearly structures the book chaos. At the same time, it is not necessary to arrange books close to each other: the presence of free space and air is welcome.

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The problem of zoning studio apartments is easily solved with the help of a through shelving, which separates and simultaneously unites all zones. It is important not to fill the cells to the limit so that they have «air». Some shelves can be left empty— let the light come in. As for the bookcase itself, it has changed a lot lately thanks to the experiments of deconstructivism.

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An example of the versatility of modern furniture. A book table set at right angles to an asymmetrical shelf is enough to achieve a constructivist style. The option is suitable for an advanced humanities student familiar with the form-making of 1920-1930.

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How to keep wisdomDesigner A.Aldakimov
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Postmodern irony in relation to the familiar form of a bookshelf. Andif books inevitably “stand up” diagonally in a bookcase, why not replicate this principle and fix it in wood with corner bookends? The curvilinear configuration also provides storage space for books with non-uniform or non-standard formats.

How to keep wisdom EAST NEWS

Continuous rows of volumes that fit tightly together create an excellent thermal insulation layer. So if the wall faces the north end of the building and it blows cold, arrange the folios in continuous rows in high shelving in the corner.

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Nobody argues that bookcases and shelves play an independent decorative role in the interior. Especially if the books on them— painted, and the decorator-mystifier Piero Fornasetti picked up the spines of the books of the sofa-shelf.

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Do you want your bedroom to look modern? Then use glass and metal. We replace the wooden cabinet-wall with an open, almost openwork rack. You can even give preference to lattice shelves, as dust is less trapped on them. A standard size book would probably feel lonely here. BUTglossy magazines— just right.

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The successful location of the backlight must be carefully considered, since the work that is hard on the eyes requires a certain quality of light: it must be directional.

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A chest of drawers in a generalized «old» spirit looks very aristocratic. Stylized antique, this piece of furniture does not violate the stylistic purity.

How to keep wisdom IKEA

For local lighting, warm white fluorescent lamps with a power of up to 30Tue They are often used to accentuate paintings and sculptures.

How to keep wisdom IKEA

Lamps are best positioned with the removal, directing the light down at an angle. For lighting in cabinets, small-sized lamps are used that create optimal illumination.

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