How to fit a refrigerator if there is no space in the kitchen: 6 useful tips


To place a refrigerator in a small kitchen, sometimes you have to sacrifice something. For example, abandon the necessary equipment like an oven or a large stove to allocate additional space. Reduce the set or even remove the dining area from the kitchen. In fact, all these techniques can be quite comfortable if you adapt them to your needs and wisely manage the available space.

one Choose a compact refrigerator model

If there is absolutely no free space for a full-size model, try shrinking the refrigerator itself. For example, choose a single-tiered option that resembles a mini-bar. You can fit such a refrigerator into the bottom row of the headset without sacrificing the upper cabinets and, accordingly, the amount of storage. Of course, this method is not for a large family, where they cook a lot and buy a lot of food for the future. But for those who live alone or together, do not stock up or rarely cook at home, this solution is quite suitable.

2 Make use of corridor space

In Khrushchev houses with a long corridor, the refrigerator often moves from the kitchen there. This technique is also suitable for any other apartment where the cooking area is so tiny that it is impossible to fit in overall equipment. If you have enough storage space in your bedroom or other room, you can make fewer cabinets in the hallway and free up a corner for a refrigerator. Thus, in the kitchen, where additional cabinets are usually needed like air, you do not have to sacrifice the usable space of the headset. The only disadvantage of such a solution is that the principle of the working triangle will be violated, but in a small apartment, the distance between the refrigerator and the cooking zone will not be too large in any case.

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3 Reduce the number of cabinets

If there is a place to “shrink”, then why not do it? For example, if you do not store a lot of food, dishes and utensils in the kitchen, just make the set smaller by giving up one or two sections. And allocate the freed area under the refrigerator. If you do not have enough storage space, you can hang a couple of compact shelves on a free wall.

four Clear out the dining area

In a small kitchen, a dining group always takes up a lot of space. If you remove it, then you will certainly be able to allocate space for the refrigerator. The easiest way is to take out the dining table with chairs in the living room. Even if the rooms are not connected, this can be quite convenient: for example, if you are used to watching movies while eating or often having gatherings with friends. If a glazed balcony adjoins the kitchen, the dining area can be arranged there. This option is suitable for 1-2 people.

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5 Choose a more compact technique

A smaller size can be not only the refrigerator itself, but also other kitchen appliances. For example, if you absolutely need a lot of storage space for food and preparations, try changing the size of the oven or stove. The cabinet for them will also become smaller — you can replace it with a narrower model and thereby win space for the refrigerator by fitting it into the line of the headset.

6 Engage window sill

If you are not ready to give up the dining area in the kitchen, just make it smaller and more compact, using all the available usable space. For example, turn a wide window sill into a countertop and place bar stools next to it. In this case, the corner, which is usually occupied by a dining group in small spaces, will be freed up, and a refrigerator can be placed there. This option is suitable for owners of apartments in which the window sills are at a comfortable height and are not underestimated.

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