How to design a long corridor: beautiful ideas and practical solutions


A long corridor is an integral part of many typical layouts. And the main danger is that it can easily be turned into a dark and lifeless space. Consider how to properly design the design of a long corridor in a three-room apartment and premises of another area.

Secrets of designing a long corridor

Layout and ergonomics

Finishing Features



Layout and ergonomics

Even experts are sometimes so keen on developing ideas and solutions for the interior of the main rooms that the design of a long corridor is designed according to the residual principle. This is a fundamentally wrong approach, because in many real apartments it is a continuation of the hallway. That is, practically the first thing we see when we cross the threshold of the front door. Therefore, it is so important to make the space noble and pleasant.

The first thing that apartment owners face is the issue of redevelopment. The hallway seems uncomfortable: too narrow and long. However, you should not chop off your shoulder. There are standards to help you resolve this issue.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the German architect Ernst Neufert determined the comfortable width of the corridor.

Ergonomic Options

  • It is a minimum of 90 cm-1 meter. But it is worth considering in which direction the doors open.
  • If inside, into the room, then 90 cm.
  • If outside, then about 160 cm. However, we recommend that you do not make doors with such a mechanism so as not to “eat up” the footage.

These figures are based on private residences. So two people can easily disperse without oppressing each other.

If the indicators of your apartment fit these rules, you can safely leave the hallway. But, if the passage is already 90 cm, it makes sense to think about combining the areas: for example, with a living room, kitchen or dining area. This will allow you to make the most of the footage of the apartment.

  • How to decorate the corridors in the apartment: 7 ideas that everyone will like

    The corridor

    How to decorate the corridors in the apartment: 7 ideas that everyone will like

Features of decoration and design of a long corridor in the apartment

In search of ideas for renovation in the corridor, pay attention to the photos of long corridors in the projects of designers. Experts use common techniques:

  • A bright contrasting ceiling is a suitable solution only if you want to emphasize and emphasize the shape of the room. In the case of a narrow hallway, when the layout is not the best, the best solution is a white matte finish. Multi-level structures are inappropriate here.
  • Longitudinal movement, which we often see in such rooms, is easiest to “knock down” and “break” with the help of a competent floor finish. Choose complex geometric patterns, drawing across. The same effect can be achieved with a cross print carpet.
  • Do not take risks with flowers, use the most pure and light shades in the design of the walls. If you still really want to add colors, plain wallpaper of complex shades will do.
  • If experience is not enough, do not get carried away with glossy surfaces. There is a chance to get an outdated interior.

Also, pay attention to the quality of the materials used. You need wear-resistant coatings, because this is a room with high traffic. Walls can be painted with paint or washable wallpaper can be glued: vinyl, non-woven or glass. And in the decoration of the floor, use parquet, its artificial counterpart — laminate, porcelain stoneware or linoleum.


Most often, hallways lack natural light. Blame the layout and closed doors. To make the design of the long corridor in the apartment in the photo look as good as in reality, consider an artificial lighting system. There is a simple rule here: the more, the better.

In practice, this means — the main light plus an additional one. But the main one in this case is not the only large chandelier, it is completely inappropriate here, but a system of lamps or spots, sconces on the walls. As additional light, the illumination of the floor, ceiling, or even paintings and mirrors can act.

Choice of decor furniture

Competent accents can transform any room. In the case of a narrow space, the easiest way is to use the end of the hallway. Put here a beautiful coffee table or a console with decor — it all depends on the style of design. If the width allows, you can place a tall bookcase along the wall, use shelves of different sizes.

However, the emphasis can be made not only on furniture. In monochrome interiors, designers use the technique of different textures — they combine coatings of the same color. In this case, the decoration itself can become an accent: for example, moldings, stucco. You can also use doors by choosing more expensive paneled models with a beautiful pattern. But style matters here. It is unlikely that this technique will be appropriate in a minimalist interior.

Finally, the favorite and most obvious move is mirrors. They are known to increase space, so why not use this property? A mirror surface in any form is suitable: built-in wardrobe doors, a huge floor model or several wall-mounted ones.

Designers often recommend maintaining symmetry in interior design. This applies to the arrangement of furniture, and details. Spaces organized in this way intuitively seem more ordered.


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