How to design a children’s room for a student: design features and analysis of layouts


There are always more requirements for the children’s interior. It should be not only beautiful, but also safe. In one room, it is desirable to fit several zones at once. Toddlers grow fast – design needs to adapt. Everything becomes even more complicated when you need to decorate the interior for a child from 7 years old. In this article, we will show design options for a children’s room for a schoolboy, a schoolgirl and two children of different ages. Take note of great ideas.

All about the design of a nursery for schoolchildren

What is important to consider
Choosing furniture
Layout options
— For one child
— For two brothers or sisters
— For children of different sexes
Design Tips
— For boy
— For girl

What is important to consider

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Starting from the age of 6-7, children already have their own tastes and preferences. A girl may like the airy pink world of princesses, but she may also be interested in Lego robots, space or fabulous animals. Some boys love cars, others love good cartoons, adventure stories, computer games. The older the owner of the room becomes, the brighter his personality will appear — consider this when choosing a style. For someone, gentle neoclassicism is suitable, and for someone — a daring loft.

There are other important points as well.

  • A teenager spends a lot of time in his room: here he studies, sleeps, plays with friends, and engages in hobbies. Therefore, the most important thing for a children’s bedroom is competent zoning. Children should have a clearly allocated convenient place for schoolwork and a corner where they can take a break from business. Partitions, shelving, a podium, different colors of finishes will help to divide the space.
  • If two or three children share the room, arrange for each to have their own place. Let it be just a bed with shelves above it, a pouffe or a small table, but each child should have something of his own. If the furniture is the same, add differences with decor and accessories.
  • When decorating the interior of a children’s room for a student, choose eco-friendly and hypoallergenic materials. Suitable paper and non-woven wallpaper, fiberglass, wood, high-quality MDF, laminate, brick, porcelain stoneware.
  • When choosing a color scheme, be guided not only by the preferences of the little owners, but also by the size of the room and the characteristics of the child’s psyche. For a small space, it is better to use light shades, and make dark and bright accents. Avoid too active and aggressive colors — children are easily excitable, so the palette should be moderately colorful.

  • Think over a sufficient number of storage systems: for textbooks, toys, clothes, sports equipment. They should be convenient and accessible for children so that they can keep order and easily get the things they need.

Finally, think about how you will update the interior over the coming years. Children will grow up, their needs, interests and tastes will change. The environment for a first grader is unlikely to please a rebel of 13-14 years old. The best option is to choose high-quality basic finishes and versatile furniture, and change the mood of the bedroom with the help of individual elements: textiles, toys, decor, wall stickers, etc.

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    11 best ideas for decorating a student’s room (designers shared)

Choosing furniture

The most important question: what should be in the children’s room for a student, be it a girl or a boy.

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At different ages, the needs of children are different, so let’s start with the basics. In any room you need to find a place for:

  • Comfortable bed.
  • 2-3 storage systems — usually a wardrobe, a rack or a chest of drawers, a bedside table, shelves.
  • Play area — depending on the footage, it can be a small rug or a whole section.
  • Comfortable workplace with good lighting.

Games are still relevant for younger students, so organize storage systems for them. If a boy or girl has a creative hobby, a place should also be allocated for it. Even if it’s just drawing or weaving baubles, let the child have a beautiful organizer for the necessary little things.

At 11-12 years old, teenagers already have collections of their own favorite things: these can be books, music albums, figurines of anime characters. I want to arrange all this beautifully, so the bedroom should have at least a small rack or several open shelves.

Also, the guys are starting to spend more and more time with friends, so the former play or sports area can be converted into an area for relaxation and communication. It can be a sofa with a TV and a set-top box opposite, a small cozy composition of ottomans, etc.

Older teenagers will need a spacious wardrobe and a large mirror. If the area allows, the girl can add a compact dressing table by the window or with good lighting. For a boy, this can be a horizontal bar or a gaming setup.

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Layout options

After you have chosen a general palette and understood what furniture should be in the room, you need to arrange it correctly. Consider ready-made layout ideas.

For one child

Option 1

Bedroom plan for a 12 year old boy.
Instagram @gerda_designer_spb

Bedroom plan for a 12 year old boy. The room is small, but the correct square shape, so the furniture was placed on opposite sides. Opposite the entrance is a double bed with a bedside table. By the window there is an armchair and a comfortable desk with a chair. The remaining space was taken under the wardrobe. This is an example of an «adult» design, when a teenager no longer needs a play area, and it is better to focus on comfortable furniture.

Option 2

Option for a teenager 16 years old.  Here...
Instagram @yulli_home

Option for a teenager 16 years old. There is already a different form of the room — an elongated rectangle, which means that it is better to select zones sequentially. So, immediately at the entrance there is storage of things, then a place to relax with a bed and open shelves, and by the window there is a study area. It is separated from the bed by a compact rack, which plays the role of a partition.

Option 3

It may turn out that in the apartment...
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It may turn out that the apartment will have rooms with an acute angle. In this case, you need to visually make the space as rectangular as possible. Here, all the furniture was placed along the walls, and the center was highlighted with a large carpet. As a result, a recreation area with a full-fledged sofa and a TV, a sleeping place and a study corner appeared in the room. The result was a universal arrangement of furniture «overhand»: suitable for both a first-grader and a graduate.

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Option 4

This bedroom is suitable for girls...
Instagram @ekateri.interior

Such a bedroom is suitable for a girl of 7-10 years old who still plays with toys. All the space by the window was given over to a workplace with a large comfortable table. Along parallel walls are various storage systems for clothes and toys. There is a single bed against the wall opposite the entrance. On the other side there is a small seating area. A wardrobe was placed to the right of the entrance, and a wall for active games was placed to the left. In the future, it can be replaced, for example, with an armchair with bookshelves or a dressing table.

Option 5

A versatile option for anyone
Instagram @elenasavkinakd

A versatile option for all ages. The workplace, as always, is placed by the window so that there is good natural light. Bed along the wall, storage systems on both sides. If desired, the rack by the window can be replaced with any other furniture or a full-length mirror can be placed.

Option 6

Example of arrangement for students
Instagram @tyt_prodesign

An example of an arrangement for an elementary school student. If you want to add coziness to the room, use a wall with a window opening and arrange a place for relaxing and reading there. For example, in this case, a banquette was placed under the window, and on both sides of it there were shelving for books. There you can store dolls and items for creativity. The bed was placed not along the wall, but perpendicularly, thus dividing the space. To the left of the window is a small study table, which could be replaced with a larger model in the future.

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For two brothers or sisters

Option 1

If children are of different ages, we ...
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If the children are of different ages, there comes a period when one has already gone to school, and the other has not yet. We have just such an example. At 13 sq. m, the designer has identified two zones: for the older and younger brother. In the future, the bed can be replaced with a larger model. In the same way, storage systems will be transferred to the place of the Swedish wall, and instead of a compact table, the youngest will be given a comfortable workplace. Two beds stand side by side, and a spacious closet separates them.

Option 2

Another arrangement option...
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Another option for arranging a room for two students, but here the beds are one after another. At the same time, personal zones of each of the children were formed — sleeping places are separated from each other by a wall. The workplace is common — a long table in the entire wall by the window. Also, four storage systems were placed in the room, which is enough for all things.

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For heterogeneous children

Option 1

Functional children's room
Instagram @yulia.a.smirnova

Functional children’s room for two schoolchildren of different sexes on 16 squares. If the length of the room is not enough to place the zones in series, group them, as in the figure, at an angle. Storage systems can be placed along the opposite wall — in this case, it is a rack with a TV compartment and a large wardrobe. To the left of the window, identical desktops with shelves on top were placed, and each child will fill them in accordance with their interests.

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Option 2

More space can be done...
Instagram @nastyako_design

On a larger area, you can make the following arrangement. For example, in this example, the designer had 19.5 squares at his disposal, and the room was designed for a brother and sister who had just started school. Since there is only one window, it was important to zone the space so as not to block the light. Another difficulty is the door to the balcony, which means that part of the usable area near the wall is lost. As a result, with the help of a light sliding partition, the children’s common bedroom was divided, as it were, into two separate ones — each has its own corner with a bed, a desk and storage systems.

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Design Tips

Finally, a few useful design hacks for arranging a room for children of different sexes.

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For a boy’s room

  • For decoration, choose calm noble tones: gray, muted blue, green, brown. Bright accents can be added with orange, mint, deep blue, yellow.
  • When designing for an elementary schooler, remember that at this age, boys are hyperactive. Therefore, do not force all the free space with furniture — let him have a place to run, play, climb a rope. A small Swedish wall is a great option.
  • It is also necessary to develop creativity and imagination. If the owner of the room loves the construction set, buy him some STEM kits and allocate convenient storage for them on the table. You can put up a fabric wigwam so that the boy pretends to be an Indian, place a large map of the world on the wall or a starry sky on the ceiling.
  • If he plays sports, organize a place to store equipment. It should be comfortable and accessible so that the little athlete gets used to keeping his equipment in order.

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For girl

  • Even if now the little princess loves dolls, in 4-5 years the situation can change dramatically. Yes, marshmallow pink rooms look incredibly cute, but as the basis of the palette, it is better to take neutral shades of beige, white, gray. So in the future it will be easier to change the design.
  • If you do decide to decorate the space in typical girlish colors, use deep dusty shades, rather than straightforward hot pink or purple. The first option not only looks nobler, but also does not exert active pressure on the child’s psyche.
  • Consider storage. A girl should have different systems in which she can put things in order and organize all the necessary things: books, art supplies, dolls, clothes, soft toys, etc.
  • If the area allows, replace the closet with a mini-wardrobe. Let it be quite small, but the feeling is completely different.

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