How to design a children’s room for a girl: photos of beautiful projects and useful tips


Safety, functionality, beautiful design — everything should be taken into account in the interior design of a child’s room for a girl. In this article, we will tell you what to consider when planning and show inspiring examples of children’s bedrooms with different tasks.

What should be a nursery for a girl

Color spectrum
Project examples
— Space for creativity
— For two sisters
— Children’s minimalism
— no pink
— small area
— For the little ones


Designing a space for a child requires a special approach. Here are the main points to consider when planning.

Children grow quickly, so the room should be as mobile as possible. Even for a baby, the interior needs to be thought out for growth: lay a place for a work area, think about where clothes and toys will be stored, create a neutral design that will not get bored for as long as possible, and be sure to leave room for imagination. When the girl grows up and her taste begins to form, it is important that she can decorate the bedroom at her discretion.

The main thing is safety. All appliances and electrical systems must be out of the reach of the child or additionally protected. Furniture — without sharp corners, so that he does not accidentally get injured. There may be soft carpet on the floor. Make sure all hanging structures and decorations are securely fastened so that they cannot be accidentally dropped on yourself.

The nursery is a whole world for her mistress in the space of the apartment, so the bedroom should have all the necessary areas: for relaxation, active and educational games, for lessons and reading, and if the daughter is still very small, then a place for parents is a sofa or armchair. In the interior of a children’s room for a girl from 7 years old, there must be a full-fledged and well-lit place for studying, although this is important for a younger child, the first crafts begin much earlier than school.

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Color spectrum

The atmosphere of the children’s space is largely created by the palette. It should be universal — here the child, and then the teenager will sleep, study and play, so the colors should be suitable for all types of activities.

Since the tastes of the hostess will actively form and change, it is better to think over such a palette so that it remains relevant for a long time and does not have to be renovated every year. It is important to take into account the characteristics of a growing personality: if the daughter loves to play with dolls and dreams of being a princess, organize a pink paradise for her, and if she prefers cars and active games to dolls, experiment with other colors (yellow, blue, white, blue).

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Finishing in the children’s bedroom should be versatile, practical and safe for health. Choose eco-friendly hypoallergenic materials.

For the floor, a parquet board, cork or laminate is suitable. The coating must be resistant to mechanical stress and not slippery. It is better to lay a soft carpet on top so that there are no injuries during the game.

Walls are most affected: they are damaged, painted, scratched. Finishing should be practical and simple, as well as easy to clean. A good option is paint or washable wallpaper. As a basis for the palette, it is better to choose muted pastel colors that will not put pressure on the psyche and balance the irrepressible children’s energy. You can add bright colors to an interior with a neutral finish with the help of active prints on the wallpaper and bright accents.

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Order where there are children is an eternal problem. To prevent cleaning from becoming a daily nightmare, it is important to consider how storage will be organized at the project stage. To do this, you need to follow several principles.

Everything has its place. Clothes and bedding — in a closet, which is best placed next to the bed or changing table. Toys, constructors, creativity kits — in the play area, it is advisable to allocate a separate rack or shelves for them, which the girl can reach. All the office is in the workplace, a wall organizer and drawers in the table will help out a lot.

Group toys. Those that the daughter plays constantly can be kept in an open basket or box, they should always be at hand. For everyone else, it is better to find a place in a closed storage system, but it is important that the hostess of the bedroom has access to them and knows where everything is. But it is better to keep objects dangerous for kids (small parts, designer, scissors) at the top — so that only adults have access.

Keep it simple. So that the girl can get and clean things in the room herself, use simple structures: racks, boxes, boxes and baskets, comfortable shelves. Sophisticated multifunctional systems help save space, but a small child may simply not be able to cope with them.

In the interior of a children’s room for a girl of 10-12 years old, you need to provide a closet or a small wardrobe where she can organize her clothes herself.

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Project examples

We offer you to look at photos of children’s rooms for a girl and be inspired by ideas from designers’ projects.

Space for play and creativity (age approx. 4-7 years old)

In this project, the designers took into account all areas of child development. A place for creativity with a slate panel was organized by the window, on which the little housewife can write and draw, on the contrary — a compact workplace where you can play educational games and read. At the entrance, a sports corner and a soft group with a canopy were placed where you can hide, play with dolls and just relax and dream.

Ideas to keep in mind

  • Storage systems can simultaneously act as zoning tools — for example, in this project, shelving and a closet visually separate zones for different activities from each other.
  • To make the little lady feel cozy and protected, you can make a four-poster bed or in the form of a house, like here.
  • If the overall finish is neutral, you can add brightness to the room with the help of an accent wall — paint it with paints or use photo wallpaper.

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Cozy corner for two sisters (5-12 years old)

If there are two daughters in the family, and the area does not allow for two separate bedrooms for them, it is important to properly zone the common room and take into account the needs of both children. This project is an example of how you can place everything you need if you use the space wisely.

Ideas to keep in mind

  • If the room is not very large, the usable area can be increased by using the second tier. In this case, a closed corner for games and recreation was organized above the beds, where the sisters can spend time both together and separately, without distracting each other.
  • In order for children to have personal space, it is better to separate the beds — for example, using a partition, which can also be used as an additional place for small things. And if it is not continuous, then it will be convenient for the sisters to talk.
  • There will be twice as many things in a bedroom for two, so you need to think through as many storage systems as possible, preferably built-in and closed with doors.

Minimalism and functionality (4-10 years)

Is minimalism appropriate in a space for a child? This project proves that definitely yes. Laconic forms, hidden storage and a simple palette — the bedroom for a little lady turned out to be restrained and elegant in an adult way, but not boring at all.

Ideas to keep in mind

  • Built-in closet, where clothes, toys and other necessary things can be stored without littering the room.
  • A working area in a niche that continues the storage system and does not take up extra space.
  • An open floor-to-ceiling shelving unit, which simultaneously serves as another tool for organizing space and a decorative element — you can place your favorite books and toys on the shelves, as in the photo.

Bedroom without pink (6-12 years old)

The girl’s bedroom is strongly associated with shades of pink, but this is not the only possible solution. So, for example, in this project, the designer used a calm palette in gray tones with local orange and blue accents.

The interior of such a children’s room is suitable for a girl of 5 years and older: there is a recreation area, a place for games, and a desktop where you can be creative, do assignments, and after some time, school lessons.

Ideas to keep in mind

  • If the daughter is of senior preschool or primary school age, you need to consider a place for the parent next to the desktop — in this case, this is a comfortable easy chair.
  • For the main storage, it is better to organize a hidden built-in system so that there is no mess, and leave in plain sight a few favorite toys that the hostess of the room plays most often.
  • To keep a neutral palette from looking boring, use print wallpaper and cute little things like shaped wall lights and posters.

The interior of a small children’s room for a girl (5-11 years old)

It seems that in a small space you will definitely have to sacrifice something: either beauty or functionality. But with a properly organized layout, this is not at all necessary. So, the author of this project provided in a small square a place for all the zones necessary for a small hostess.

Ideas to keep in mind

  • If the room is long, you can make consistent zoning, as in this project: a built-in wardrobe along the entire wall, then a play area, a sleeping place and a work area by the window.
  • In a limited space, choose compact elements of the play area: for example, a slate board does not take up much space, and a light wigwam can be easily taken out of the room at any time.
  • The work area does not have to include a full-fledged massive table — it can be made a continuation of the windowsill, and the free space under the table top can be used for a basket or box with toys.

Design for growth (0-3 years)

This project is a good example of how you can arrange a place for a small family member who has recently appeared in the house. Inconspicuous colors, comfortable furniture, a spacious closet — this basis in the future can be easily transformed into an interior to match the character of the hostess of the room.

Ideas to keep in mind

  • In the bedroom for the baby, it is better to make the most neutral finish — then it will be easy to complement it with decor and other bright elements.
  • Since parents spend a lot of time with a newborn baby, it is important to provide a place for them to relax in the room — in this case, it is an easy chair and a sofa on which you can lie down at any time.
  • Choose furniture so that in the future it will be easy to transform and remove it from the room, replacing it with a new one. Do not try to fill the entire space now — let there be room for toys, a table, a sports wall, etc.

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