How they live in microhouses: 6 projects in which they have equipped everything you need


one Cottage with wooden trim and leather sofa

The interior of this micro-house used a contrasting combination of rich brown and white. This decision made it possible to create a bright natural interior on a small footage. White successfully dilutes dark shades and active textures, so the space seems cozy and at the same time not cramped. The house is stuffed with everything you need: there is a kitchen-living room with a sofa, TV and air conditioning. A double bed was comfortably placed in the niche opposite. There is also a shelf on top that can be used for storage or as another bed.

2 Microhouse with a recreation area and a workplace

This house, even by the standards of small dwellings, looks very compact. Nevertheless, it was possible to equip several functional areas inside and cover all the household needs of the residents. The dining area (aka living room) is located directly opposite the entrance. It consists of a square hanging table and a soft frame sofa with decorative pillows. A small storage system was organized under the table. Next to the sofa there are wall shelves with books, houseplants and decor. By the window there is a window-sill table with a chair — you can dine or work behind it.

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3 Bunk house with a fireplace

On two floors of this house there is a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and even a fireplace. A small area did not become a hindrance: each zone looks quite spacious, and in general it gives the impression of a full-fledged and comfortable space for living. Mostly wood was used in the decoration, and the walls and facades of kitchen cabinets were painted white. Pointwise bright accents are added: for example, the emerald upholstery of the sofa and the skin-carpet that was thrown into the living area.

four Cozy house with lots of light

The abundance of white in the decoration allowed the use of rich colors without the risk of overloading the space. So, dining chairs with colorful upholstery, an orange sofa and a pink fluffy carpet appeared in the interior. For the kitchen, a darker palette was chosen: a deep blue set and a lot of black details. The bedroom is decorated in light colors, which makes it look very fresh and airy. The feeling of lightness in the interior is also facilitated by the weightless design of the stairs to the second floor — it seems to be floating in the air.

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5 Two-story house with a bedroom under the roof

This small elongated house has two tiers: on the first one there is traditionally a kitchen-living room and a bathroom, and a bedroom is arranged above. Due to the small size of the house, the bed on the second tier is located very close to the ceiling. In order not to experience discomfort, a window was made on the ceiling in the sleeping area. The dining group is placed on the veranda — so it does not clutter up the already small space. In the same place, on the street, there is another recreation area with a fireplace.

6 Mini-house with dressing room and attic

This small house is completely finished with wood and made in the best traditions of eco-style. Most of the area is occupied by a compact but comfortable dining area. It consists of a linear set, a table for two and a soft sofa. At the far end of the house there is a bedroom, and above it there is a small attic, to which a red ladder leads. Next to the head of the bed, a clothes rail is stretched along the entire wall; shirts and dresses can be hung on two sides of the bed.

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