How designers do for themselves: 5 bathrooms from pro apartments


We have already made a selection of kitchens from designer apartments, now it’s the turn of bathrooms. Let’s see how the pros decorate the interiors of these rooms in their apartments.

one A bit of loft and retro

The small studio of Alexander Mershiev is filled with unusual details. White was not used here — it was an experiment and a kind of challenge for Alexander: to decorate a small apartment without a shade traditional for such spaces. There is a lot of retro furniture here: upholstered armchairs, restored chairs. Here is a repainted mass market — a kitchen from Leroy Merlin and a chest of drawers from IKEA. The idea of ​​combining modern textures, even a little brutal, and restored furniture was implemented in the bathroom. So, the walls are covered with tiles with the effect of aging, partially painted. And under the sink is a cabinet that used to be an old chest of drawers. A washing machine is hidden behind a textured curtain — budget and stylish. And household items are stored in a closet with fashionable louvered doors.

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    Bathroom, bathroom

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2 Modern interior with eco and scandi elements

In the apartment of designer Victoria Vishnevskaya, the bathroom also continues the idea of ​​the whole interior — unobtrusive shades, appropriate decor, functionality. Here — gray tiles on the walls, but not boring at the same time — look at the texture and light geometric pattern. All this is complemented by wooden elements — a countertop, a mirror frame, as well as light plumbing and furniture (the cabinet is from IKEA).

3 Bright bathroom with beautiful textured tiles

The studio of designer Kristina Lichik has a modern interior. For her bathroom, the designer chose a light textured tile, which especially “plays” when the backlight is turned on – there is a spectacular frame that demonstrates this.

Also an interesting feature of this interior is the absence of a cabinet under the sink. A washing machine is installed under a slab-style wooden worktop, and all storage is realized in the form of a spacious closet opposite the shower room.

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four Bathroom and toilet with ethnic details

In the apartment of designer Anzhela Yakimovich, which she designed together with her colleague Tatyana Laptieva, there are two bathrooms: a master bathroom and a small guest bathroom.

In both rooms, the mood is created by the details. So, gray porcelain stoneware with a pronounced texture was chosen for the bathroom, but the decor — a picture, plants — “warm” the cold finish. Here you can also pay attention to the fact that the wall opposite the cabinet is half framed with a mirror — a good trick for visually increasing the space.

In a small guest bathroom, gray porcelain stoneware and light beige with a pronounced stone texture are combined. The poster above the hanging toilet creates a light holiday mood.

Please note that designers do not forget about decor in bathrooms. There is a place even for posters and paintings!

5 Spacious room with separate utility area and large bathroom

In the apartment of designer Evgenia Filatova, the bathroom occupies 6.6 square meters, there is a large corner bath, and a utility zone is equipped in the niche — a column of a washing machine and a dryer, a water heater. It is separated from the rest of the space by a light louvered screen — a solution that allowed to hide the utility, but at the same time did not weigh down the interior.

In the decoration — natural textures. This is wood and marble effect porcelain stoneware in three shades: beige-brown on the floor; dark, almost black — in the shell area; light with brown veins — as the main wall decoration.

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