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Window decoration is the very final touch that gives the interior completeness. In addition to color, material and pattern on textiles, other details are also important: for example, there may be a laconic ceiling cornice, interesting lighting from above, or complex multilayer drapery. In this article, we tell you how to beautifully hang curtains in different rooms.

The best window treatments

trend models
Fixing options
— for rings
— on hooks
— on eyelets
Ideas for different rooms
— Kitchen
— Living room
— Bedroom

trend models

Design: Veronika Knyazeva. Photo: Evgeny Gnesin. Style: Olga Vasilyeva

Among the many types of window textiles, there are models that are always in trend and suitable for most styles.

  • curtains — classic curtains to the floor are unlikely to ever go out of fashion. They are stylistically versatile and suitable for any room in the apartment or in the house. Depending on the overall design, the area of ​​​​the room and the size of the windows, these can be either light curtains made of translucent fabric or thick curtains. Often they are hung on windows along with tulle, Roman or roller blinds.
  • Roman — fasten directly to the window opening, when lifting, gathering up into stripes or more decorative folds. They are made from different materials, do not overload the window and are suitable for all rooms, including the cooking area in the kitchen.
  • Rolled — similar to Roman ones, but differ from them in a simpler design and lifting mechanism. Cloths are wound on a gross cornice, which is located on top,
  • Blinds — consist of many horizontal or vertical bars that rotate to open or close the window. Choose from aluminum or bamboo blinds. They can be supplemented with fabric curtains to make the window opening look cozier.
  • Tulle — light curtains made of transparent or translucent fabric, which practically do not protect from the sun, but frame the window very beautifully and complement other, denser textiles.

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    What curtains are in fashion now: 7 trends in 2022 (106 photos)

Types of cornices

Most curtains are not attached directly to the window, but to the cornice. Let’s consider what they are.


According to the type of construction they distinguish:

  • Cornice rod. The classic and most common option is a long cylindrical rod, which is attached to the wall with several brackets. Depending on the size of the window, you can choose a solid or composite model. The bar is made of wood, metal and plastic, closed with tips on the sides, which can be either concise or more decorative. The latter option is often used in classic interiors.
  • Eaves-string. A simple design consisting of two brackets and a string of stainless steel or durable polymer materials stretched between them. Not suitable for very heavy and dense fabrics.
  • Tire. A flat, wide rail made of aluminum or plastic that is attached to a wall or ceiling. The main plus is that there is practically no distance between the surface and the suspension, so you can make longer curtains, thereby visually stretching the room in height, especially if the bus is on the ceiling.
  • Baguette. Such models are made of wood or MDF and hide the place where the curtains are attached, including all hooks and brackets that do not fit into the overall design.

According to the installation method, there are:

  • Wall-mounted — attached to the wall above the window opening. This is a universal option that is suitable for textiles of any density, including heavy fabrics and bulky curtains to the floor.
  • Ceiling — mounted on the ceiling, directly on the plates or special fasteners. They must be very reliable, as there is a high load. This is especially important for suspended or suspended ceilings — before hanging the curtains on the ceiling cornice, make sure that the structure can withstand their weight.

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    Which curtain rod is better to choose: 8 parameters that are important to pay attention to

Fixing options

Now let’s look directly at the ways of attaching the canvas to various types of cornices — the elements can be hidden or, conversely, play the role of an additional decor.

On the rings

A universal option is strong rings strung on a barbell. Also suitable for massive curtains or curtains made of heavy fabrics. In addition, this is an inexpensive type of fastening, and the size and color of the rings can be matched to any interior style. They are suitable for both classics and modern trends: minimalism, contemporary, scandi, etc. They are made of plastic, metal or metal-plastic. The latter is used most often, as it is strong enough, while the rings do not make noise when colliding with each other.

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How beautiful to hang curtains on hooks

Another inexpensive and convenient option for attaching curtains. Suitable for all types of window textiles, except for very heavy curtains. To make curtains or curtains not just hang down, but flow in voluminous lines and gather into a beautiful drapery, you can sew a special wide strip of fabric on top with cords already threaded along the entire length. Also, it usually already has loops for hooks. Before hanging the curtains on the curtain tape, the pockets in it can be stuffed with something to give the folds a clearer shape and volume. For transparent fabrics (for example, tulle or organza), a translucent braid is suitable. For denser materials, any opaque material can be used.

How to tighten the braid step by step:

  • Take out the strings and tie them in a knot on both sides of the curtain — this will help not to pull out all the threads when screeding.
  • Grasping the knot, gently pull the ropes, forming folds of the desired size with your fingers and evenly distributing them along the entire length of the fabric.
  • When the assembly is ready, tie the threads on one side into a knot so that they do not dangle or interfere, and hide it in the inner ribbon pocket.

For eyelets

Visually, eyelets look like rings, but they consist of two halves and are fixed directly on the fabric, and not above it — for this, round holes are cut out in the fabric under them. Depending on their size, curtains can be hung on hooks or directly on a curtain rod. By design, they can be as inconspicuous as possible, practically merging with the material, or, conversely, more vivid and accentuated. This technique looks good if the eyelets are large.

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Ideas for different rooms

Finally, consider how to beautifully hang curtains in the bedroom, kitchen and living room.


Social networks of designer Vera Sheverdenok

Not all types of curtains are suitable for the kitchen. So, for example, in the cooking zone, where there is a lot of moisture, steam and pollution, it is better to abandon massive curtains and expensive capricious fabrics like silk, wool and velvet.

For a window in the working area, roller or Roman blinds, as well as blinds made of moisture-resistant materials, are well suited. Firstly, it is easier to wash out, and secondly, in this case, the less fabric, the better. For a small kitchen, complex compositions are not suitable for a few nearby, with voluminous draperies and an abundance of decorative details. It is better to hang simple-shaped curtains on a concise cornice. Choose the density of matter based on the size and location of the windows. If there is little light in the kitchen, light translucent materials will do. But if there is enough natural light, then dense fabrics will help to cool the hot cooking zone a little.

Remember that light colors visually enlarge the space, and dark windows can create a feeling of tightness and gloom — so be careful with them. If there is a pattern on the canvas, let it echo in style or color with some other interior elements: for example, with decor, trim or tiles on an apron. In the gallery — examples of how to hang curtains in the kitchen in different styles.

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    Curtains for the kitchen: tips for choosing and 105 photos of trendy models

Living room

The design of the windows in the living room depends on which general style is chosen. For example, in minimalism, the focus is on the texture and quality of the material, and not on bright colors. And in the classics, lush decorative elements look appropriate.

Social networks of designer Yulia Barshevskaya

When choosing window textiles, consider the following points:

  • Long curtains look more effective than short ones, and they will also help to hide the radiator from the eyes.
  • The longer the curtains, the higher the room appears. If the ceiling is low, use this technique. A ceiling cornice will help add length to the curtains. Another interesting option is a hidden mount that goes beyond the stretch ceiling. Additionally, LED lighting can be added.
  • If there is no bed in the living room, any materials will do: including only transparent tulle. If the room needs to be darkened, choose either dark thick curtains, or hang blackout curtains on the windows (they are almost invisible when assembled).
  • If the room is spacious enough, you can experiment with decor: for example, make drapes on curtains, hang canvases in several layers, and complement them with beautiful garters.
  • So that the curtains do not stand out against the general background, pick them up almost to match the finish. However, it is important that the color does not match completely, otherwise the interior will seem flat and boring. Also, the lack of bright colors compensates for the material with a pronounced texture: wool, jacquard, etc.
  • Window textiles can also be the main accent in the living room — in this case, choose an active contrasting print.

In the photo below — ideas on how to beautifully hang curtains in the hall.

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In the bedroom, it is important to create a relaxing and relaxing environment — curtains help a lot with this.

Social networks of designer Vera Kamaeva

When choosing a design for windows, consider the features of the room:

  • Curtains must be protected from light. It is best to hang blackouts with 100% overlap of sunlight. Or pick up curtains from a fairly dense fabric that will not let in bright light.
  • If you find it hard to wake up in the morning, make sure that the window is as open as possible and there is enough natural light in the room.
  • A cozy and relaxed atmosphere is created by layering, soft fabrics, various draperies. Also, flowing curtains with fringe will look appropriate here.
  • Use calm natural tones. If you want to make your curtains stand out, look for subdued shades of bright colors that you like. The drawing, if any, should not be too colorful or flashy, so that it is easier for the brain to relax in the bedroom setting.

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