How a designer updated an apartment in a 1947 house: a real example


Customers and tasks

This apartment in a house on Kutuzovsky Prospekt in Moscow was purchased by a woman for herself and her schoolgirl daughter. Before that, the family lived in a country house, but an apartment in the city was needed for convenience, so as not to spend a lot of time on the road through metropolitan traffic jams.

The hostess had several requests to the designer Marina Makarova: organize spacious storage systems, modernize the interior without global repairs and redevelopment, provide two sleeping places in the bedroom — for her and her daughter.


The apartment has a combined kitchen-living room, a spacious bathroom and a separate bathroom, a bedroom with a dedicated dressing room. This layout was made and legalized by the previous owner, and they did not change it. For zoning the bedroom, we decided not to build additional partitions, limited ourselves to a rack that performed this function.


Light paint was chosen for the walls and ceilings in all rooms. Laminate flooring was installed in residential areas. The wet area of ​​the kitchen remained highlighted with tiles in the color of the kitchen worktop and backsplash. In the bathroom on the walls and floor — marble tiles with a light texture.

Light walls have become an excellent backdrop for combining furniture from different “stories” and for the customer’s decor. The dark floor contrasts with them, making the interior more interesting. To support the color of the floor — dark window frames.

“In general, the interior is read as very warm, there are a lot of warm shades (beige, yellow, ocher), and only then you notice that white walls are everywhere, which scare many customers,” the author of the project comments.

Furniture and storage systems

The hostess has a large library, a collection of dishes and decor. All this had to be placed in the apartment. Fortunately, the layout provided space for built-in cabinets. So, in the hallway they installed a wardrobe for outerwear. A closet has been built into the niche in the living area. There is also a storage system for books in the living room. The bedroom has a separate dressing room, but an additional wardrobe and a chest of drawers have been provided in the children’s area.

The kitchen set was left from the previous owner. It’s been improved. The lower bases were left, and the upper ones were made new, with the upper tier up to the ceiling, which made it possible to increase the amount of storage.

The bathroom has a spacious cabinet under the sink, a built-in wardrobe for household items and open shelves.


The lighting that was in the apartment was replaced. There are spotlights on the ceiling. “We took an idea from art galleries and made spotlights with directional light to direct the light onto the paintings later,” the author of the project comments. Additional scenarios were implemented using table lamps. In the bathroom we decided to make a chandelier. Not typical for this area, but it looks impressive.

The editors warn that, in accordance with the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, the coordination of ongoing reconstructions and redevelopments is required.

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Light colors


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