Gray furniture in the interior: combinations and 97 stunning photos


When designing a home, you want it to remain relevant and effective for a long time. For this, the furnishings must be beautiful, practical and versatile. All these qualities have gray furniture in the interior. In today’s article, we tell you what to choose it for and what to combine it with, as well as show stylish examples for different rooms.

Choosing gray furniture

Color Features
Combination rules
— With decoration
— With other furniture
— With textiles
Ideas for different rooms
— Kitchen
— Living room
— Bedroom
— Children’s
— Hallway
— Bathroom

Color Features

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Gray is treated differently: someone considers it boring and faceless, someone considers it luxurious and noble. In fact, associations depend on which shade to represent, and gray has more than 200 of them. It can be light and dark, bright and neutral, cold and warm.

The perception of this color depends on:

  • Undertone — it can be mixed with green, yellow, blue, beige, etc.
  • surface textures.
  • Companion flowers.
  • The amount of light in the room.
  • The presence or absence of a pattern on the surface, etc.

The main advantage of gray is its versatility. It “adjusts” to the environment, emphasizing other shades favorably, does not put pressure on the psyche and does not cause negative associations. Thanks to this, it is suitable for any room (from the nursery to the corridor) and can be used in any quantity. In addition, this achromat does not draw attention to itself, so you can safely use it on a large surface and complement it with various bright accents according to your mood. For example, a sofa in a living room or kitchen set in a neutral color will become a blank canvas that can be brought to life with textiles, decor and other pieces of furniture, adding certain colors, seasonal decorations, etc. At the same time, the product itself will not bore you for a long time, and you will not have to change it soon.

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How and with what to combine

Since gray furniture in the interior combines equally well with all colors, it makes no sense to list specific combinations — any pair will look harmonious. It is more important to understand how to select finishes and other items.


Finishing accounts for the bulk of the palette of any room, so first of all you need to understand what role it will play and what it should be: neutral or saturated, light or dark.

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Now the trend is monochrome interiors — that is, those in which the palette consists of one color, but its different shades are used. Most often, in such cases, it is calm base paints with many different tones that are chosen: beige, brown, the same gray. In this case, it is important to draw up a color scheme so that the furniture does not merge with the floor and finishes. Let, for example, large objects (sofa, wardrobe, bed, suite, etc.) be darker, the floor — with some other undertone, the walls — the lightest. Be sure to use different textures: smooth and embossed, warm and cold, soft and rough. Suitable for multi-color interiors: white, sand, beige, coffee, blue, muted blue, pistachio, almond, lavender.

Another important point is what paint and wallpaper are combined with gray furniture. There are universal rules here.:

  • Light colors visually increase the space, dark colors reduce it.
  • The brighter the picture, the more attention it draws to the actual dimensions of the room. Therefore, it is better to choose an ornament in proportion to the dimensions of the room: a small print for small spaces, a large print for spacious ones, where there is a lot of natural light.
  • If you want to visually stretch the room up, striped wallpaper or with any vertical pattern will do. Horizontal, on the contrary, will visually make the wall wider — this technique can be used in a long narrow room.

In general, the simpler the finish, the more versatile the interior turns out: it will not get bored for a long time, and it is easier to add bright colors to it with the help of decor and textiles. If the combination of basic gray with other calm shades seems too boring for you, but at the same time you do not want to risk with a colorful finish, there is a great compromise — an accent wall. Decorate it with wallpaper, decorative plaster, wall panels or ordinary paint.

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With other furniture

The number and color of furniture in the room depends on the purpose of the room, its size and overall design.

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There are two options:

  • All furniture in the room is grey.
  • Some of the products are in a neutral color, some are accented.

In the first case, the bet is again made on invoices. A standard sofa, kitchen set and bar counter in the same shade will look flat. It’s a completely different matter if you add different surfaces: velvety or leather upholstery, terrazzo or marbled countertops, glossy facades and metallic tiles for the backsplash. Or, for example, a bed, bedside tables and a wardrobe in the bedroom. Let them be in the same color scheme, but the halftones and textures are different.

If you add bright accents, smoky elements will balance them. Two scenarios are also possible here: larger neutral furniture and small colored details (for example, a pouffe, a table, a cabinet under the sink, a chair) and vice versa. In the second case, calm elements will balance a bright and large accent piece.

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What curtains are suitable for gray furniture

The color of curtains and other decorative textiles is chosen based on the general style of the room and the design idea.

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A few important rules:

  • If people sleep in the room, it is better to use darker curtains made of thick fabric for the windows so that they protect from direct sunlight. Any shades of brown, green, red, blue, purple — and, of course, gray will do.
  • If the room, on the contrary, does not have enough natural light or the windows face north, it is important not to block the sun. Use light fabrics in light colors: white, blue, beige, light gray, mint green, yellow, pastel lilac, etc.
  • In a monochrome interior, textiles are selected in the same range as all other elements, but it can be distinguished using an ornament or an active texture: dense wool, fringe, fur, silk, velvet, coarse knit, etc.
  • If you need to create bright accents in the room, textiles are just right for this role. For example, complement the smoky sofa in the living room with multi-colored decorative pillows, the bed with linens or rich-colored curtains, the dining area with a tablecloth with a beautiful pattern and light colorful curtains.

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Ideas for different rooms


The central place in the cooking zone is occupied by a kitchen set — this is the largest and most noticeable element of the interior.

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Facades of saturated dark tones are suitable for minimalism and loft: anthracite, slate, asphalt, marengo. The surface can be smooth or, conversely, textured. Dark matte headsets look very impressive, but it is important to remember that this is not the most practical choice — all traces and stains will be visible.

For light neoclassical, scandi or contemporary, choose lighter and warmer shades: mother-of-pearl, marshmallow, greyge (mixture with beige), platinum, etc. They reveal themselves especially beautifully on noble wooden surfaces with decorative carvings and in combination with transparent glass details.

Also in gray tones chairs, a bar counter or a dining table, a small sofa can be made.

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Living room

A graphite or smoky sofa is a versatile option for a living room in any style: from classic to loft.

If you want to soften the shade, choose upholstery with a warm soft texture like velvet or velor. If, on the contrary, you want to add spectacular brutality, take a closer look at eco-leather. Be sure to complement the product with textiles so that a calm shade does not seem too boring: decorative pillows, a blanket, a carpet in a soft group. If the sofa, on the contrary, is accented (for example, red, yellow or bright blue), grayish tones will help balance it. Let the chair, shelving or any other furniture be neutral. It is also better to make the decoration calm and monophonic.

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For a recreation area, it is important that all elements of the interior are calm, comfortable and help to relax.

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A gray bed, especially with a soft headboard or base, looks very stylish and conducive to relaxation. If the overall palette is light and the overall environment is light and airy, choose shades of gray diluted with white and beige. For a more intimate and intimate setting, deep dark tones on the texture of wood or metal are suitable. In a masculine bedroom, this could be an almost black bed, wardrobe or desk.

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The children’s palette should be both cheerful and calm, so that an active child in his room can relax, tune in to study or creative activities.

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Light achromat is suitable as a base: for example, in a mother-of-pearl or marshmallow shade, you can make a bed, a sports wall, storage systems or a workplace. For teenage boys who love video games, space, technology or sports, a dramatic dark setting will do. But it is important that the room does not look too gloomy, so be sure to dilute such a palette with bright accents: yellow, orange, white, blue, etc.


The design of the hallway should be primarily practical, since a lot of dirt accumulates daily in the entrance area, and it must be cleaned frequently.

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Therefore, gray for furniture is ideal here. Do not forget to add bright accents: for example, if a large storage system is made in this color, complement it with a bright ottoman or bench. In a monochrome neutral interior, use interesting textures for this: gold and brass, crystal, glass, velvet.

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In a typical bathroom, there is usually little furniture. Usually this is only one or two storage systems.

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If the whole room is decorated in soothing basic colors, a vanity cabinet or utility cabinet in slate, steel or mother-of-pearl shades will fit perfectly into the interior. These tones look advantageous against the background of metal, mirror and glass details that are often present in the bathroom.

Grey colour


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