good old books


good old books

Photo: House of Fraser

01 Another angle of view

To prevent the books on the shelves from looking too formal, arrange them not only vertically, but also horizontally, and also break up the color rhythm of the bindings with decorative accessories.

Today, designers create objects with rows of read books that have nowhere to store, but it’s a pity to throw them away, performing the functions of furniture.

02 Always at hand

A convenient option for placing books will be shelves built into upholstered furniture. For example, located in the area of ​​​​the armrests or behind the back of the sofa.

03 Furniture with intelligence

A coffee table can also be a great place to store literature: the Big El floor system, the modules of which are connected using magnets (a); Book Porcupine model with 17 different sections for placing books (b); James Port wooden table (c).

04 Word vertical

Another solution is to build a tower of tomes using column shelving. It is interesting that the shelves in some models are lost among the multi-colored spines, creating the feeling that the books are simply stacked in a pile.

05 Hooked

There are also structures for storing frequently used books (collections of recipes in the kitchen, school textbooks, encyclopedias), in which the shelves or the publications themselves are suspended using special holders.

06 Puzzle

The concept of many creations includes elements of play and creativity. For example, designers offer to assemble a composition from many shelves on the wall, because books in such a frame become art objects.

07 Bedtime stories

To organize the storage of books in a small private area, adopt «cunning» decorating techniques. For example, place the publications behind the head of the bed, or use the space under the sleeping bed for this purpose.

Numerous volumes can be «settled» in the bedroom under the ceiling, which will significantly save space in a modest room

08 Smart environment

Real bibliophiles can fit shelves into any free nooks and crannies: under the ceiling, in corners or narrow niches, border the door and window with them.

  • Source: Ideas for Your Home Magazine#215


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