Getting ready for the season: 7 cozy zones on the balcony


one Minimalist seating area on a compact balcony

Even on the smallest balcony, you can equip a cozy lounge area for relaxation. Here on 3 sq. m placed a comfortable deep armchair and a pouffe, which is also used as a tea table. On the opposite side there is a low chest of drawers — there was even a place for storage, albeit a compact one. On the floor — a practical wood-look vinyl tile. Of course, panoramic glazing gives a special atmosphere: it gives a feeling of air and seems to expand the boundaries of the balcony.

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    Balconies and loggias

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2 Balcony with spacious closet and seating area

In this project, they made a small redevelopment associated with a balcony. The window block between it and the kitchen was removed, resulting in a single cozy space (for official approval, this block is necessary — editor’s note). Immediately at the entrance there is a large closet, one of the storage places in the apartment. On the other side, a seating area in the form of an elegant velor armchair was traditionally placed. Thanks to a bright palette (turquoise and pink go great together!) and an unusual wall lamp that looks like soap bubbles, this loggia does not look standard.

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    Balconies and loggias

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3 Relaxing loggia with live plants

The gray color is multifaceted: the light shade that was chosen for the loggia in the photo is very pleasant and soft. Its simple beauty is accentuated by a few bright accents: a turquoise armchair and several plants in different places. We also didn’t forget about the little details that make a non-residential room cozy and habitable: a mix of various planters, posters on the walls, and other decor. There are no textiles on the windows, and if necessary, neat blinds will protect from the sun.

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four Warm balcony interior for family leisure

In this cozy family apartment, just like in one of the previous projects, the window block leading to the kitchen was removed. But due to the layout and the overall style, the effect turned out to be completely different. Firstly, the load-bearing column on the balcony was decorated with brickwork, and the opposite wall was decorated with artistic painting. Infrequently, such attention is paid to the design of non-residential space — it looks decent! And since the baby often plays here, the interior is complemented by a bench with a soft seat, baskets with toys and lots of pillows.

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5 Cozy white loggia in stalinka

Once upon a time, the balcony in this stalinka looked completely different — unglazed and unkempt. Now it’s hard to imagine, because the new bright space radiates freshness, purity, style. There are two zones here. The first is a rather deep gray sofa, which is great to read a book under natural light. The second is a place for cozy tea parties or refreshing cocktails with high chairs and a compact table. The perfect mix for a relaxing balcony!

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6 Stylish relaxation area on a small balcony

The decor of this balcony is minimalistic — only two stylish black wicker chairs and a pair of shelves for decor in harmony with them. But the aesthetics don’t end there. The main color is light gray, and complements it with a sunny, but not flashy shade of yellow. One of the side walls is finished with horizontal wooden slats: they look appropriate both in living rooms and on the balcony. Stylish wall sconces, plants in minimalist pots, faux fluffy skins complete the overall picture.

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    Balconies and loggias

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7 Outdoor balcony with a resort atmosphere and stunning views

Perhaps, having such an unglazed spacious balcony is like going on vacation for a short time every day. In addition to the fact that it offers a beautiful view of the city and the river, the interior itself is imbued with a resort spirit. Seats — a sofa and an armchair on a wicker base with soft cushion seats. Nearby is a small home jungle that enhances the feeling of harmony. The walls and ceiling are finished with vertical slats, which gives the space an intimacy and comfort. To visually unify the balcony with the adjacent kitchen, the same tiles were laid on the floor in both areas.


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