Gates and gates for a private house: modern solutions, materials and 81 photos


They block the way for outsiders, but open wide for guests. They protect our home and at the same time perform an important decorative function. This article will discuss gates and gates for a private house.

All about choosing gates and wickets for your home

Types of gates by type of opening
– Swing
— Retractable
– lifting
Types by type of action
— Standard
— Automatic
Types of gates: built-in and freestanding
– Decking
— Euro picket fence
— louver filling
— Welded
— Forged
— Ranch
— Laser cutting
How to choose sizes

Types of gates by type of opening


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This is a classic, traditional version. The design is as simple as possible: support poles, on which there are metal mortgages, two wings are hinged to the mortgages.

The advantages of this type include:

  1. Simplicity. There is almost nothing to break here. And the simpler the design, the more durable it is and the longer it will not need repairs.
  2. Price. Swinging metal gates with a gate are an inexpensive solution. This applies to purchase, installation and maintenance.

But there is one significant minus: swing doors need a lot of space to open. As a rule, they swing open inside the site so as not to create inconvenience and danger for passers-by and passing cars. In addition, many owners of swing models face difficulties in winter. To open the door, you have to regularly clean the snow.


The principle of operation is clear from the name. The sash moves to the side, along the fence, freeing the passage.

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However retractable designs are different:

  1. The most modern and at the same time complex model is the console one. In this case, the sash does not touch the ground. In its lower part there is a guide beam. This beam moves on roller bearings. Usually there are two. Such supports are installed on the foundation.
  2. Rail. A rail is laid in the passage at ground level, and rollers attached to the bottom of the sash move along it. The disadvantage of this model is that dirt, sand, snow can get inside the rail. It will have to be cleaned so that there are no problems with movement.
  3. Suspended. Perhaps the rarest model. The door moves with the help of rollers along a metal beam located above the opening. This beam limits the height of vehicles that can pass through such an opening.

At sliding gates with a gate, as in the photo below, there are several benefits.

  • They save space. The sash moves along the fence.
  • In winter, they are not afraid of snowdrifts. Maximum — you have to clean the rail itself.

In the same time this design is quite is more difficult to maintain and repair.


We are used to seeing similar solutions for the garage. But now they are also used to equip the opening in the fencing of private houses.

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The lifting mechanism is chosen if there is not enough space for the swing, and uneven terrain or a short length of the fence interferes with the installation of the retractable. The lifting model works, as a rule, according to the roll principle: the canvas is “wound” on a special shaft.

You can also install a sectional design. But then the race should lead directly under the carport. The peculiarity of the sectional sash is that part of the lifting mechanism is located under the ceiling. The door itself consists of several horizontal stripes. When opened, these strip-sections move up one after the other along the guide rails. And as a result, they are located under the ceiling.

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    How to make a gate with your own hands: features of swing, sliding and lifting structures

Types of gates by type of action

There are two types.


This is the case when to open it you need to get out of the car and manually perform some manipulations. Not the most convenient option. But mechanical opening will save the family budget.


A more modern, comfortable, but also more expensive choice. Special mechanisms can be installed on swing, sliding, and lifting structures.

To activate it, just press a button on the remote control or use your smartphone. Technologies allow you to set up opening, for example, by calling a specific number.

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What are the gates

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By location they can be divided into two types:

  1. Doors built into the leaf. Thus, gates with a wicket inside are obtained — these are retractable or swing models. In the case of a lifting option, you will need a separate opening. The built-in door does not have many pros. The main thing is saving money. No need to equip a separate passage. But there are much more disadvantages. Firstly, such a model cannot be made without a threshold at the bottom and an upper beam above the head. And this can be very inconvenient in some situations. For example, if you need to go with a stroller or bring something high. Secondly, the built-in passage for pedestrians is an additional load on the sash. And frequent opening and closing will increase the risk of sagging and deformation of the canvas. In addition, a wide gate inside the canvas will not work.
  2. Stand alone. A significant advantage is the absence of all of the above nuances.


Usually the gate and the pedestrian door, even if it is separate, are made of the same material. There are rare and common options. Rarer ones include, for example, tempered glass. More often, two main materials are chosen: metal or wood.

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Thanks to modern coatings, it is almost not subject to adverse natural factors. Easily tolerates changes in weather, temperature changes, humidity, he is not afraid of the sun and wind. A metal structure can last for decades. The only thing that may be required is to periodically tint it. However, if even a little damage is allowed, corrosion can begin. There are a lot of variations of metal gates and gates. From affordable and outwardly simple to designer, complex and, as a result, expensive solutions.


This is more «capricious» material, it requires attention. The tree is constantly in need of processing. It is not only about protection from moisture, but also from pests, ignition. Due to the characteristics of wood, a structure made of it will be prone to drying out and swelling.

But wooden products are quite easy to repair. With proper maintenance, the tree will also serve for many years. And, of course, a fence with a drive-in for a car and a wooden gate is a harmonious, environmentally friendly and natural solution for a country house.

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Wooden gates and gates, as a rule, are made of a metal frame and boards fixed on it vertically or horizontally. But there are much more options for the execution of metal structures.

Gate from a professional flooring with a gate

Perhaps the most affordable choice. Decking — sheets of galvanized steel. They are quite thin, light, easy to install, wear-resistant.

Euro fence or metal fence

Another relatively inexpensive solution. Eurostudent consists of separate metal strips. They can be mounted in one row or in two rows in a checkerboard pattern.

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Louvred filling

Reminds me of window blinds. But this similarity is only superficial. There is no turning mechanism. Consists of metal lamellas. They can be located both tightly, without gaps, and at intervals.

Welded structures

They differ from the previous ones in decorativeness. But from prying eyes is unlikely to protect. Fences and gates of this type are transparent, unless they are combined with glass or polycarbonate.


The most expensive option. Forged gates with a wicket — a special decoration of the site. They are made by craftsmen manually and are able to realize even the complex idea of ​​the author of the project. Can be made according to an individual sketch.


It is a pillar to which horizontal metal lamellas or wooden boards, bars are attached.

laser cutting

With its help, whole paintings are created from metal. Fences and doors are translucent, openwork.

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What sizes to choose

Clear rules are not written anywhere. But when choosing the width of the passage, experts advise starting from the size of family cars. On average, it is better to make an opening not already three meters. And if it is located at an angle, even wider.

As for the door for pedestrians, it is better to lay an opening no narrower than a meter. Or a little more. Then you can safely walk with bags in your hands.


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When choosing the appearance of the gate and gate, it is important to consider several points.

  • They must be combined with each other and with the fence that goes from the side of the facade of the house. Therefore, it is better to order everything together.
  • They should be combined with the style of the main house, be a logical continuation of both the facade and the design of the adjoining area. Forged structures with an ornate pattern will look strange against the backdrop of a high-tech house. However, like corrugated board against the background of a building in the spirit of a classic estate.
  • It is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the nature of family members. How important is privacy to them? Or do they allow for open, transparent designs? After all, in the end, the main task is the comfort and peace of mind of the owners.


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