For inspiration: 7 perfect examples of decorating a summer balcony


one Decorate railings with branches

You can add natural mood to the design of the summer balcony with your own hands. To do this, pick up an armful of branches and thread them between the bars in the balcony railing. You get a beautiful wicker wall that will look very colorful and even protect you a little from the wind. And if you add eco-style accessories to the loggia, you get a harmonious natural interior.

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    Balconies and loggias

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2 Add brightness

Even the most saturated colors under the warm summer sun look appropriate. And if in the interior of the apartment they run the risk of quickly tiring, then on the balcony you can use a multi-colored palette without fear. Simple ways to make a loggia brighter are to repaint the countertop (especially plank), add bright decorations and colorful pillows. Decor and textiles can be easily hidden from view and replaced with a more calm one if at some point you get tired of the rich colors.

  • 7 wow ideas for decorating a summer balcony

    Balconies and loggias

    7 wow ideas for decorating a summer balcony

3 Set up a place for tea

Even on the smallest balcony, you can put a small table and a couple of folding chairs. If you’re short on space, attach a fold-out tabletop to the wall, or set up a compact folding table that you can take out and put away whenever you want. A cozy corner for tea drinking or an atmospheric breakfast in the fresh air can be decorated with home plants in flowerpots, aroma candles and beautiful lamps. No electricity? Use LED lighting!

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four Set up indoor plants

Summer is the perfect time to put indoor plants on the balcony. The warm season is great for a variety of varieties, including capricious ones. As a last resort, bring some plants back into the apartment overnight. A summer balcony can replace not only a flower bed, but also a whole garden. Just plant vegetables, fragrant herbs or greens in pots — you will get real mini-beds, and there will always be a fresh treat on the table.

5 Set up a comfortable place to relax

A small sofa or deck chair will be a wonderful addition to a summer balcony. You can sunbathe on it and enjoy warm evenings with a cup of tea or a cocktail. And also to enjoy outdoor gatherings with friends — for example, if you brought a couple of chairs to the balcony or just throw an armful of decorative pillows on the floor.

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6 Hang a hammock chair

A standard sofa can be replaced with a hanging hammock, especially if the loggia is small. It can be classic elongated or in the format of a chair. In any case, this is a great option for a relaxation area on the balcony. A hammock does not need too much space, and such a vacation will bring a lot of pleasure.

7 Set up an outdoor library

For lovers of reading, the open loggia will become a cozy outdoor reading room in the warm season. If you don’t have a table, screw a small fold-out tabletop to the wall so you can put a book on it and place a cup of tea on it. Set up a comfortable seating area nearby. And arrange your favorite publications on a hanging shelf or a small rack. Take care that the books do not get water during the rain: prepare a protective cover or make doors.

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