Down with stereotypes: 6 beautiful bedrooms where bright colors were used


one Bright bedroom with a bright blue wall

Blue color is quite complex, it is not suitable for every room. Use it for decoration if the room is well lit and there are contrasting warm shades in the palette. For example, in the interior of this bedroom, the bright color of the accent wall is adjacent to the light brown headboard, brass lamps and the rest of the white trim. Sunlight floods the room from the windows, and the overall picture of the interior is very beautiful.

2 Bedroom with pink ceiling

This bedroom has several accent elements at once: a wrought-iron twisted headboard in a copper shade, an unusual ceiling lamp, and a colorful pattern on the wallpaper. But first of all, the ceiling painted in pink attracts the eye. It looks unusual, but it is perfect for this room, especially when combined with butterfly wings on the wall and a lush bouquet of peonies in a vase. It turned out a light and romantic interior of the women’s bedroom with its own twist.

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3 Bedroom with author’s wall painting

The wall behind the head of the bed in this room was painted by the artist. She created an abstract pattern that resembles waves. He enters the interior flush-mounted door, thereby additionally masking it. The marine theme is continued by a poster with diving women on the wall. The image is completed with textiles in different shades: from rich dark aqua to light blue. Despite the cold palette, the interior looks cozy and relaxed thanks to white and beige elements, transparent lamps and soft textures.

four Bedroom with active decor

There are many bright elements in this bedroom: walls, textiles, decor. A deep shade of sea wave was chosen for decoration, while it looks more like a backdrop for colorful textiles and contrasting posters. The palette was based on the classic combination of two opposite shades: here it is blue and yellow. Together they create the necessary balance and make the bright interior harmonious.

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    Colors in the interior

    5 interiors with bright walls that break stereotypes

5 Spectacular contrasting bedroom

A gentle blue hue on the walls makes the interior of this bedroom very light and airy. Against its background, a warm mustard shade of yellow stands out brightly. The overall picture is completed by a colorful floral pattern on the decorative pillows that adorn the bed. It is made in a similar style as the picture with a bouquet of wildflowers above the headboard, and fills the bedroom with a summer mood, even if it is cloudy outside.

6 Bedroom with bright wallpaper

The palette in this room was based on two colors: bright blue and muted pink. These two contrasting shades together form a balanced effective combination. The link between the main colors is the wallpaper on the wall behind the bed. They are painted with a pattern resembling huge flowers with blue and pink petals. The rest of the decor maintains the set tone: a blue bed, pink textiles, a lilac wardrobe, refreshing splashes of white and lime. Despite the bright palette and active finishes, the bedroom looks cozy and sets you up for relaxation.

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