Don’t chase the sale: 7 best analogues of popular IKEA bathroom products


one Alternative to the Brogrund towel rack


Metal laconic towel holders look more aesthetically pleasing than multi-colored plastic hooks, and nothing will fall from them. At the same time, you can hang towels neatly folded and leave space between them so that they dry out better. The analogue of the Swedish holder has four crossbars instead of three, you can hang towels for the whole family and there will be room for various little things.

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2 Alternative to the hanging organizer «Nordren»


In a small bathroom, it is useful to use the door for additional storage. A soft organizer with several compartments will help relieve all horizontal surfaces and get rid of visual noise. The analog from the mass market has more compartments — you can allocate storage space for each family member and leave a couple of compartments for common little things like cotton pads.

3 Alternative to the set of containers «Godmorgon»


To make bathroom storage more aesthetic, use darkened clear plastic containers. They will fit cotton pads, nail scissors and other little things. Such storage looks neat, and all items are easy to find. The only downside to small containers is that they fall off the shelves and need to be constantly rearranged to get something if they are stacked on top of each other. An analogue may be more convenient for many — this is one large container with compartments — it is easy to open, carry, and it definitely will not fall.

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four An alternative to the Saxborg container set


Another neat and beautiful way to store small things like cotton pads is transparent jars on a wooden stand. Make sure that the lid closes tightly, otherwise moisture from the air will get inside. The alternative set has five jars instead of three, and they stand on a two-level stand, which is convenient and practical.

5 Alternative to the Gangshyong bathroom set


Liquid soap dispensers for the bathroom are not just a tribute to style and a desire to get rid of the visual noise of store labels. Large liter packs of soap are more economical and help to take care of the environment by reducing personal consumption of plastic. A similar set has two cups instead of one, you can separate, for example, brushes for children and adults.

6 An alternative to the Tisken toothbrush holder


Those who don’t like to put things on the sink or need extra storage in the shower stall will love the Velcro cups. They look neat, blend in with light-colored tiles, and can be moved anywhere in the bathroom at any time.

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7 Alternative to Lindbün table mirror


A small table mirror can be useful in the bathroom as an addition to the main one for various beauty treatments. The analogue of the Swedish mirror has the same laconic frame, but more available shades. It will be possible to match the mirror to the accent color of the bathroom so that it blends with other details.



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