Design of a bathroom with a toilet: 6 ready-made layouts and 90 photo examples


On the one hand, a combined bathroom gives more room for planning. On the other hand, you need to place all the necessary zones in one room, most often a small one. In this article, we will tell you how to design a bathroom with a toilet and a bathtub or a shower cabin so that it is both beautiful and functional. We will analyze the layouts and photos of real projects.

All about the design of the bathroom, combined with a toilet

Pros and cons
General Tips
— Examples of layouts
Design Ideas
— Color spectrum
– Finishing
— Plumbing

Pros and cons

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There is no universal answer, which is better — a combined or separate bathroom. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Consider what is good about the option of a combined bathroom and toilet, and what are the pitfalls.


  • More space. The absence of a wall between the bathroom and the toilet is an additional usable area. In small spaces, even a few square centimeters can play a decisive role — sometimes they are not enough to fit the right cabinet under the sink or washing machine in the bathroom.
  • More layout optionsand. In a separate bathroom, there is literally no room for maneuver: in two micro-rooms, the arrangement of furniture and plumbing is usually obvious. If you combine them, more options appear: for example, installing a corner bowl or toilet bowl diagonally, creating a niche.
  • Cheaper repair. In general, it is always easier and cheaper to repair one room than two. Less preparatory work and material costs (at least no wall to be tiled or painted on both sides), only one door needed, easier tiling, etc.
  • More space for creativity. Despite the fact that the bathroom is primarily a technical room, it is the same part of the interior, and you want to decorate it not only functionally, but also beautifully. There are more design options for a combined bathroom with a bath or shower: you can play with different finishing materials, add decor, make interesting zoning with a color or a glass partition.


  • No privacy — if one of the household members loves long water procedures, the rest will either have to wait a long time or use the bathroom at the same time: for example, fencing off with a curtain. If one person lives in an apartment, there will be no problems at all. Couples usually also easily solve this issue. But for a large family of 4-5 people, sharing a bathroom will definitely be problematic.
  • Bad smell — with good ventilation and a powerful hood, it will disappear quickly, but not immediately. You can use an air freshener, but not everyone will like its chemical scent either.
  • Additional expenses — if you didn’t get the combined bathroom in finished form, and you combine two rooms, you will have to spend money on dismantling the wall. Additional expense items may also be added here: for waterproofing, communications, etc.

  • Design of a small bathroom with a toilet: ideas for arrangement and examples of projects (100 photos)

    Bathroom, bathroom

    Design of a small bathroom with a toilet: ideas for arrangement and examples of projects (100 photos)

General Tips

Thinking through the layout, it is necessary to solve two problems at once: how to place everything you need in a small area and how to zone the space.

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Here a few general tips:

  • First of all, consider the location of the plumbing. It is better to start with the toilet, placing it as close as possible to the riser — so there will be no problems with communications. Then choose the place for the sink according to the same principle.
  • Bath or shower is a matter of personal preference and specific life scenarios. If it is important for you to lie in the bathroom, and there is not enough space, it is better to sacrifice something else, but put a bowl. In other cases, almost always a shower will be a more profitable solution.
  • If several people live in the apartment and at least sometimes two people use the room at once, consider zoning. The ideal option is a beautiful glass screen. It can also be a curtain, a wall or a wall of a shower box (in this case, the toilet falls into the resulting niche).
  • In an attempt to fit everything you need into a limited footage, do not forget about the basic principles of ergonomics. Leave at least minimal passages between the toilet, sink, stall. If there are cabinets with doors or drawers, there should be enough space in front of them.

Examples of successful layouts

Wall placement

This is a classic layout for a small plumbing unit of the correct form.

Plumbing and furniture arrangement
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Plumbing and furniture are placed on the walls. Here the bowl is matched exactly to the width of the room, it can be replaced with a shower box of the same size or a more compact cabin, adding to the vacated space, for example, a bidet, a compact washing machine or additional storage.

Along one wall

Here, on the contrary, all the plumbing was placed one after another in a row on the right side

Small space for...
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A small free space opposite was given under the utility closet, which was made according to the size of the corner to the right of the entrance.

with shower box

This layout is functionally very similar to the first option, only instead of a bowl, part of the room is occupied by a shower area.

She turned out enough
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It turned out to be quite voluminous, taking almost half of the total area. Inside the box, you can make shelves, thus adding storage space.

With corner bath

This is a great option for those who have a small bathroom, but do not want to put a shower.

Such a seated model takes &...
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Such a seated model takes up as much space as a standard cab. Thanks to compact plumbing and an angled toilet, there was enough space for a standard washing machine.

Two sinks and a shower

On the same area as in options No. 1 and No. 3, it is quite possible to fit two sinks.

The shower area in this example is made ...
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The shower area in this example was made small in size, placed not at the end opposite the entrance, as is most often done, but on the left — the box stood exactly along the width of the wall. A utility closet was placed in the far right corner, opposite it there is a hanging toilet bowl with an installation.

With a wall

And here is an example of a full-fledged zoning of a combined bathroom.

5.9 sq.  m - a large enough area ...
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5.9 sq. m — a fairly large area, so it was possible to place everything you need and even clearly highlight the functional areas. So, a toilet bowl was placed opposite the entrance, and a place for hygiene procedures was organized in the far part of the room: they put a bowl, a sink, even a washing machine got in. This area is separated from the toilet by a fairly thick wall in which a storage system was organized.

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Combined bathroom design ideas

Consider the most important aspects when designing a combined bathroom with a bath and shower.

Color spectrum

Since this is a non-residential premises, you can safely experiment with the palette here: combine several bright shades, make dark walls, add contrasting combinations.

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Choosing colors, follow the general rules:

  • Light colors visually increase the space. If the room is very small, it is better to take white, beige, light shades of gray as the basis for the palette. Such a palette is almost always used in scandi and eco-style.
  • So that the interior of the bathroom does not look visually overloaded, saturated colors are usually used as accents. If you like bright colors, you can take several active shades, but be sure to balance them with a neutral base: white, gray, beige, brown. The more saturated shades you use, the calmer the ornaments should be — or do without them at all.
  • Remember about the unity of color temperature: warm shades look more harmonious together, cold ones, respectively, too. You can combine: for example, there is a classic combination of blue and beige or white and yellow. But choose the undertone of each color so that they do not conflict with each other.
  • The dark palette is also popular in bathrooms. In this case, it is important that the room does not turn into a cramped gloomy box. Dilute black, dark gray, brown and other deep tones with light contrasts: for example, white sanitary ware, airy mother-of-pearl tint, light wood texture, etc.

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Everything is simple here: first of all, practicality is important. Porcelain stoneware and tiles are the best materials for a bathroom.

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Walls can also be painted with a waterproof compound, finished with microcement or decorative panels. Sometimes wallpaper is accentuated — high-quality moisture-resistant canvases (for example, non-woven or vinyl) are suitable, but it is still better to glue them away from water: for example, in a storage area or above the toilet.

Also remember that trim is a great zoning tool. In a combined bathroom, only if it is not quite tiny, two types of tiles will almost always look better — or ceramics and paint. Firstly, this way the finish does not look monotonous, the eye has something to catch on. Secondly, it allows you to visually delimit the zones: for example, tile the shower room, and paint the walls in the toilet area.

The floor is made either neutral (most often it is monochromatic porcelain stoneware imitating stone or marble), or, conversely, accented — if a calm monochromatic finish is chosen for the walls. In this case, tiles with a large contrasting pattern or, for example, terrazzo, are suitable for flooring.

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Plumbing in the bathroom takes center stage. Minimum set: toilet, sink, shower or bowl.

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Most often, a washing machine and a dryer are placed here, sometimes there is enough space for a bidet. If the footage is limited, most likely, you will have to give up something or look for non-standard solutions: for example, replace an ordinary washing machine with a miniature wall model or make a small shower box according to individual sizes.

When choosing plumbing, three criteria are important:

  • Classic or pendant? A wall-hung toilet or sink is more expensive than standard free-standing counterparts, but it saves space, looks visually lighter and makes cleaning easier. This is almost always the best option.
  • White or colored? White plumbing is a classic. Large selection of different models in any price category. Black, and even more so colored products look very impressive, but they are more expensive, and the range is much smaller. In addition, stains, traces of plaque and pollution are more visible on a dark surface. An interesting option is to combine white and black (or colored) plumbing. For example, put a light sink and a black toilet. It looks unusual and convenient in terms of cleaning — in a wet area, a white surface is more practical.
  • Bath or shower? Cabin or box, as a rule, takes up less space. The shower saves water and time (no need to wait until the bath is full), suitable for those who find it difficult to climb over high sides. But it will not be possible to arrange spa treatments with fragrant foam in it.

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