Curtains in the bedroom: modern style trends, selection rules and 100 photos


The bedroom is a special place. This is the place where we rest, relax, recuperate and replenish energy. The main task is to create conditions for a comfortable, full sleep. Therefore, when choosing curtains in a modern style for the bedroom, it is important to take into account several points at once. And this is not only the appearance, but also design features, material and much more. All the information you need is gathered in this article.

All about bedroom curtains

Types of curtains:
— Classic
– Roman
— Rolled
– Blinds and shutters
Light transmission of curtains
Selection rules

What is fashionable now

If you spend a little time and get acquainted with the photos of the work of modern interior designers, you can see a number of common points in choosing textiles for windows.

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What are the curtains for the bedroom now in fashion?

  1. Natural fabrics, no artificial sheen.
  2. Laconic design, simple shapes.
  3. Layering. Designers offer a variety of ideas. They combine classic curtains with Roman or roll curtains, with blinds and shutters. Sometimes the number of layers can even reach three: roller / Roman blinds, tulle, curtains.
  4. Double curtains. It’s also about versatility. But in this case, two canvases of classic straight curtains of different colors are combined on the window.
  5. Two-tone curtains in the bedroom in a modern style. Another trend. Colors can smoothly transition from one to another, the canvas can be divided into two colors horizontally or vertically with a clear border. For example, the classic combination of brown and beige, brighter — white with blue, strict — gray with purple or lilac.
  6. Hidden or minimalist cornice. Carved, massive structures receded into the background, giving way to simpler forms.

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    What curtains are in fashion now: 7 trends in 2022 (106 photos)

Types of curtains for the bedroom


By this word, we mean traditional curtains or curtains with a straight cut. This is a universal option.

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For a bedroom in a modern style, they usually choose a simple design of curtains, leave them to fall freely on the floor, without unnecessary decorative elements. The same goes for minimalist or high-tech styles.


Roman blind — lifting. When folded, it is a horizontal strip of fabric, collected in even folds. In the lowered — a smooth canvas covering the glass.

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It can be both minimalistic and very expressive and decorative. It all depends on the color and pattern. In addition, there are so-called cascading Roman blinds — with a drapery effect. On such models, the canvas is collected in large, beautiful folds. They remain even if the curtain is lowered.

Roman blinds in the interior of the bedroom can be an independent element of window decor. A simple, monochromatic model is a solution for minimalism, hi-tech, loft styles. Cascading — suitable for neoclassical interiors. And the combination with curtains or curtains is universal. It will be appropriate in almost all cases.

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    We decorate windows beautifully: Roman blinds in the interior


Not the most obvious solution for a bedroom. Many consider such curtains too «stationery» and «office». And there is some truth in this. Roller shutters are outwardly as simple and unpretentious as possible.

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As a rule, it is a dense monophonic fabric, without patterns and other decorative techniques. Like the Roman one, this curtain is lifting. But it does not fold into folds, but is wound on a special rod. Therefore, there are no cascades in this case. Everything is extremely modest.

However, shutters may be appropriate, for example, if the bedroom needs to be shaded from the bright sun. True, they are rarely used alone. Usually, — complete with straight curtains or curtains.

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    Selection and installation of roller blinds: an overview of all parameters and instructions

Blinds and shutters

This, of course, is not curtains at all, but a great solution for a bedroom in a modern design.

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They cope with the main tasks on «5»: they scatter light and protect from direct rays and prying eyes. Therefore, we have included them in our list. Another plus: they are a salvation for allergy sufferers. No extra washing, and the dust can be easily wiped off with a regular cloth.

Blinds and shutters can now be found in the most stylish and relevant interiors. Designers actively resort to their help. But they choose not plastic, but wood or metal, and, as in the case of roller shutters, they often make up a duet: curtains + blinds. It looks unusual and therefore interesting.

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    Which blinds are better to choose for windows: all about the types and materials

What fabrics are suitable

In the bedroom, as a rule, they hang quite thick curtains. For their tailoring, you can use different types of fabrics. What curtain materials are relevant for a modern style bedroom in 2022? Let’s talk about the main ones.



This is a luxurious, dense fabric. It almost does not wrinkle, keeps its shape well, perfectly blocks the path of the sun’s rays, and is resistant to fading. All this can be achieved thanks to a special weave of threads. In addition to the fact that this weave makes jacquard incredibly durable, it also creates unusual patterns. Today, jacquard is made from both natural and synthetic fibers.


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It looks much simpler than jacquard, but it is also very dense, even a little rough to the touch. The material is easy to care for, it is wear-resistant, durable. Gunny is made of both natural and synthetic fibers.



This is a material with a short dense pile, perhaps familiar to everyone. It retains sunlight well, looks elegant and rich. But velvet is quite difficult to care for, does not like frequent washing, and accumulates dust.


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This is the choice of those who prefer everything natural. The material is environmentally friendly, it is hypoallergenic, it passes air well. Durable linen is wear-resistant, unpretentious in care. Perhaps the only drawback is that linen products are very wrinkled and difficult to iron.


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Cotton fabrics are softer to the touch than linen. At the same time, they are also quite durable, pass air well, and are lightweight. Their disadvantages include easy creasing. In addition, cotton fabrics shrink when washed and may change color as a result of prolonged exposure to sunlight.

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    How to wash curtains: instructions for hand and machine washing

Light transmission of curtains

Modern materials allow you to almost completely block the way into the room to the sun’s rays. This is especially true for those whose bedroom faces east: the first rays appear here in the early morning and can interfere with sound sleep. Therefore, it is important to know how to choose the right curtains for such a bedroom.


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The degree of light absorption reaches 90-100%. That is, all the rays of the sun will be intercepted and delayed. This result can be achieved thanks to several layers in the composition of the canvas. So, a light, reflective layer comes out towards the street. From the side of the room we see a decorative layer. It can be of any color and texture. It is a mistake to assume that all blackout curtains are dark. Now production allows you to make a fabric of any shade. And between these two layers is another rather dense layer. She absorbs light.

Blackout fabric is artificial. It is wear-resistant, holds its shape well, almost does not wrinkle. And such curtains not only do not let in the light, but also muffle the sounds from the street and prevent the room from heating up in the summer heat.

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    Blackout curtains: an overview of the types, instructions for choosing and 73 photos that will inspire you


Few have heard this name. What is dimout fabric? She, like blackout, belongs to the category of opaque. The difference is in the degree of light absorption. Dimout has it a little less.


Dimout blocks 65 to 90% of the light. That is, it is more suitable for dimming and muting. Complete blocking of the light flux will not occur. Dimout — the fabric is also synthetic. It is softer to the touch than a blackout, drapes well, and is durable.

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Lined curtains

Ordinary thick lined curtains can also help protect the room from the bright sun. Of course, the effect will be less than in the case of special materials. But if you just need to shade the room a little, these curtains will be enough.

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Usually, mixed materials are used for the lining. The lining will also protect the main fabric from fading. Products with a lining will muffle the sounds from the street, they will become a good barrier to drafts.

Light curtains or tulle

Tulle is suitable for rooms where serious blackout is not required. For example, for rooms with windows to the north. Or for those outside the window of which there is a lot of dense and tall vegetation.

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In these cases, it is enough to simply achieve the effect of scattered light. If in the evening, with the lights on, you want to hide from prying eyes, you can add thin, light curtains to the tulle.

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    Tulle in the interior: current trends, unfashionable solutions and 110 photos

Tips for choosing curtains for your bedroom

We propose to evaluate several criteria.

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Room features. For a room with windows on the sunny side, you will need dense ones. For a small, cramped room, Roman or roller blinds are better suited, combined with light tulle or without it. For a bedroom with windows to the north, where little light enters, you can choose tulle or tulle in combination with thin light curtains.

Color. The shade of the curtains should match the overall palette of the room. If the room is in pastel colors, you can choose accent curtains in a more saturated or dark color. In a small dark space, the window area is best left light. And if the space around is decorated in bright colors, there are contrasting patterns or an active pattern on the walls, the curtains should be chosen in plain, calm basic shades.

Cheat sheet for color selection — in this table.

Walls Curtains
Light (white, beige, pastel colors) Light (white, beige, ivory, cream); pastel shades of blue, green, peach; contrasting — emerald, blue, terracotta, dark brown.
Bright, saturated colors, plain or with a contrasting pattern Contrasting color with the walls; in the color of the pattern; in the color of the accent wall; soothing neutrals.
dark color light; bright, contrasting colors; in the color of the walls, but a lighter shade.

The size. To do this, you need to measure two quantities. The first is the length of the cornice. In order for the curtains to drape with beautiful folds, they must be longer than the cornice. You can calculate the size using the following formula: multiply the length of the cornice by the assembly factor. Usually this coefficient is from 1.5 to 3. The second value is the distance from the eaves to the floor. If you are afraid that the canvases will collect dust and dirt, take 1.5-2 cm shorter so that there is a small gap between the canvas and the floor covering.

If the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room allows, there is enough free space, you can choose curtains that will “lie” on the floor. This technique visually increases the height of the ceiling, makes the window area more elongated in the vertical plane.

Did everyone count? You can go to the store or studio!

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