Curtains for the nursery: tips on choosing and an overview of current models (100 photos)


In his room, the child should be comfortable and cozy. Adults, on the other hand, must take into account all the details, thinking through its interior: from finishing materials to decor that will create the right mood. In this article, we tell in detail and show with examples which curtains to choose in a children’s room for a boy, girl or two children.

What curtains are suitable for the nursery

Suitable Models
– Roman and roll
— Curtains
— Blinds
Application in the interior
— For girl
— For boy
— For two children

What is important to know

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Designing a children’s interior is always a difficult task. When choosing window textiles, consider several important points:

  • Safety is a priority. First of all, it concerns the materials themselves. Choose curtains made from natural or quality synthetic fabrics that do not collect dust and do not cause allergies.
  • Children are active and restless. To prevent the baby from accidentally hooking the curtain, tearing it and dropping the entire structure with a cornice on itself, it is better to hang short curtains in the nursery where the preschooler lives. For newborns and more conscious teenagers, floor-length curtains are also suitable.
  • Another important aspect is practicality. Boys and girls explore the world, check the surrounding objects for strength and try their hand at creativity. This means that pollution on the curtains is inevitable — therefore, simplify cleaning in advance and select fabric that does not require complex care. You can also choose a fabric with additional protective impregnations: dust, grease and dirt repellent, as well as antistatic.
  • Window textiles should fit into the overall style, but at the same time, its main function is to regulate natural light. Therefore, when choosing a curtain model, consider the location of the room and furniture: how and where the sun’s rays fall, where the baby sleeps, plays and learns. If necessary, hang two types of curtains on the windows: for example, light curtains and blackouts for a comfortable sleep.

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Suitable Models

Roman and roll

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A great idea is to hang Roman shades in the nursery. These are rectangular canvases made of dense matter, which do not move apart to the sides, but rise up, gathering into large stripes or folds. Standardly, such curtains have a frame, but there are also cascading models that form a beautiful drapery.

This type of curtain has several significant advantages:

  • Savings on material, as it is needed less than for curtains in the floor.
  • Practical and safe — they end at the level of the window sill, do not interfere with floor cleaning, and there is also no risk that the child will catch them, tear them or drop them.
  • Variability — can be made from a variety of fabrics, choosing any color and — if desired — a pattern.

Rolled ones are very similar in design to Roman ones, only the lifting mechanism differs: the first ones wrap around a horizontal shaft when lifting. Thanks to its laconic design, this is a good option for children’s curtains in a modern style. Usually they are complemented by light tulle or curtains, as they themselves look rather ascetic.


Laconic floor-length curtains are a classic that looks appropriate in any room, including a child’s bedroom.

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Since these are long curtains, some of them will be in the reach of children’s hands. Therefore, you will need a reliable and durable cornice, as well as a dense, wear-resistant and washable fabric that is easy to clean if necessary. Draperies are often complemented with light transparent tulle or roller blinds. If the room faces the sunny side and needs to be darkened as much as possible, use a blackout fabric. Choose a color based on the main palette and tastes of the child.


Blinds are one of the top trends for 2022. Comfortable, stylish, simple. To prevent windows from looking outdated, do not use cheap plastic models.

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Now in stores you can find wooden, bamboo or aluminum blinds. The interior of the nursery should be warm and cozy, so this window design is usually complemented with curtains, light translucent curtains or tulle.


Fabric for children’s curtains should be sufficiently dense, wear-resistant, easy to clean and non-flammable. And also eco-friendly and hypoallergenic.


Best suited:

  • Cotton is a natural fabric that does not cause allergies and is absolutely safe for children. It is used both in its pure form and with the addition of polyester for greater strength and elasticity. An important point is that cotton transmits light, so if you need thick curtains with good protection, look for models with a special lining.
  • Linen has the same qualities as cotton. This is a 100% natural fabric, but with one significant drawback. Flax wrinkles quickly and requires constant care — you need to be prepared for this.
  • Chintz is a natural cotton fabric. It is very light, so it is suitable as additional curtains or as a summer set.
  • Viscose is the best option among synthetic materials. Eco-friendly and soft, not only is it easy to clean, wear-resistant and allergy-free, but also fire resistant
  • Organza is another artificial material that is suitable for a son’s or daughter’s bedroom.
  • Blackout is a dense matter consisting of several layers. From the back side it is impregnated with a special composition, which partially or completely blocks the sun’s rays. If you need complete protection from natural light, choose a material with 100% overlap. From the outside, they can be of any color, with a smooth or textured surface.

But it is better to refuse expensive and difficult-to-care fabrics (jacquard, velor, wool, silk, etc.).

How to use in the interior

Let’s consider how to choose curtains for a child’s room for a boy, a girl or two children of different sexes.

Curtains for a girl’s nursery

Choose window textiles based on the general style of the room, the age and character of the hostess.

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For a little girl, especially up to three years old, simple curtains of soothing tones are suitable, which will be combined with the main palette. Curtains in beige and light gray, orange, pink, pastel purple and blue look beautiful and cozy. If you do not want to change textiles in the near future, choose a clean, neutral design that will not cease to be relevant.

Preschoolers will love the brighter colors and interesting prints. It can be simple geometry (stripes, polka dots, rhombuses), floral print or animal prints. If you are using patterned textiles, it is important not to overdo it so that the room does not look gaudy. To make the bed more comfortable and intimate, you can hang a canopy over the bed made of light translucent fabric, which will be in harmony with the design of the window.

Starting from school age, a more calm and “adult” design can be used to decorate a girl’s bedroom: straight floor-length curtains, Roman curtains, blinds and laconic tulle. Be sure to consult with the hostess of the room, what colors she likes, whether she wants to see bright fabric with a pattern on the windows or something more strict. It is absolutely not necessary for a girl to like ruffles. roses and pink.

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    We select curtains for a girl’s room: 4 important parameters and 50 examples

For boy

In the interior of a boy’s room, every little thing should be stylish and beautiful — including window decoration.

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When choosing textiles, follow a few rules:

  • The more active the child, the more practical the curtains should be. If the boy loves outdoor games and checks his bedroom for strength in every possible way, the best option is short Roman curtains in the children’s room.
  • They are also suitable for a student if the workplace is close to the window — so the fabric will not interfere and block the view.
  • The choice of curtain color depends primarily on the overall color scheme. Starting from 6-7 years old, it’s time to be interested in the opinion of the owner of the room. As a rule, boys like green, blue and blue, red, gray, black. But it is quite possible that calmer warm colors will also appeal to you: shades of beige, orange, yellow, brown.
  • In terms of design, the same principle works as for a girl. If you are ready to replace the curtains in a couple of years, choose bright models with a print that is relevant for the child (these can be cartoon characters, games, fairy-tale creatures, pirates or cars). If you need to choose durable textiles, decorate the windows with stylistically neutral curtains: plain or with a discreet geometric print, in soothing colors.

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    How to choose curtains for a boy’s room: 4 important criteria

For two children

Catering to the preferences of two children at once, especially if they are of different sexes, is much more difficult.

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While the children are small, choose textiles based on the general style of the room and your own tastes. Also remember the basics of child psychology. For example, bright red or rich orange curtains are not suitable for hyperactive babies. Neutral (beige, gray) or cold (blue, muted purple) shades will help balance their overflowing energy. If the children are melancholic, they, on the contrary, will benefit from bright accents in the bedroom: yellow, orange, pink, mint, green, indigo.

If you are decorating an interior for a brother and sister, especially with a difference in age, the best way out in this situation is a policy of neutrality. To avoid disputes over color and print, decorate the windows with plain or two-tone textiles in gender-neutral shades. Let it be calm enough so as not to attract too much attention and only complement the interior, shading brighter elements.


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